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#Warning : Character based exclusively from Legends content#

"May the echoes guide you"

— K'ara

K'ara Re'ti is a force-sensitive Togruta which learned to master her talents through the ways of her tribe as well as some jedi teachings. Even though she is not affiliated with any jedi groups, she simply claims herself to be an independant xenobiologist. She had great reflexes and agility which helped her being a great hunter like most young adults of the Nel-oca'ssrim tribe. Even though she had a great respect for life in all it's forms, she would generaly prefer to feed on small prey animals similar to the thimiars of her homeworld ; she has a particular disgust for synthesized and factory-made foods, especially those based on animal life.


Born on her species' homeworld, Shili, amongst the Nel-oca'ssrim tribe which lived far from the large civilisations. She was trained at young age to become a hunter much like most of the togrutas of the Nel-oca'ssrim tribe. But at some point during her very young age, her force sensivity was discovered when her brother was mortally wounded by a sneaking akul during their usual hunting session. She saved the life of her older brother Merann by killing the akul beast and even more surprisingly, she instinctively healed his wounds with unknown powers which were provoked by her sudden intense feelings toward her dying brother.

Eventualy this feat was known by her entire village and came to the ear of one of the elders, Hzi'al Vy (pronounced "Zee-al Vee"), which was both a scholar and a retired Jedi due to being mortally wounded too many times for his heart to bear any more violence. This elder then began training the very young togruta to channel and use the force, especially her healing powers, but also how to create the Jedi's weapon : the legendary lightsaber. Full of life and persistant, the young togruta eventualy came to a point she wanted to learn more, the force was still a mystery to her. With the guidance of her elder, she ventured offworld to seek the legendary Jedi to seek to become one of them. Even though she was unable to find her way to them until a handful of years, she continued to practice her powers and lightsaber forms.

K'ara eventualy landed to the world of Kashyyyk after being attacked by space pirates, as soon as she arrived she met an isolated wookiee community that was attacked by Trandoshan slavers and their dark jedi leader. She battled the fallen jedi when this one discovered the new wookiee's ally and found that the jedi was not so bad as he pretended. She then guided him through his own doubts, eventualy convincing him to redeem himself toward the wookiee and asked for their pardon. This jedi finaly earned their respect by helping them and K'ara stoping the intense slavery. The leader of the wookiee clan, well aware of the force sensitivity of the togruta and of it's meaning, he gifted her a cut Upari crystal which she kept preciously since then. She decided to stay a little longer amongst the wise and tribal wookiees which reminded her of her own people, curious to learn more of their traditions even though her stay was no longer than a few months.

The now 24 years old togruta had finaly found her way through worlds and worlds, using public transports and smugglers to the world of Ruusan, where she learned there was a Jedi Enclave. She then applied to their academy, with the hope to learn more about these strange force-sensitive crystals and her own unnatural talents.

Life at the Ruusan Academy[]

Arrival on Ruusan[]

She settled down on Ruusan, near the New Order of the Jedi's academy, waiting to an awnser to her application. Having no other particular goal but improve herself as of yet, she continues her own training

K'ara and Nasaji meeting for the first time on Ruusan.

every day and often meditates close to the strange fauna located in the lower part of the huge pit.

During a pause between meditations and trainings, the young togruta was taking lunch at the nearby cantina and there she met a newly arrived togruta, Nasaji Oba. They talked a lot about their respective tribes' ancestry, which had by pure coincidence common history.

Apprenticeship within the New Order of the Jedi[]

After several days of waiting, training and meeting the rare visitors near the Jedi Enclave of Ruusan, she finaly had met Master Seven which with she had an interview. She was eventualy greeted with arms open by the Master, which gave her a bunk to settle on and her new multipass for the Jedi Enclave. She settled down next to a friendly padawan's bunk, which she just met recently, Azreal Kass.

Though for her, this was not the begining but only the continuity of her lifetime training to become a great warrior and scholar.

First task : Gathering Information[]

"Just a few formal questions, it should be quite painless" -K'ara musing to Knight Wickentower with a quote of Master Seven.

After being accepted by Master Seven, she had been offered a simple task, she had to meet people and learn some specific information about their present and past. Between her usual self-training sessions, she walked across several members of the Jedi Enclave and began questionning them, noting a good lot of information into her personal datapad.

Training as a pilot[]

K'ara flying in formation with her first piloting mentor, Knight Lawson.

Since these later days, she was studying more and more about the Jedi, since she just recently had access to the library archives. She noticed she was missing a very important skill to become a jedi : piloting starships, even though she already knew basicaly how to manuver with smaller swoops and speeders, she knew nothing about spacial flight yet. So asked for training lessons with a ship, she was offered a HC-105 to begin with, and she did well amazingly for a beginner.

She then took a step further toward becoming a great jedi, the force would guide her through the stars.

Exploration of Bothawui[]

Daana and K'ara traveling together to Bothawui.

Contacted by one of her own kind, she went on a trip to Bothawui, there she met her famous reporter friend, Daana Kira. She accompanied her friend at the government center where the reporter was meant to meet with the Minister of Bothawui, Lady Sia, which was concerned about Mandalorian taking control over their local library. After then Daana and K'ara went to investigate the surrounding of the library but little was found there.

Since the Minister wished to use her own means of investigation, K'ara decided not to interfere unless asked otherwise or if she found new information to share, which she did not, sadly.

Reian Varel's knighthood ceremony[]

K'ara assist to Reian's knighthood ceremony.

After long speech from both Master Quan and Master Hak, they initiated the ceremony of a fellow togruta padawan. Proud of assisting to such a ceremony, K'ara sneakily imortalized the moment with a flick of a finger onto her personal advanced datapad.

Work in the medbay[]

Between the usual classes around the academy and her daily personnal training sessions, K'ara went over to the academy's medbay to help the other rare medics preparing medpacs, chimicals and other technological devices. She slowly got used to the technology present in the academy and the space fighter that was offered to her. Her studies goes well for now, even though it's long but patience being a part of the training, she does practice it as well.

The End ?[]

Chaos waked her up one day, was that an attack at the jedi enclave ? She couldn't tell exactly other than the evacuation protocols were engaged, alarms sounded as the valley looked half destroyed already. The young togruta on the urge escaped just barely with her ship, which was damaged by falling debris at the launch. She roamed a few hours in space by the time the astromech droid from her ship to repair the damaged power relays. She tried to find the rendez-vous point but it seemed she was there too late.

Did the Jedi just forgot about her ? Did they left already without leaving any message behind ? She felt rather betrayed by that fact, and that emotion only grew stronger when she spent the couple future months trying to find her former teachers. At some point, she gave up hope and continued on her own footsteps, still learning about the force even though she began to give up the Jedi beleifs.


K'ara has now returned to her homeworld, Shili, to resume the training her old mentor prepared her for. She would leave the planet on rare occasions, brigning back supplies to her people as well as some new subjects to study. Who knows what the future holds for them.

A new begining[]

K'ara's new Life[]

Years had passed since her time amongst the Jedi, and the young togruta had become a woman with talents and experience. K'ara is no longer on Shili and went on to explore the many stars of the galaxy, she had made exploration of new worlds her bread and butter in life -now an independant xeno-biologist and explorer-, new horizons awaited the togruta.

The galaxy was however as perilious as it ever had be, new forces had raised while old ones returned to the shadows. K'ara figured at some point her force sensitivity could get her in trouble, she resorted to conceal her abilities, avoiding to rely on them. She now usualy carries a personnal defense blaster when she feels the need to, and the blade she crafted back then is now tucked in a small cargo container of her ship that rarely sees the light.

Personality and Traits[]

Calm and posed in most situations, she learned to be patient during her young age at the care of her old mentor, especially with his jedi teachings. Curious and explorative by nature, she trains hard to remain in a physical shape as well as to improve her mastery with the force, which became a second nature to her with the passing years.

K'ara in meditation amongst the peaceful fauna of Ruusan.

As with many hunters of her tribe, she has a great respect for lifeforms and a great sense of honor. Hunting was a natural part of their lives, accompanying it with a few simple ceremonial acts as a way to honor the preys she and her people feeds on. Even though she has rarely been seen eating raw thimiars and rodents, she always killed them painlessly and quickly with her sharp fangs.

Powers and abilities[]

K'ara dedicated to her lightsaber techniques with her training blade.

Even before she was trained amongst the New Order of the Jedi, she had knowledge about Shii-cho, Makashi , Soresu, Ataru and Shien ; she used Soresu as her main form for it's defensive purpose. During her training at the jedi enclave, she learned the basics of forms Makashi, Ataru and Shien in hopes of mastering them over time.

The young togruta discovered soon in her training that she had a natural talent, although limited, for healing techniques. This particular talent brought her to spend hours and days in the archives to learn about the biology sciences, becoming a new passion for her.

As a trained force-user, she can use most skills the new jedi order taught at the time of her studies amongst them, but is weak in certain skills, especially some that allows her to influence other than herself. In addition she returned to her old mentor with perfected abilities, allowing him to continue her training in more advanced skills with as tutaminis, which she began using as a means to make up for certain flaws.

Force powers known. Skills marked with either a + or - indicates these are either stronger or weaker than average. :

  • Alter movement (+)
  • Force Healing (-)
  • Force concealement
  • Telekinesis (-)
  • Force speed
  • Force jump
  • Force push/pull (-)
  • Detoxify poison
  • Force sense (+)
  • Force empathy
  • Precognition
  • Tutaminis (+)
  • Mind Trick (-)

Her original lightsaber was crafted by her first mentor even though he thought her the basics functions of the lightsaber's various parts, as an introduction to the more advanced technologies. She learned during her time at the jedi enclave how to create her own and only years later did she made her own from scratch.


K'ara brought very little with herself on her travels, usualy keeping in the little cargo space of her fighter what she will not carry on herself. She would usualy brings with her a handful of several different type of credits, her outfits, a stock of food and water rations, an A99 Aquata Rebreather, a small kit of vials and tools to gather cell samples and a pocket-sized datapad.

Her lightsaber blade had a slightly blueish green color, a product of the three crystals she used to craft it. These crystals were an Adegan (a green Mephite one), a Velmorite, and a cut Upari ; the first one was attuned to her with the guidance of her first mentor, it helped her to channel the force through her lightsaber. The later gave a sharper and more maneuvrable blade even though it was thinner and hampered the ability to deflect blaster bolts (Based on KOTOR terms : +to hit, -to deflect, Keen.). Through training and reflexion she would find a way to compensate this weakness with other talents.


Though generally peaceful, who knows when she would get herself into trouble, and she won't shy away from a fight if she thinks she can handle it. K'ara will most likely use the skills and equipement to her advantage, trying to make the best of what she has. She would normally feel little remorse to retreat herself from the more dangerous situations.

K'ara continually conceals her force sentivity, relying on her blaster, unarmed skills or improvised weapons more than anything else in case of combat situations.

Given that she was not already under stressful situation such as being attacked, she would firstly center herself and wait for the agressor to make the first move, which she would then be prepared for. Using a mixture of her specie's innate echolocation capacity, her hunter reflexes and force sensitivity, she could react well and defend herself to even an 'unseen' approach for as long as it was within close proximity, effectively making her very rarely taken by surprise.

If her survival seemed more important than concealing her abilities, she would then tap into her force abilities to enhance her physical capacity, notably bursts of speed, force-enhanced leaps and enhancing her own movements. The force adept would also occasionally incorporate her own application of telekinesis into her hand-to-hand skills to enhance the impact of her hits in order to compensate with her limited strenght. As a last resort, especially against energy-weapon users, she would get in close and try to touch said weapon, using tutaminis techniques to partially and potentially entirely drain various power cells and reusing that energy to her advantage, which would generally be applied to telekinesis or her rare healing abilities.

Languages known[]

(OOC) Player's notes[]

This is as of yet just the begining of the character, i will add content soon on the future as i build up some Roleplay. Even though i have been roleplaying since years, i am totaly new to SWRP and Wiki editing, so if there is anything strange about the character considering canon, please tell me i will make sure to correct it as soon as possible !

I must admit that i have been greatly inspired by the canon characters ; Shaak Ti, Raana Tey and Ahsoka Tano, as well as a few other SWRP characters. The character's timeline has been set to Post-Legacy Era to keep the character's date vague to avoid interefering with other character stories.

I am also not native english but always seeking to get better in english and roleplay. I speak French as native language.

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