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Kaissen De'eva was a human male Sith Lord who lived during the time of the Empire of Zakuul and who attained a significant degree of mastery in mechu-deru.


"Peace is only possible when passion is controlled. Since there is nowhere in the galaxy where every being perfectly controls its passions, peace is impossible."

— Lord Kaissen De'eva expanding his apprentice's understanding of the Sith Code.

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Lord Kaissen De'eva was generally of a retiring disposition, though he proved in blood, pain, and despair that he could dominate the lives of others. He showed a quiet confidence in all that he did, and didn't betray fear even when his Master hit him with a barrage of Force lightning on the steps of the Dark Temple.

Lord Kaissen could be kind when he wanted to be, as he showed when he saved another acolyte's life on Korriban, thus gaining an ally for life. However, he could be cruel when the situation demanded it, as he showed on several occasions when his apprentice disobeyed his orders or dared to talk back to him. He was also known to have killed at least one of his slaves rather than killing his apprentice when especially frustrated with her behavior, though she probably wished she was dead long before the end of the week. Despite this, he was fiercely protective of anything which he considered his own, whether it was the family business, his relatives, one of his droids, a computer, a starship, a slave, or even his own apprentice. In short, while he was allowed to torture them, no-one else was.

He reportedly dabbled in the Light side of the Force, to the point where the overseers on Korriban wondered if they had inducted an undercover Jedi. He proved his unwavering loyalty to the Sith Empire, however, in aiding the Sith Inquisition whenever he discovered information that might be of use to them.

Lord Kaissen did not seek entry into the Sith Academy in order to learn how to be a Sith: he sought it so that he might learn to control the Force. Had he been born in the Republic, he probably would have trained as a Jedi instead - though they almost certainly would have ended up throwing him out of the Order!

He was always more comfortable dealing with computers than with living beings.

Skills and powers[]

Lord Kaissen De'eva notably specialized as a Sith juggernaught, but his role as a researcher and a user of mechu-deru essentially placed him in the Sith inquisitor class.

Lightsaber combat[]

Lord Kaissen De'eva specialized in Form V, practicing both Shien and Djem So.  He did not show a major preference for either one, though he did seem to prefer one-on-one duels over skirmishes or battles.  He appears to have learned Form IV early on while studying in the Sith Academy on Korriban, since his use of the Hawk-bat Swoop during an operation on Korriban helped gain him the attention of a member of the Sith Inquisition who specialized in hunting down Jedi.

Some time during his apprenticeship, Lord Kaissen De'eva spent a good bit of time learning Form III to supplement his defensive abilities and help with managing his stamina in protracted fights.  He used the basic ideas of Form VI fairly extensively as well, with an apparent focus on Force choke and the various Force Holds, pushes, and pulls.

According to official records, he never studied either saberstaff or quarterstaff combat.  However, the record does show a public duel he had with his Master (a Darth) outside the Dark Temple, which, as later became known, was part of a bevy of tests his Master had set him before elevating him to Sith Lord.  His Master primarily used a saberstaff, but the apprentice managed to fight him to a standstill with a single-bladed lightsaber by judicious use of Force Push and Hold to prevent the second blade from getting around his guard during a bind.  As a result, his Master was forced to take him down with Force lightning.


Lord Kaissen De'eva and his apprentice had actually formed a Force bond long before either of them attended the Sith Academy on Korriban, as they were close friends in childhood.  However, that Force bond was strengthened after an operation which then-Acolyte Kaissen participated in on Korriban which freed her from her former Master , who had rebelled against the Dark Council.  Precisely how Kaissen discovered the location of the rebellious Sith Lord is unknown, though he reportedly told the Sith Inquisition that his friend had revealed it to him.  Some time later, when his Master was testing him as an apprentice, the Master manipulated this Force Bond by playing on his one-time best friend's emotions in order to draw the apprentice back to Dromund Kaas and force a confrontation.

He evidently used some form of telepathy to supplement his slicing skills, permitting him to remotely slice into otherwise heavily-secured warships.


Lord Kaisssen De'eva is known to have used Force choke in combat. He is also rumored to have used it to aid in the interrogation of prisoners and in the correction of slaves.  Additonally, Force choke may have featured in his systematic subjugation of his sometimes-rebellious apprentice.

His signature defense against a flurry of saberstaff or dual-wielded lightsaber attacks was to immobilize one of the attacking blades with the Force, thus effectively halting his opponent's assault and permitting him to regain the offensive. He applied the same Force power to lifting and throwing or pulling others through the air

He is known to have frequently thrown his lightsaber and called it back to his hand.  On some occasions, he called an opponent's lightsaber to his hand - at least once before that opponent had been put out of combat.


Unusually for a Force-sensitive, Lord Kaissen De'eva was always capable of detecting the presence of droids and electrical currents in his immediate vicinity, an ability which only increased in effectiveness and range over the course of his life.  He learned to seize control of droids and enhance them using the Force, even holding together droids which had been cut in half by a lightsaber strike, an ability which opponents found extremely disconcerting.  He could re-program droids through sensing and carefully manipulating the flow of electricity within them.

Lord Kaissen successfully fused the Force with technology throughout his life, one of the earliest examples being his manipulation of his datapad to detect, map, and analyze security systems without ever pulling the datapad out.  Moreover, he was able to conceal his datapad - and any electronics - from most scans.  Later, he would use the Force to enhance a low-power hyperdrive for the SDV project, allowing the vessel to make in-system hyperspace jumps so as to approach a target planet undetected.  The SDV itself could only be piloted by a Force-sensitive, as the controls and the small starship's systems were integrated with the Force to a surprising degree.  He could influence the controls and systems of starships which were in-use, even when their crews were hostile to him.  He could seize control of nearby starfighters, or even override the safeties on a capital ship's hyperdrive and force it to make an uncharted hyperspace jump so long as the ship's technicians didn't figure out what he was doing before the hyperdrive engaged.  According to legend, Lord Kaissen De'eva used this ability to rescue a damaged Terminus-class destroyer which he was escorting to a shipyard for repairs from a battlecruiser of the Eternal Fleet.

His own Fury-class Interceptor was slated to be junked when he bought and repaired it with the aid of one of his uncles who was a starship engineer.  He continuously experimented on and upgraded his ship throughout his career, resulting in a heavily-modified and reliable vessel which made most smugglers and bounty hunters look like amateurs.

Lord Kaissen De'eva is known to have supported the Sith Empire in its attempt to throw off the yoke of the Eternal Empire of Zakuul, primarily through the development of new starship technologies and the upgrading of existing ships, with a primary focus on destroyers and a secondary focus on dreadnaughtsDe'evan Industries, after he took over at some point following his grandfather's assassination, is credited with performing a significant portion of the research which allowed Imperial Terminus-class destroyers and Harrower-class dreadnoughts to match speeds with the Eternal Fleet, and to protect the Imperial Fleet from remote hacking attempts by agents of the Eternal Empire of Zakuul.

Darth Nikkan De'eva, who became the foremost expert on Lord Kaissen De'eva and De'evan Industries in the galaxy some four millenia later, believed that Lord Kaissen De'eva created a holocron and set a unique force of Force-resistant droids to guard it.  According to Darth Nikkan, those droids were still operative, fully armed, and extremely dangerous at the time Darth Krayt was building up his One Sith in secret.  He went so far as to credit them with the killing of more than half of the Jedi strike team which had killed his apprentice.


Lord Kaissen De'eva generally wore lightsaber-resistant medium armor, with a purple outer robe and a hood.  He also wore a battlemask to protect his face in combat.  Sometimes he would exchange this for a dark green hooded robe.

The Sith lord's lightsaber, crafted under his Master's direction, was an unusual black-core weapon with a purple blade.  The hilt was custom-designed to exude a sense of dominance, which was reinforced by his quiet confidence.  The lightsaber was designed to be used with either one or both hands, and he normally carried it on his right side for quickdraw with minimal movement.

He normally carried an abnormally secured datapad which may not have been crackable by a non-Force sensitive.  He almost never pulled the datapad out, however, preferring to manipulate it directly while visualizing its screen in his mind.

Behind the scenes[]

Lord Kaissen De'eva was the first serious SWRP character created by Vatharn, and he existed in the MMORPG Star Wars the Old Republic.  Vatharn decided to use Lord Kaissen De'eva's history to help develop his SL-SWRP character Valermit Mindseer by initiating a challenging hunt for Lord Kaissen's holocron. Lord Kaissen De'eva should be viewed as an historical NPC in SL-SWRP, not as a current player character.