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K-5807, nicknamed "Lynx," for his paw print decal, was a clone engineer Corporal for the 21st platoon for the Grand Army of the Republic. He worked with clone Sergeant F-4587 "Griffon". Many patrols on various planets including Tatooine and Nar Shaddaa. Very skilled with building tech for the military building attachments such as the commonly wanted range-finder and enem radio extender antenna known as the helmet fin. His involvement with engineering equipment lead to many wanting his products. Soon after Griffon went missing he left GAR to look for him.

Clone K5807 "LYNX"

After finding him in ranks with a Mandalorian group he joined the ranks until Lynx himself could get back home. What took about 4 standard Galactic months he finally made it back to his home of Bakura, sadly without Griffon. Once Lynx returned he traded his out dated clone armor in for the new and improved armor. He was hit with the tragic news of his superior and good friend Siaka had died. A great clone Shock Trooper and close friend Lynx vowed to do his best to for fill the gap. Once a update to where Lynx had been for the past four months was put in order, he had to start from scratch and become a private of the A'denla Company. Hit with this challenge Lynx took it upon himself to step up his game and shows his fellow clone brothers what he was made of.

Standard Clone issued jet-pack Modified by Lynx.

Clone Private K-5807 was known to modify his gear. Always standard issue and GAR ready, but with an extra twist. His jetpack was equipped with a holster that could safely hold his DC-15a long rifle. It had a clip that held it securely and away from the jets and the new designed jet directors push the slag out and away from the troopers legs yet still giving it full functionality. Lynx always took pride in his work making sure everything worked perfectly and to GAR standards. Clone Lynx was always willing to provide any GAR member with any modification to their gear with GAR approval of course. He was the go to guy for a build wanted done.

Lynx in his Beskar congneto.

Clone private Lynx took his profession very seious. He did patrols even after Griffon left and even kept his Beskar for this propose. He would go around known dirty and crime filled places and be in the complete unknown community as a common passer-by. His heavily modified Beskar could draw the notice of anyone that was going to cause harm and make them think other wise. He loved his job and was known even at times to be extremely proficient at it. Many for years still dont know of his origins with GAR. As a private Lynx spent most of his time doing grunt work. While on a supply run on Nar Shaddaa he ran into an old friend by the name of Baby Girl. He was always fond of her and she notified him that she was looking to beaf up her security at the X play Club. Not able to resist Lynx dawned his Beskar with few more modifications for the job. Lynx acts now has her personal body guard, good friend and intel rep. Going on missions from time to time, Lynx works with Jedi Najda Soulstar.

Lynx in his Beskar wielding his Deecee.

Lynx took in his new responsibility as security for Baby Girl and took a new name that was issued to him during his search as a Mandalorian. The Mandalorian Clan Jetray gave him the nick name Atin Tracinya which means Stubborn Flame. They saw him as a hunter that flesh out his victoms as thural as a flame in a forest with determination and truth. Now know as Atin he over saw tasks for Baby Girl and went to Mos Espa and Mos Eislies commonly. His ship, The Black Bantha provided him with the transportation he needed. He loved this ship as it was as misterious as he and as proud as well. After a while working for and with Baby Girl he asked for a short leave so that he could do some research on his ship. This is his jurnal during those days. 

Atin Tracinya's Data pad enteres....

Day 1: I have set out to research information about my ship The Black Bantha. It's model and make is unfindable by means of computer search and even the droids are stumped by the odd language of my hyperdrive. I have made my way to Iego by way of family trading route of the Jetray Clan of Mandalorians. With their help we have tracked many of the parts of this ship to a remote junk planet called Lotho Minor, more commonly known as the Junk World. Once I arived I landed in a spot of inconcpicious placement. I began my search for the missing identaty of my beloved ship. 

Day3: After searching this planet high and low I found nothing but remnance of ships and droids. It seams this planet is no more than a gathering place for vial skum in the Galaxy and junk from the serounding planets. I found a desent set of  water boarding landing gear. It apeared the second I found parts of use and worthy of selling I was welcomed by the locals, and by welcomed I mean surrounded. And by Locals I mean grimy Di'kut. The demanded my salvage so that I may leave this planet un harmed. I met thier demands with my own. I demanded thier heads at my feet. In the brawl i found my jetpack damaged from a micro charge blast. I also found thier heads at my feet. All detached from thier bodies accept one. A kid no more than 16 by the looks of it lowered and begged for his life. I told him to run and continue running until he sees my ship take off. 

Day 6: I finally arived at the Bantha as it was a long jurney without the use of my jetpack. I do admit I found myself taking my time of leasure at some moments. a few minutes more of rest here and hour of scalvage their. I asume if that boy is still alive he was most greatfull when I finally took off. I arived at Nar Shadda only too late as I hold passion in my job of protecting Baby Girl. I was welcomed by friendly faces and even had a new Jetpack in my wait as my Jetray Clan brothers have never let me down. 

Day 10: I left again to continue my search. With Baby Girl's acceptance ofcorse as I will return tomorrow for Tattooeen is not a far jump across the Galaxy. I will be meeting with a contact for a gift and shipment to the Jetray Clan. I hope they all like my gift to them as the Jetpack is better than my last one. 

Day ?: I awake in mid hyperjump traveling to what apears to be the cordnants to the Outer Rim Territories. I have done a scan of the ship and have found nothing but traces of a potent gas that seams to contain ingrediants of a knockout gas used in medicin. I have My life Sapport system on in my Beskar and have come to the realization that if I pull the Bantha out of hyperspace I may not have enough air in my life sapport to make it to anywhere safe. My safest option is to ride out this trip to where ever the Bantha is takeing me. I have attempted to completely vacate the air in the Bantha and replace it with new, but whoever treated me to this trip also contaminated my on board life sappport. I will reset my tactics and conomiter when I arive at my destination. Or if I arive. 

Day 16: I arived at what the computer called Raxus Prime. This planet is all to familar in look as Lotho Minor looked the same state. Coverd in junk. Raxus however seames to have a look of ruins. There is even a large building I took to stay away from as if their are any life on this planet good or bad they are most likely in that building. It is a spire that reaches up to the sky about 200 floors or more. An odd look as there is no other building in site. I found a generator and recharged my sytems. I was even able to reset my cronometer. The Black Bantha semaed to have the auto pilot locked to a second structor that is about 1 hundred some clicks from the large spire. I took it off of auto and hid it under a heep of junk. it looks like every other pile of garbage and reciage. I am heading to the second structor to find out why the Bantha took me here. And possible who attempted the takening of my life. 

Day 22: I studdied that structor with a very intentfull gaze. I noticed many vesiles comeing and going and took down notes about vesiles without travelers. They all seamed to go into one docking bay. The same one the Bantha was sceduled to land in. After about 2 hours I noticed that each vesile was welcomed by a team of scalvangers. they disasibled the incoming ships and parted them out into differnet carring carts. They stole ships and killed they owners and anyone else that would be on board. Selling the ship in parts to the right buyers could even bring them more credits than selling the entire ship as is in some obviouse cases. I made sure to use minumal systems in my armor as I could also tell they had scaners that picked up any working large systems making calling for back up no longer an option. I infiltrated the premices after I relized a break or weak link in thier security team. I took out his post and posed as him for radio responces. A radio silence would be as bad as an explotion so I made sure to report in every check in on the radio channel. I investegated the structor and realized there was not much holding that place up. It too was made from scrap and what looked like an old emperial walker. I simply placed some micro chages at weak areas in the structors foundation and a thermal in the center. I linked them to the same charge and timed them so that the blast would be more of a explotion. Trying to out run sherapnal from an explotion on a planet made from shrapnel would not be a good idea. So an implotion was the option of choice. After setting of the fireworks and watching the show I made it back to the Bantha. I took off and set my computer for Nar Shadda. Once I began to think I was home free A blast hit hard on the Bantha. I checked status and noticed two skiff fighters trying to take back the Bantha. I spun her around and began return fire. Almost instantly I was struck with a status message from the computer. I read it coarefully and realised that the Bantha was inputting ideas to me through the display. the tactics were brilant. Something from the old age. I set the rear canons and side canons to auto and let the computer take over them. It wasn't long at all befor both fighters were stardust. I sat there in hyperspace for a moment and pondered. I went over my internal logs and data recoreds. Did some cross refrancing and came to the conclution that The Black Bantha wasn't running off one computer conceious, but two. I checked the recored of the the computeres and placed them with two missing Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid, Mark I. The tactics matched up to the known resords of that model of driod model. My anwseres were finially at me. The Black Bantha and I had been through so much and it could quite literally take care of itsself and me. I felt saffer already. It apears that when the splicer program took over the Bantha it unshackeled its normal protical and that is why it was trying to protect its self in the fight. I made it aware that I plane to leave it unshackeld and for once place my life in the hands so to speak of a droid. 

Atin Tracinya in his full Beskat