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Kaila Mair was born and raised on Sarkhai. She studied to be a doctor in the capital city of Sarkund, where she worked for her 20s. She traveled to Corusant upon word that her sister, a Republic Soldier, was killed in the coup. Upon arriving, she discovered that her sister's body was destroyed, her Visa was invalidated, and she was ordered to stay on the planet pending 'Investigation'. After several months of living on the planet alone, she was finally cleared for departure. She returned temporarily to Sarkhai in order to reconnect with family and friends that she had left in order to travel to the heart of the Empire.

After a period of time spent at home, she returned to Corusant to work in the Lower City Medical Facility.


Early Life

Kaila was born and raised in the capital city of Sarkhai, Sarkund to wealthy parents. She had a morbid curiosity about biology, and medical care from a young age, and could usually be found watching holo-vids of medical procedures on the Sar-net - Sarkhai's internet network. This later manifested into an interest in the mind, however her studies to become a Doctor took precedence, and she quickly put her interest in psychology behind her in order to fulfill her dream.

She was very close to her sister, but at the same time distant. She was not able to relate to her friends and family in the normal way one would typically see - due to her personality disorder. She saw her sister as an outcast - someone who went against the expected norm that her family and her species upheld. She was not able to understand why her sister left for Corusant to join the Republic Army, and it troubled her for many years.


Kaila shortly after arriving on Corusant

When word of her sister's death reached her, she gathered with her parents to mourn their loss. Shortly after, she was able to negotiate with her bosses at the hospital where she worked to be able to go to Corusant on a short leave to be able to retrieve the body that the Empire said was being held on the planet.

When she arrived, she learned from Imperial Intelligence that her sister's body had been destroyed, assumingly along with countless other Republic supporters who had been marked as seditionists shortly after the fall of the Republic. She was questioned by an Imperial Intelligence agent for many hours. Afterwards her Visa was confiscated and she was restricted to the Lower City of Corusant pending an investigation by Imperial Intelligence. The motivation or purpose of the investigation was unknown to her.

After several months of living in the Lower City, her funds and patience were growing thin. Kaila grew more and more desperate to be able to get off-world. She ended up not being able to afford her apartment that she was renting off of the credits that she kept stored away for emergencies, and moved to living on the streets. While sitting in the streets she was approached by a man, who ended up sharing that he was a Jedi, and a leader within the Rebellion against the Empire. He urged her to join in the fight, but she denied - threatening to turn him in if he didn't leave her alone. Most of his words fell onto deaf ears, however she considered the Rebellion potentially useful to get her off planet - although she'd never consider joining them in their fight. Later, she would be approached by a Mandalorian by the name of Sam Graves. He offered her lodging in the Mandalorian Enclave, on the good word that she work for her accommodations.

The Interem Period

She eventually was able to land a job at the nearby Medical clinic - where her skills as a doctor would not go unappreciated. However, during her time of vagrancy she developed a very strong longing for alcohol. She drank a lot while she was waiting in the Lower city on her own dime, however it became much more than just simply something to pass the time. She started becoming dependent on it to fuel her ability to interact with people socially - not wanting to get into situations until she's had a drink or two. Drink was never in short supply while she was staying in the Mandalorian Enclave, however it became commonplace for her to jump from bar to bar in the lower city getting drunk at every possible moment she had when she wasn't sleeping, or at work in the clinic.

Return to Sarkhai

Eventually, the investigation into her integrity was completed - and she was allowed to leave the planet and return home to Sarkhai. She took the opportunity, without the satisfaction of carrying her sister's body home to her friends and family. She stayed on the planet for a period of time. The planet had changed a great deal since her departure. Imperial oversight on the planet prior to the unification and capture of Corusant was sparse - but with combat with the Alliance growing and the Jedi growing stronger, the industrial value of Sarkhai was hard to overlook.

Kaila decided to relocate to Corusant and return to the medical centre to use her skills.

Personality and Traits

Kaila is an outward oriented individual - she is driven by her interest in helping others. Where there is an opportunity to assist another, she will more than likely try to take it.

She is friendly and honest. She appreciates sincerity wherever it can be found, as she believes that honesty is a trait that is rarely found even with individuals on her home planet - much less on the Corusant Metropolis.

Powers and Abilities

Kaila's experience treating patients on the hostile world of Sarkhai allows her to work proficiently even while under stress.