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Kaas Siver, Born Kaas'aquel Xyvern Kristan in the royal hospital of Bakura in the city of Salis D'aar as the daughter of Ashlyn Kristan and Bobika Ha'rangir alongside her twin brother Archelaos Kristan, Produced through genetic engineering of the late Ha'aragol Vaal, otherwise known as Lord Precursor at the time, considered a failed attempt by the Sith Lord, as Heirs.

However, The mother and father to protect their children split them apart and hid them away, Kaas left with her godmother, The Queen of Bakura, Talia Kristan-Seda.

Early Life

Kaas'aquel's early life consisted of higher learning, where many professors were sent to her Palace Home in Salis D'aar to teach her many things ranging from basic things such as edict, mathematics, economics and history. 

The City of Salis D'aar, On Planet Bakura

However it wasn't long before she was sent to learn at the Bakur Artisan Institute in D'aarmont, where she managed to enter advanced classes in Sentientology,Biology,and Anatomy, which quickly set her down the path of Science and Medical fields. during her first year there she joined an independent study group on the planet Ruusan where she learned basic plant life and met her first mandalorians. There she learned of her mother and father and what set mandalorians apart from other cultures.

In the coming years as she became a teen she would continue her path in school learning things such as Artificing,Force History,and Medical I, during this time she began to experiment with home made explosives where she would often get into trouble with her personal guard, going as far as accidentally maiming one with a stray fragmentation grenade.

As she continued her schooling, back home Salis D'aar came under attack by the sith and killed many of her friends. Her adopted mother, Talia sent a mentor to tutor her in swordplay during her winter break where she picked up K'thri and some minor Teras Kasi. So much so that she would enter a championship on Tatooine in the city of Mos Entha. taking third place, where she learned of the Nal Hutta Alliance and Clan Dralshy'a but still unaware of her mother or the war she was waging to ensure her daughter stayed safe.

She continued her schooling after her break with an extra credit class of Technological and Biological Implants including the history of the Vong Biots, and such things as Skin Grafting, while continuing her cla

sses in Medical II, she continued to watch as the Nal Hutta Alliance came to Salis D'aar and recruited the Grand Army of the Republic into their war against the Sith in Hutt Space. where she began to follow the conflict and began to show interest in joining the military. 

With her medical schooling finished she began learning Robotics and Aerospace Engineering with an extra credit class about Cybernetics. preparing her resume to join the Bakuran Security Forces when she came home, but Talia had other plans for the now young adult as she made her way to the palace to find many of her adopted siblings gone and Talia having aged a fair amount. 

Military School and The Hive

Kaas'aquel found herself haste-fully accepted into the Bakuran Security Forces regardless of her Noble Blood but soon failed the entry exams. Shamed by her lack of knowledge she requested to be sent to Brionelle Memorial Military Academy on the Planet Chandrila, Where she took off with a squadron of the royal guard to begin her training in Piloting,Armstech,and Strategy I. But soon after her first year there the war of the Nal Hutta Alliance had spread so much that republic worlds such as Chandrila and Bothawui came under siege. She and her squadron of guards came under attack by Black Talon Militia when returning from the Academy to her summer home where she became wounded and left to die.

However the Kilik Hive on the planet managed to fight off what the Military could not, and they stumbled up

Blade Squadron Banner.png

on her nearly lifeless corpse and took her to the nest. Mended and Assimilated she returned home praising the star signs for the life she was given. Having been filled with the knowledge to fight she took up arms from the Bakuran Armory and jetted off to Bothawui where she hoped to catch the Black Talon and have her revenge. but instead found the planet in ruins, the local military destroyed by Sith Bombardments, finding a helmet of Ne'tra in the Library there she thought of her mother to be killed and rushed to every building hoping to find her alive and well.Instead finding the Commander Jarvis of Blade Squadron in stasis and badly damaged she revived him and begged to be taught how to fight the sith. Against his better wishes and his troops in the sector destroyed he accepted.