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The Kalway Order of Jedi, often abbreviated as KOJ, is a Jedi order currently based on the planet of Yavin IV

The Kalway Jedi originally resided on the planet Kalway. War on that planet drove them underground and forced them to blend in with the population. This is why they still do not wear generic Jedi clothing. After most members of the order were hunted down and killed they were forced to find a new home for the order. Yavin IV had a great history and had been abandoned by the previous Order, New Order of the Jedi due to some unforeseen forces.


Kalway is a grassy and mountainous planet in the Core region near the planet Chandrila. The planet is well-known throughout the galaxy for being a popular tourist destination. The warm, mineral-rich hot springs that flow from the world’s many rocky peaks are reputed to have special healing powers. It is also widely known for its advanced cities, the greatest example of which is the capital city of New Hadax, built to replace the ancient city of Old Hadax after the latter had been destroyed by a cataclysmic earthquake in the 300's BBY.

The planet is a major crossroads for interplanetary space travel and the planet’s spaceport is among the largest and most advanced in the galaxy. During the Clone Wars, the Separatist leaders saw the importance of holding such a great prize as the Kalway spaceport. Near the end of the war, the Separatists laid siege to Kalway and attempted to overtake the planet by force. The Separatists were repelled in one of their most humiliating defeats of the war; the majority of the casualties on the planet came from the space cruisers that had been shot out of the sky falling to the ground.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Emperor made great use of the planet and its spaceport was a major hub of the Imperial Starfleet. Following the death of the Emperor, the Imperial Governor on Kalway attempted to take complete control of the planet by doing away with the military leadership. The result was one of the bloodiest instances of Imperial infighting to take place following the Emperor's death. More than eighty percent of the cities on the planet were damaged by bombardment and more than sixty percent of the Imperial fleet stationed at the planet were shot down. The planet eventually joined the New Republic, but was overrun during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.

The cities and population of Kalway were decimated. During the last of the conflict, four last surviving members of the Jedi Order manage to escape the ravaged planet and go into hiding, blending in with locals as they travel, while looking for a new home and a new hope.



  • Grand Master Iria Tuqiri
  • Jedi Council Master Atlantis, Lead Guardian
  • Jedi Council Master ZenMondo Wormser, Co-Lead Consular
  • Jedi Council Master Dro Plund, Lead Sentinel
  • Jedi Council Master Daralis Vel
  • Jedi Council Master Tanira Raman
  • Jedi Council Master Pez'Shizu
  • Jedi Council Master Sari Khander
  • Jedi Council Master Lucianne Windwalker


  • Jedi Master Dakota Kanto, Co-Lead Consular
  • Jedi Master Saritha Khandr
  • Jedi Master Dee'la Sesk'Suri
  • Jedi Master Thalia Spintrus
  • Jedi Master Trakker Carrde
  • Jedi Master Kinsa Shala
  • Jedi Master Tyrron Archria
  • Jedi Master Marcus Moreau
  • Jedi Master Jehn McCallen
  • Jedi Master Richi Haven
  • Jedi Master Marric Farstar
  • Jedi Master Faultline


Jedi Knights are given more responsibilities and decide what sub-path/field (Weapons Master, Scholar, Apothecary, Watchman, Investigator, Force Warrior.) they wish to specialise in.


KOJ Apprentices go through training in four stages. At stage three they choose their primary Jedi path (Consular, Sentinel, Guardian) and train towards it.

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