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Background Information

Kaia was born in Theed to a noble family, but she knows nothing of this, nor will she ever, so she always refers to Coruscant as her homeworld. However, the forgotten lineage shows in her natural grace and manner of speaking. When she was five, the shuttle they were on was attacked by thugs on Coruscant and her parents were killed. The whole family was considered lost.

Traders hot off the Corellian Run found the girl unconscious in a loading bay. When she awoke, they discovered she had no memory. A kind pair of mechanics adopted her and raised her as their own, teaching her the trade. They told her the truth about her background, at least as much as they knew, and Kaia was strangely accepting, having sensed it a long time ago. Once she was old enough to move on, she earned her keep for a time tossing cargo on various trade routes and fixing engines everyone else gave up on. She was always rescueing various lifeforms from the open air markets, claiming they had told her how miserable they were, and she had a special fondness for worrts and eopie.

This gave her a chance to explore the galaxy, but, to her dismay, left her no closer to an answer as to her origins. Though a veil shrouded her heart and mind, a light shined deep inside, drawing her ever closer to her destiny. On the Perlemian Trade Route, the ship she crewed for picked up a passenger stranded on a derelict ship. He was a strange man who often spoke to himself and cast her odd glances. He disembarked at the next port, but grabbed Kaia's arm before he did and whispered, "Yavin." The very word resonated in her soul, filling a void she did not know existed. She booked passage on a freighter making the jump to Yavin. From the moment she set foot on the planet surface, it felt like coming home.

The Journey

She entered into training on Yavin as a padawan to Sir Helion Dragonash, and exceled at the tasks given to her. During this time period, she befriended Meryn Barry and Dante Vos, two very talented saberists who would take key roles in assisting with her training on that front. She attracted the attention of Darth Ryba while in training, who wished her to become an apprentice, and attacked Yavin with the intent of bringing her back to Korriban. Also during this time, she was targeted by several other Sith, one in particular who took pleasure in calling her Valeia. Other seedy characters she did not recognize took to calling her by that name. They convinced her that she was Valeia Kornos, an assassin and bounty hunter known throughout the galaxy for her precision and ruthlessness and that the memories she held of her upbringing and trade work were falsehoods implanted by someone. Kaia overcame these obstacles to be knighted on the same day as her beloved Dante Vos.

Kaia Kondor's Lightsaber

Time passed and she became known in the Order as a calming and gentle presence, routinely seen speaking to the trees and lower lifeforms on Yavin, and later on Ruusan after the Order moved. She became dear friends with Kaliwillo Lane and Seven Isarod during her knighthood, as well as Zack Vel and Xerigo, all of whom became very important to her. Also at this time, she met a young Jedi like herself with a similar sense of humor and they quickly became like sisters. Jehn and Kaia could be seen playing their flutes together and their laughter was often heard all the way across town. The guardians joked that she was one of them disguised as a consular, and would often tease at her to change her path. Kaia was granted masterhood after demonstrating her continued contributions to the Order and her mastery of the Force.

Jedi Class

From the beginning, Kaia had a faculty with the use of a saber, though she preferred to use a sharp tongue in its place and trained to become a Jedi consular. She rarely draws her green-bladed lightsaber these days, utilizing every weapon in her intellectual arsenal first and attempting to achieve a non-violent resolution to even the most tense situations. Kaia also follows the

Meditating among the flowers

Naturalist path, and was the steward of the Ruusan greenhouse and animal rehabilitation center before its destruction. She can usually be found sitting amongst the flowers by the water and talking to the fish or other creatures that pass. The haunting sound of her flute playing can often be heard echoing in the Ruusan night. 

Kaia and the Mandalorians

  An often recounted story is one of Kaia's confrontation of several Mandalorians loitering on a Ruusan roof. She was exceedingly kind to them from the beginning despite being lambasted by several and threatened with harm if she did not leave. Kaia stood her ground and continued to address them in her unfailingly cheerful manner. Two of them could not tolerate her upbeat attitude and left the area. To the remaining men, she offered forth some of the daisies she had just picked while gardening. One crushed the daisy underfoot without a second thought, while the other gazed at it curiously before looking back at Kaia and stowing the gift at his belt. Even so, both soon grew weary of Kaia's tireless chatter and kindness and were unable to stay in the area much longer. And so the roof was cleared without incident and word of the "flower power" spread quickly.

Forbidden Love

Kaia met the young Kiffar padawan Dante Vos through both of their masters, spending a lot of time with him in the dojo training and even learning from him, as he was an excellent saberist already. As time went on and they were near each other more, both found that their hearts were betraying them, and that the friendship was becoming more. They were Force bonded as knights and continued their affair during this time, finally wedding in secret when they were both given the rank of Master. Dante disappeared one day, leading Kaia to go search in her shuttle at his last known coordinates. The area was a difficult fly-zone and Kaia was a notoriously unskilled pilot. She was unable to find him and her shuttle crashed into the surface, leading the Order to believe her dead for a time.