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Kai Tenarin was a Zabrak Jedi Initiate who found herself on New Alderaan at the beginning of the Fel War. She grew up knowing that she posessed the gift of an affinity to the force, however she did not know where her supernatural power came from. Although a hostile, brash, and sometimes brustish personality, she did not tell anyone of her rare powers. She is currently being trained on Alderaan as an Initiate and constantly yearns for the day she will be able to train under a Jedi Master. Hopefully a cute one.


Kai was born to a family of farmers who lived on Iridonia, the Zabrak Homeworld. She had four brothers and two sisters. They lived in a settlement under a warlord named Karo Teer, who was elected as the leader of the tribe under the impression that he would bring them back under the Planetary government. Instead, Teer used his position to create his own band to oppose nearby independent settlements. Since Zabrak have a higher tendancy to produce Force Sensitives, Teer took discovered force sensitives and brainwashed them into his military forces.

Afraid their daughter would be used by the warlord, Kai was sent away on a supply frigate when she was a young teenager. Stowed away on the ship, Kai ended up landing on Miridian V, a transit midpoint for ships travelling from the Mid-Rim to the Outer Rim. There she was discovered by an Ebranite dockworker who was nicknamed Father by the other workers, and she was put to work at the station. She spent most of her childhood there, working manual labour while she was out on the floor, but always having a fascination with her skills in Telekenesis while she was alone.

Kai eventually decided to stow away again on another ship after the death of Father in a workplace accident when one of the cargo bay's doors malfunctioned and slammed shut unexpectedly, killing him instantly. The ship she stowed away on was bound for the Jedi Temple on New Alderaan. There she was noticed by one of the Jedi who was in the settlement nearby, and was drafted into the Order shortly thereafter.


Kai is a product of her surroundings, and as such she is tough bodied, brutish in mind, and short on temper. Growing up in a rat-eat-rat settlement on Iridonia allowed her basic survival instinct to thrive to compete for food against others who were usually larger and stronger than she was. While on the Miridian 5 station, these skills served her well to gain a respected reputation among the other dockworkers, particularly Father - who usually only was friendly towards the young male workers. However, this kind of personality comes at odds to the Jedi way of being, and way of life - causing some interesting problems to arise during her training.


Kai's force powers are immature and unrefined. The only power she has been able to use reliably is Telekenesis, which she would use to play with objects for her own amusement. Her training is bringing her up to par with many of the other initiates, but it is definitely slower than she would like.