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Kabriel Le'Sanit, formally Zequis Le'Rav'en Sanit II, was a Pirate Lord, later Baron in 218 ABY.

A charismatic extremist with a mysterious background Zequis adopted the name Kabriel Le'Sanit after the Cathar Incident ten years prior to his rise to Baron. Heir to the late Zerafonic Empire, Kabriel inherited his fathers power but not legacy. Founding the "Sun Family" and Syndicate in 221 ABY he would be the known as the Father and Ruler within the First Sun Dynasty. His influence and power stretched across the Galaxy and many joined his cause and dream of having every man a free man. Detesting government and regulations the only law was the free law. In 221 ABY each Syndicate rose following Kabriels awakening crippling many galactic forces and shaping the Underworld as is seen today. Said to be a ambitious and determined man during his last few months, illness struck and Kabriels health degraded up to his death in 224 ABY at the hands of Rorsach "Red" Eriella, passing on the mantle to the Second Sun Dynasty Rulers.

Kabriel was said to have been brought back from the dead as his purpose was not yet filled. It wasn't until 230 ABY that Kabriel met with his benefactor and nemesis, Sanit Palmercia and finally met his end at the End of the Galaxy. After suffering years of degrading health and constant struggle. While his death was never reported and no body ever discovered a small grave was mounted at the end of the galaxy wishing him a safe travel into the next life.


Early Life

Zequis adopted the name Kabriel Le'Sanit after the Cathar Incident ten years before his rise to Baron. Once heir to the late Zerafonic Empire. Zequis despised his fathers intentions and his mysterious ally's Sanits.

Born on Vjun to a unknown mother, Zequis was transported to the Catharian Research Facility in 210 ABY, being placed under the care of Dr. Dervious. His childhood years were said to be part of the Seven Sons programme, a experimental programme with the intention of perfecting a being who was one with the force using the genes of the Masters of the Dark Ancients. The programme was eventually disposed of by Sanit personally, the Facility and Sons killed. It was in this time that Dr Dervious betrayed the Dark Lord Zerafons trust and helped Zequis escape, ushering him to choose his own life.

His heritage stripped and his life fabricated, Zequis would serve a smuggling ship under the Pirate Vargo using the alias Kabriel Le'Sanit. Years later, Kabriel would learn of his fathers mysterious death and the empire falling. Soon after, Kabriel would learn that his nemesis Sanit had disappeared.

It would be 219 ABY that Kabriel would be left stranded on Mos Espa after a deal had gone wrong. Found by the Sith, Darth Venger. Venger would see a quality in Kabriel that he would try to utilize. Initiating him into the Sith Knights, Kabriel served Venger and established a ruthless regime upon the then Desiljic Controlled Mos Espa. Serving as a Inquistor for Darth Venger, Kabriel lead a strict law enforced rule in Mos Espa aswell as acting as a Emissary for Venger in negotiations with the Byss Empire.

The life was never suited to him though. Kabriel viewed the force and his inheritance of it as a curse rather than a gift. Seeking to set things straight, Kabriel was severed from the force, all bonds broken, nothing but a shattered chain to the enigma left. It was this moment that one would realise, one was truly free.

Mos Espa, 220 ABY

Continuing to serve under Venger, Kabriel eventually split joining a low key pirating bunch coincidentally named the "Black Sun Pirates" used as part of Vengers own naval fleet as freelancers before its fall. It was in this life, he would meet the dashing rogue Eleazar Firehawk and the brutish devorian Red Eirella Virchok. The three would serve together as brothers under the pirating vessel, earning the nickname the "Terrible Trio" or "Terrors of Espa". The three plagued the Galaxy for months, raiding and attacking ships until they came into possession of a schematic for the long lost Carsunum drug. Although once a dangerous cocktail of spices, Kabriel learned how to purify the drug and enable full usage. Yet as months past and ports such as Byss and Kathalon were raided for materials one factor was missing, credits.

The three now a rogue bunch turned to the then, Great Grancha the Hutt and his younger cousin Lyzo the Flamboyantforaid in the manufacture. The Carsunum was a stepping stone towards wealth and power for the three and Lyzo knew this. In a friendly negotiation, Lyzo denied Kabriel and Eleazar permission to distribute or finance to manufacture the drug unless business was in Lyzos favour. Never one to give in to selfish Hutts, Kabriel rebelled against Galactic tradition and attacked the Hutts allies sending a clear message that would shake the criminal empire for generations to come aswell as solidfy a position of power for Kabriel.

Mos Espa – Desiljic War, Rise of the Sun Family 220 ABY

Weeks passed and the skirmishes between the two crime groups escalated.

The trio formed a name for themselves on Espa and established the Sun Syndicate as a sub faction to the Black Sun Organisation that would later become the main hub of the infamous crime organisation. Kabriel and co. kept up there attacks on the Desiljic holdings. Gaining a foothold on the Cantinas, Hotels and Port. The Desiljic were slowly being pushed into low ground. Kabriel knew that expansion was what was needed. With his right-hand Eleazar and heavy Enforcer Red Eriella the three began drawing attention. Not from just thugs or mercenaries but those wishing for the same taste of freedom.

It was in this time, later notable Sun figures Trid, Ri-Ja, Caine Rexan, Katti Meilli and Kotep Solus joined. Forming a formidable crime family. Pushing the Desiljic into the ground with the aid of Bloodtalon leader Artimis Raiden. Mos Espa was won in the following months as the Desiljic fled as prior to his promise with Caine Rexan, Kabriel liberated the slaves for Rexans aid. Solidifying the Sun Syndicate as the new force to be reckoned with.

Bothawui 220 ABY

In the following months, Kabriel began to strategically move the Syndicate around the galaxy. Setting up major influences and control on Naboo, Bakura, Lehon, Tython and Nar Shaddaa. The Sun movement began to become a threat to many becoming a Galactic Force in just a few weeks that rivalled many others.

During the Hutt Council’s weak show, Kabriel took the opportunity and ceased assets along with Artimis Raiden on Nar shaddaa pushing the hutts one step closer to exile.

Kabriel set up establishments at major locations controlling the entertainment industry and co-operated with Artimis and placed shares the the weapons and defences industry aswell as becoming a major player in the spice. Investing in the Black Sun Casino at Mergo City aswell as Cantinas within Naboo and Nar Shaddaa he reeled in huge amounts of Wealth for his slowly growing force. Yet problems brewed just around the corner, Kabriel could not cease his ambition. While his allies marvelled and spent time in there luxury they had built, Kabriel formulated other plans. To further his ambition politics would have to come his way. Much to his favour Caine Rexan began running as a Candidate for Chancellor of the Galactic Alliance against Obie Solo. Kabriel began to influence Caines position up to his ultimately demise, a controversial subject that placed Lady Widow his sister in the spotlight. Suspicious of Obie Solo and her campaign, the then Chancellor closed all syndicate trade routes under advise from Majordamo of the Desiljic, Josef Mystiere.

Bothawui – Sacking of Bothawui 220 ABY

For Kabriel, power was money and money was power. In order to secure the future of the Sun Syndicate he convinced the Bloodtalons to aid the Suns in a campaign against the Galactic Alliance capital on Bothawui due to Obie Solos closure of trade routes.

The first intial attack was on the Galactic Embassy. After firing upon down on the city the Syndicates ceased the Embassy building and after a long skirmishes they were eventually over-whelmed by the GA and there mercenaries. Kabriel would be captured along with Red Eriella by the cowardly General Swords and taken to Coriella to await execution, only to have the two escape.

After having underestimating the GA, Kabriel turned to his more darker side of strategy. At first there was resentment from both his own Syndicate and the Bloodtalon for a second attack, but in Kabriels great words "It was either my way, or the wrong way". Regardless, they agreed for a second attack.

Kabriel did not go unprepared for this battle. Convincing the Bloodtalons to join was step one. He had shamed the Mandalorian’s who aided the GA, forcing them to not participate in the conflict. Along with that, he had Trid and Ri-Ja burn the Obie posters and use false propaganda against her. This caused much quarrel aswell as having his own members such as Ghost and Saren find the "dirt" on her. Publically leaking her involvement with using Bothawui taxes to aid the Desiljic clan in there Hotel business on her own planet of Coreilla. This caused un-rest and many began to oppose her Chancellorship, including her key supporter Lady Widow or refrained from the attacks.

With the tables set a second attack emerged that would go down in history as the Sacking of Bothawui, Kabriel along with key bodyguard Katti. Assaulted the city, capturing General Swords. The battle was won and Swords was given a public execution "Syndicate" style on Nar Shaddaa. Josef of the Desiljic was captured and delivered to Admiral Abyssus of the Revenant Armada in return for there support in future events. With the GA then crippled and support lost, this would push the Black Sun Syndicate into Galactic history as the nortorius pirate force. Kabriel himself established as a Galactic Baron.

Lehon the Lost Weeks ??? ABY

Now Galactic Baron, Kabriel usurped Leadership of the Suns from Lord Venger. It is said during this time Red Eriella left the Syndicate. Without a right hand, Charzon Kotep Solus was appointed as a Boss along with Ri-Ja, Trid, Katti as Regimes.

The family was forming, but Kabriels health diminishing. He was suffering from a illness and his ambition and determination degrading in his last few years. After rising from pauper to prince. Establishing his own family as one of the single most dominant forces in the Galaxy. Kabriel began to step down, allowing his Bosses and Regimes to work through things. New notable figures joined such as Jarell Xaaris, Ghost, Saren and Morrigan Wemyss. Gaining support from Lady Widow's United Imperial Alliance forces aswell. The Syndicates influence stretched forcing even Hutts to bow.

Kabriel took note of the small colony on Lehon, here he forced the colony to work for the Black Suns. Resistance was at first, but he gained new allies through harsh words. Tiffany of the local bar acted as Mayor and figurehead of the colony; though what was never mentioned was the real reason Kabriel took interest in the colony. Kabriel discovered a remnant of Sanit’s, a chip that lead to Dark Rose Station. The mythical birthplace of the Dark Ancients and Sanit’s Tomb. Caring little after he had gained what he wanted, he left the colony in the hands of Boss Char.

Mos Entha 223 ABY

Kabriel lived his last few months out as Mos Entha, preparing for his voyage to Dark Rose. Building the Sun fortress, it acted as a central hub and rightly so for the leader of the family. Katti would betray the Syndicate leading to her own execution, Kabriel sensed his days were limited. Clamping down on Mos Entha and controlling the majority of the city, Kabriel turned to Artimis and founded the Galactic Syndicate Union as a insurance policy. The Union acted as a safe haven for criminals, there very own hub of law. With Kabriel and Artimis leading. Many small and large groups joined and all knew there place. Yet through his short life he changed so much.

In Kabriel we Trust – 224 ABY

Kabriel disappeared one day without word, this lead to much speculation forcing Boss Char to take charge in his leave. Ri-Ja received the mysterious chip from Kabriel days earlier that would give her right one day to lead the Syndicate. It was at the edge of the galaxy, Sanit attacked Kabriels ship knowing the young prince and him had there own story to start and in the opportune moment a old friend struck and captured Kabriel. Red Rorsach Eriella transported Kabriel to Lehon and the two duelled. It was said because times were changing and heros didn’t have a place or it was said to settle a old debt, the outcome however was the same. Kabriel died that day, apparently. Hours later he would later be laid to rest at Mos Espa with rumors of his death. And such the First Sun Dynasty came to a close but his Legacy still lives on. To this day, people still utter the words "In Kabriel we Trust". People still wait for Kabriel

The Next Voyage - Inner Dark Rose 226 ABY

Months passed. After Kabriel's demise he was laid to rest under the old Mos Espa Arena, turned ironically into a graveyard for the dead scum of the galaxy. After Kabriel's death the "Black Suns" sank into a civil war over leadership forcing his right-hand Charzon Solus out. The Suns switched hands over to old accomplises Ri-Ja and Trid. In turn the Bloodtalons lost Artimis Raiden's leadership and the Criminal Empire sank back to the claws of the Hutt Council. The many planets and trades were left neglected and the Suns were forced to obey the Hutt Council.

In a strange twist of events, Kabriel awoke one day. Finding himself several feet below ground and up to his neck in sand. Kabriel managed to scrap his way back to the desolate Tatooine surface. Lost and confused, the locals looked at Kabriel like he was a ghost. He would roam the planet for weeks, only to be informed of his own demise and his crushed wealth and assets. Shrugging the folly off, he only came to witness it as other Syndicates and leaders flocked to "his" Tatooine laying claim. With the criminal empire in turmoil and the galaxy at its worst. There was still the questions of why he was alive and where is Dark Rose?

Thus Kabriel sunk into his usual persona and looked at life through a bottle in Mos Entha. Waiting for the opportune moment. When it presented himself he reclaimed some of his dignity and stole the millions of credits each Syndicate inherited from him. With this he set back off to Dark Rose Station. In Dark Rose he would find his Immortality, Power, Wealth and Ambition... once more...

The Hero of Tatooine - Yuuhzan Vong Invasion

Returning from Dark Rose Station Kabriel loitered around Mos Espa. Attempting to look more into his unusual comeback and figure out the next steps, fate took a delicate turn. Whilst searching out for news regarding a masked demon. Kabriel was un-willingly plunged into a odd set of circumstances. Descending from the skies, Yuuhzan Vong amassed and Mos Espa fell. Kabriel Le'Sanit aided a local group of survivors running from the terror unleashed and they found shelter in the Last Shot Cantina. Discovering more and more survivors come through, it was here Kabriel met with, later wife, Shan Connell. Taking charge of the group, the Yuuhzan Vong were beginning to purge the city for resources. Assembling the masses, Kabriel moved the refugess from Espa to Etnha saving many lives that day. Being proclaimed a saviour, Kabriel saw a new approach to life and looked to stop the Vong in order to redeem himself from his old ways. Compassion was a sin the man rarely displayed but it was this first courageous step that would seal the future for him.

With his new aid Shan Connell, Kabriel still feeling loss for Espa and the city he once controlled. Moblized resources and supplies to aid Espa. It was during this time he was brought before the Hutt Council and placed on trial for his past grievances. The Grand Admiral Abyssus, vouched for Kabriels worth and he was spared though heavily in-debted to not only the Hutts but Abyssus. With this debt in motion Kabriel revived his old title of "The Baron" and began to forge his own legend. In-charge of liberating Tatooine and Espa from Vong under the Hutts name. Kabriel continued his romance with Shan and as the city readied itself the final battle loomed.

226 ABY The Battle of Espa. For weeks the Vong Mothership had hovered like a immoveable obelisk above Espa. Repelling any attack. Under the charge of Kabriel and a few limited number of survivors. A daring attack against the Mothership begun. After a heavy skirmish the ship eventually caved in and fell on the outskirts of the City. Leading the final assualt personally, the Ship was discovered to be in ruins, picking off a few Vong mercilessly the Great Baron and his Army would learn the true fate of the Yuuhzan Vong.

With the ship alien and the organic nature the team continued to move. Finding alien and humanoid specimens, Kabriel finally reached the chamber of the Yuuhzan Vong Commander leading the forces. Injured and dying, despite the scenario Kabriel insisted on trying to aid the Commander. Though his intent harboured other secrets, it was here listening to the words of the Commander he realised the Yuuhzan Vong were just a dying race looking for a new home. The Commander however could not be saved forcing Kabriel to take the heavy burden of ending its life and the invasion.

With the invasion over, Kabriel Le'Sanit was revered as the Legendary Baron. Commended as the Hero of Tatooine. Despite the Hutt praise and the Galaxy. Kabriel was continuously haunted by the Commander. Should Kabriel have had the right to end a already dying race? Was life to be so cruel? From his understanding his life was only lived by him. Forever being haunted by the threat of Sanit. The more he learned of life the deeper he fell into that nihilistic attitude. The next few years of his life would be under Hutt Servitude...forging his own Immortality and ultimately true fate...

229 ABY - Baron Le'Sanit the Nar Shaddaa Story

Under Hutt Servitude the Grand Hutt Council of Shaddaa continued to prosper form the Barons charisma and influence. Prompting him to be headed as a Capt. within there secretive Hundred Hands. Dealing with Hutt Empire issues personally. Kabriels power and influence had spread and earned him a far more respectable position within the Galaxy..

With the marriage to Shan Connell, this secured Kabriel a place among the Hutts. Though also his love for the woman, continuously and more so falling victim to fall. Kabriel explained to Shan his enigmatic condition that he was forever dying and that of Sanit his true nemesis. With visions and dreams of the past and horrible future. Kabriel found many of his hours in search of Immortality and the coming battle with Sanit.

Months past, Kabriel continued his service to the Hutt Council. Forging his own legacy, House Le'Sanit rose as a investment for future occupations. Rising to a Capt. of the 'One Hundred Hands' the Hutts personal miltia and secret society. Kabriel lead a section of the Hands to deal with 'problems' that did not need public knowledge. These were more than often issues relating to Hutt Security, Political agendas, Kidnaps and Murder. Although Kabriel detested the position he more than filed it out. The knowledge and access to many of the hutt secrets gave him light to much of his own ambitions.

230 ABY - The Hutt Rebellion, Destiny Revealed

With the coming days, Kabriel split from Shan Connell. Focusing on his own matters at hand, his faithful and loyal friend Tay'Lyn Vox a irresistible beauty aided him with his goals. setting forth, Kabriel began to neglect his Hutt works as he searched for his own agenda and clues. Leading Kabriel to finally accept his Vong heritage and of the days of being a clone. Sanit visted him many times during his sleep, claiming and stil goading to accept the truth and purpose of his existence. To provide himself a vassal for the return of Sanit. Although he opposed this, with the ever changing galaxy he began to see Sanits cause more of a saviour than a nemesis...

Following a Mining Contract struck with Zach Rodchester on Tython. A friendly business conflict struck between Kabriel and Shaka emerged. Something that the Hutts disliked. Shaka and the Majordamo Morrigan sent spies claiming to have evidence of Kabriels betrayal. This lead to his arrest before Revenant Forces and Hutts came to his apartment. History suggests he repelled them with the aid of the pirate lord Jes'Tula. Other accounts suggest he escaped..despite what history claims the apartment was set alight and the Baron was lost.

Found hours later by Tay'Lyn Vox at the under-city, near death something sparked in Kabriel that day. Something changed him. After days of recovery and the Hutt Forces having a Bounty on the two, Kabriel re-signed his position and fled Shaddaa taking with him Hutt Documents of extreme importance. With House Le'Sanit in flames, his wealth corrupted and power lost. Kabriel plot his revenge..but that revenge held ungodly ambitions.

Reading through the Documents, Kabriel learned of the Hutts extended power..if they fell so would the galaxy. The galactic economy would crumble forcing chaos and unrest. The great empires would be shown rebellion and the elites of the galaxy finally fall. Ushering in a new age where 'freedom' was every mans choice. He also became aware of Morrigan the Majordamo significance with Sanit and the power of the mask she held and the Order of Sanit. Kabriel looked back on his path and chose a more damning one. To rebel against order and stability, to re-write history. Though such ambitions where that of a madman.

230 ABY - Changing Times

Little is known of what happened during the forming of the Resistence but what is noted is that they died within the History books. The once renowned Baron Kabriel Le'Sanit, labelled a traitor and monster to the whole Galaxy. Though every Hero falls from grace.

He would rebel against the hub of economy, Nar Shaddaa. Following weeks of skirmishes and battles. The overpowering Revenant Armada and Hutt Forces, lead by his old allies, Admiral Abyssus and Sihivus Verne lead to the Barons defeat.

Defeated, Kabriel retreated to the edge of the galaxy.

231 ABY - End of the Worlds.

Kabriel Le'Sanit, The Immortal Baron's story ended here. He ventured alone to the edge of the galaxy after a life of struggle. Rising from pauper to prince, he established his name throughout the galaxy and made way for many of the syndicates today. Though his real realization was that he was never able to defeat the enemy behind the curtains, The Order of Sanit.

His body was never recovered nor ship. Suggesting he drifted into the dark depths of space alone to die a quiet death. On the last known frontier at the edge of the galaxy, past supporters and friends of the Baron erected a monument wishing him a peaceful journey into the next life.

235 - ABY - The Order of Sanit, Enter Vallis

(To Be continued)

"Everything is Destined. Nothing is Determined" - Kabriel Le’Sanit, The Baron


  • Kabriel Le'Sanit refers to himself as "The Baron" or often in third person. With no true heritage or royal descent he often remarks that being called "The Baron" is his self-proclaimed right that any man can be equal to the power elite.
  • The 'Ravens Legacy' or "Orders Sword" was once a symbol of leadership for the 'Dark Ancients'. Forged from Dark Lady Ravens memory by Zerafon it represented leadership and the trinity of Sith,Obelisk and Krath coming together under one rule. Kabriel often refers to it as "He should hold Bad toys, to keep them away from Bad people" a memento his his father Zerafon.
  • Kabriel's real name is Zequis Le'Raven Sanit II.
  • Only 'Three Gems' have ever swayed the Baron. Yet all Three often end with him dying. Kabriel on women.
  • The 'One Winged Pendant' means 'Freedom'. Kabriel is often seen wearing this as a reminder, it is also the key to his ship the 'Celestial Desire'
  • Kabriel suffers from the "Virus 127" which stops growth and accelerates internal damage. His excessive use of Carsunum eases the pain of this.
  • Kabriel has a particular dislike for anything 'furry'. More than often shooting Wookies and Ewoks first and questions later after a bad experience on Endor.
  • The "Ravens Magnum" is Kabriels personal insurance, a Magnum of rare quality. It was won from Varga in a game of Pazzak
  • Kabriel is said to put the force to shame. With more than once manipulating and swaying Jedi/Sith Masters with just plain words.
  • Kabriel is 'Force-Severed'
  • Kabriel or Gabriel is known as the Messenger of God or Sanit
  • Yun-Harla, Barons End, End of the Worlds are all player made SWRP Locations
  • Kabriel was said to be in-fertile
  • He found peace at best whilst being alone