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"I never wanted to walk your path, but I can see I've already taken the first step."

— Kad'la Skytower to deceased Kit Sanguine

Kad'la Skytower was the child of Vhe'tra Skytower and Kasdeya Malek, and as such, was raised as a Mandalorian. Half human, and half Iskalonian, she often questioned her instincts, afraid to fall too far one direction or the other. Her inner conflict was later added to by a journal that was written by her father's past wife, Kit Sanguine, which challenged her views on the value of life. Though she tried to keep a mature appearance, Kad'la found her resolve shaken by the chaos around her.


Kad'la at 12 years old


It was impossible for a Human and Iskalonian to interbreed, due to the drastic differences in the species. Despite this impossibility, Kasdeya Malek wanted to be able to have a child with her husband, and so enlisted the services of Kaminoian genetic engineers. The resulting child was surprisingly healthy, and grew to the physical age of ten years old before she would be released. Upon Kad'la's "birth", Kasdeya was overtaken by the violent instincts of her species, and proceeded to attack scientists and security in an attempt to devour her own child. Luckily, Vhe'tra Skytower had been prepared for this even and retreated with the child to Shogun.

Early Development

Hidden from her mother, and raised primarily by her father, Kad'la learned Mandalorian culture and ideals at a small outpost that was owned by Ne'tra'orar, a Mandalorian clan. The young hybrid learned quickly, and was ever curious about everything, and fearless against most things. She often spent long periods of time salvaging metals and hunting sea life, which would develop both her body and mind. Several months after she had been hidden on the planet, she would be reunited with her mother, but would never develop a strong bond.

Teen Years

Kad'la's Verd'goten, the rite of passage to adulthood, took place on the battlefield, in an assault on Rhelg. Though surrounded by her aliit, the young Mandalorian fought just as hard as the veterans, and earned her father's approval. She would then go on to be given a journal by Riza Xiloscint, a clan mate of Vhe'tra's late wife, Kit. The journal belonged to Kit Sanguine, and detailed both extensive medical research, and parts of the late medic's life. Kad'la used the journal to learn as much as she could about medical practices, but at the same time learned about Kit's ideals and thoughts. This would shape the young Mandalorian's own ideals, but at the same time make her question her instincts. As she grew older, and reached the full swing of puberty, she would become even more conflicted, between human emotion and iskalonian instinct.

Kad'la on Shogun

When a Sith by the name of Skole, injured several members of her family, Kad'la found that she was further prone to violence. She often hunted bounties and perceived wrong-doers, with the sole purpose of taking out her aggressions, and sometimes killing her target. Meanwhile, a deep grudge against Skole began to form, and she in fact blamed unrelated issues on the Sith.


Kad'la with helmet on and off.

Kad'la grew into a somewhat bitter adult, as stubborn as her father, though at times a little less rational. By this time she was a practiced medic, training to be a trauma surgeon, equipped with the latest scanning and medical technology.

While on Tatooine, she ran across a lone Mandalorian, named Xaven Karusashi, who immediately became an item of interest for the young woman. She went out of her way to speak with him, and learn about him, soon falling in love. The two were wed secretly, a fact that would later anger her father, and soon had a child together. Many issues sprang up between Kad'la an her parents, as the young medic kept things secret from her father, and treated her mother with fear and distrust.

Personality and Traits

Curious and benevolent from birth, Kad'la retained most of her personality into adulthood. She took up her father's sense of duty and honor, and adopted the Resol'nare as her own personal code. On the other hand, she also inherited her father's long memory and short fuse, fueled by her mother's hidden malevolence. She would later adopt her adopted older brother's cocky attitude, treating non-Mandalorians with little to no respect.

Physical Appearance

As a cross between a human and iskalonian, Kad'la has features from both. Though her skin is grey, due to her black blood, its smooth like human skin. Her eyes and hair are more like her mother's, however, both unnatural colors for a human, and matching her stunted fins. Rather than digigrade legs, Kad'la's legs are like those of a human, though her feet still bore sharp hardened nails. Even

Kad'la in the Roche Kata Mining Facility

outside of her armor, she wore heavy leathers and some metal plates, though was prone to showing a lot of skin.

Kad'la's armor was highly customized, with a plug suit underneath for better integration into the technology that ran throughout her armor. It was painted orange, green, and black for Shereshoy, Duty, and Justice, to mimic her father's, both as a sign of admiration, and as an adoption of the same ideals.


Kad'la wore heavily customized armor, that was build by both her father and herself, though she constantly added to it. Her left vambrace held a grappling hook and flame thrower, as well as three bacta stims, while her right held a universal data uplink cable, and a micro-console for interface with her helmet's systems. Her helmet held a long range communications system that featured a scanner interrupter, as well as built-in macrobinos, several visual scanners, and three scanners that allowed her to monitor a person's vitals and skeletal structure. In addition, her helmet kept a live stream to the holonet, and held three books, including Kit's journal. The armor itself was designed with shock dampeners for protection from electrical shock, and many hidden compartments for extra medical equipment. Her plugsuit was Mandalorian Armorweave, and hermetically sealed for use in a vacuum.

Customized armor and Magcoil rifle

Kad'la also wore a low-grade jetpack that held enough fuel for three 20-second blasts, 20 three-second blasts or one minute of continuous operation. She carried a custom retractable, bes'beviin(Bardiche Forged With Beksar), and a Mandalorian MagCoil Rifle that utilized Tungsten Carbide AP rounds. Along with her other gear, at any given time, Kad'la carried several stims of Anticeptin-D, Bacta, Antishock, a quick-apply Bonemer, and Somatoll.