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Kalique Sil’Trin of Jodaka daughter of Vanya IIV Sil’trin and her first consort is the youngest of six children born to Vanya. Kalique lost her oldest siblings to the ____ War. Her sister _____ fled Hapes and is a known fugitive on many republic planets. Kalique attended the Corsair Academy for scientific research and excelled within coding mathematics, and what she is most well known for; architecture. Entering into the academy at age 12 and graduating at age 15 her career has been the forefront of her known life. The young architect protege was supposed to bring Hapes and more importantly Jodaka some galactic architectural commerce.

Kalique owns and runs অনেক হাত হালকা কাজ না in collaboration to Atom Oní ka. Most notably known for being contracted under the Hapes Consortium Government after অনেক হাত হালকা কাজ না spent millions of credits of their own to repair and redesign the Hapan planets affected by the civil wars.

Click: অনেক হাত হালকা কাজ না For more information.

Other than her own professional work Kalique Sil’Trin is well known within the Hapan Arts circuits donating funds to promote art and theater all over Hapes.

On (December 16th) 265 Jelena Sil’Trin heir to Ducha of Jodaka passed away. Tragically Jelena was never consumed by the ocean, rather her own research.


Kalique Sil’Trin is named Heir to the Ducha of Jodaka.


Following her own work with অনেক হাত হালকা কাজ না the Heir pushes the Ducha to make more progress with the restoration of So’losc.


Ducha Innis Sil’Trin steps down from Ducha pushing Kalique Sil’Trin into the role without announcement. The Hapan Council becomes a flurry. Ducha Kalique continued on her crusade of restoration and was soon followed heavily by the Queen-Mother with interest in her work.


Ducha Kalique Sil’Trin is promoted to an Emissary position within the Hapan Internal Ministry.


Ducha Kalique is formally announced as a Hapes consortium Junior Senator, this creates some tension within the council as a new senator has not been appointed and thus is likely to be the New Hapan Senator.