Ké Sia

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Ké Sia is a Princess, Politician, and heir to the throne of the planet Erep, a planet in the Naboo System. She is a princess in the Royal House of Sia, a Royal Naboo House that migrated to Erep after the failure of the Monarchy on Naboo which resulted in a change in Naboo's political structure.

Ké Sia is the only child and heir of King Sia and Queen Sia. Her Mother was a direct descendant of the first Queens of Naboo that had migrated over to Erep to maintain the Royal House of Sia. Like her Mother, Sia possessed a strong connection to the Naboo, thus enabling her to join the Government.

Spending most of her time traveling between Naboo and Erep for educational and Royal/Government duties, Sia has become a traditional Naboo girl. She entered government service at a very young age and went on to become Senator of Erep at age 12. Now aged 13, Sia holds many Royal titles between Erep and Naboo. She has rarely left the Naboo system during her time as Senator.

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