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Early Life/Childhood

Jys was born on the planet Corellia. Early on in her life, around the age of three, she was playing in the artificial yard of her wealthy family's apartment when Mandalorian Mercenaries raided their home. They were defended by home defence droids, but the droids were swiftly overwhelmed. Her father managed to hide her away in a cabinet before their attackers made it through, telling her to stay hidden until it was safe. She didn't listen. Shortly after being hidden away, she got out and began kicking the armored shins of the nearest Mandalorian raider, trying to get them to go away (It seemed like a good idea to her 3-year-old mind).

The Mandalorian man, amused by her spirit and having no children of his own, decided to take her and adopt her. Her family assumed she was killed, and she assumed her family was killed.

For the next several years, she was raised and trained in the Mandalorian way of life. Around her tenth birthday however, during a routine check-up, the doctor discovered that she was in fact highly sensitive to the Force. Her adopted mandalorian father was furious, as his previous family had all been slaughtered in a battle between the Jedi and the Sith. He kicked her out, not wanting anything to do with anyone who was connected to the Force.

She spent the next two years of my life as a scavenger, digging through trash dumps for a few credits to buy just enough food to survive. Eventually she decided to escape from that world, and stowed away on a freighter headed offworld.

Joining the Jedi

At the next spaceport she found another freighter, this one bound for the planet Ruusan for a resupply of the Jedi Enclave there. Having heard of the Jedi and their connection with the Force, she decides that her best bet is to head there.

After several tests and interviews, she was accepted into the Jedi Enclave there, and was trained by Jedi Knight Vilda Kazyanenko.

Sortly after joining the Jedi, she lost her left arm when her Blaster exploded when she attempted to fire it, having been improperly maintained.

Trouble with Sith

As her training progressed, a Sith used the power of Sith Alchemy to create a force bond between her and Jys' master, and he became obsessed with getting rid of it. He tried everything he could think of, but nothing he did worked.

Eventually, with no where else to turn, he went to Korriban, to see if a Sith could get rid of it. His search eventually let him to Darth Dolor, who gave him several options, none of them pleasant. In return, he had to do something for her. He was commanded to blow up the temple on Ruusan. When he secretly placed a bomb on the temple, Jys sensed it through their master/padawan bond, but arrived too late. Fortunately, no one inside the temple at the time.

Vilda then went back to Dolor, and informed her that the deed was done, and Dolor began the process of removing the force bond. She tortured him to the brink of death, then healed his body and pulled his force essence back into his body. After that he wasn't quite the same. Dolor had, in the process of pulling Vilda's essence into his body, put a bit of dark essence into him. This drove him insane, yelling at younglings, attacking fellow knights, and poisoning padawans.

Master's Fall

Eventually he was able to get Dolor's evil out of his head, but the damage was already done. The Jedi arrested him and locked him up in preparation for his trial. While Jys was visiting with Vilda a man named Wild Cote, who was one of Vilda's friends from Onderon, came and said he had instructions from the council to move Vilda to Polis Massa. Jys foolishly trusted him, and allowed Vilda to go with him. Wild betrayed his friend, taking him back to Dolor. Dolor was then able to turn Vilda to the dark side.

Meanwhile, her training had been completed, and she had become a knight at the age of 24. She volunteered to be part of the team assigned to track down and arrest Vilda, wanting to bring her wayward brother back to the light.


While on a mission, she ran into Vilda. Realizing that she wasn't strong enough to take down her old master by herself, she made no effort to arrest him. He told her that he had tracked he down because, through a tip recieved from Dolor, followed by research and a blood test, it was revealed that he was Jys' long lost brother, who she thought had been killed. He then revealed that when Dolor had turned him, some suppressed memories had surfaced. This revelation and the truth that it rang with made Jys even more detirmined to bring her brother back to the light, though Dolor had arranged this revelation to attempt to bring Jys to the Dark Side with her brother.

Vilda's Return to the Light

After many attempts to arrest him he hid on Vjun, in the hope that we wouldn't be able to sense him there. There, he was visited by the Force Ghost of his old master, pleading him to help him by using a special ritual to bind his force ghost with a clone, and Vilda reluctantly agreed.

They met on Ruusan to do the binding at the Force Nexus located there. Jys sensed Vilda's arrival, and she went to the Nexus to confront her brother. Vilda had successfully finished the ritual, but had lost too much energy and was dying. Despite his protests, Jys began pour force energy into him to keep him alive. He continued to protest, but began to regain his energy, while Jys began to lose hers. She fell unconsious, and upon waking up in the hospital, managed to convince Vilda to stay and rejoin the Jedi.

Vilda rejoined the Jedi, but the Enclave Council made him restart his training from the beginning. Being forced into being a Padawan again was too much for him, and he had been receiving offers to join other Jedi Enclaves at the same position he was before he went to the Dark Side. He accepted an offer by a relatively new enclave on Coruscant, The Order of the Jedi Covenant, as a Council Knight.

Leaving the Ruusan Enclave, and joining the Jedi Covenant

Soon after, Jys became restless in her position on Ruusan. Meditating and sparring were her daily routines, and she was becoming tired of it. She decided to leave the Ruusan Enclave and join Covenant with her brother. Soon after, one of the founders of the Covenant, Sir Jilea, went to the Dark Side, leaving an open spot on the Jedi Council, and Jys' brother nominated her, and she was accepted into the Covenant Council, where she was a member for many years.

Retirement and a Family

Following the collapse of the Jedi Covenant, she returned to her home on Corellia, removing herself from the galactic stage and contenting herself to being the Watchman of her home sector, aiding in local law enforcement.

During this time, she met a man named James Tavik, a detective with CorSec. Over the course of several missions together where she was aiding CorSec, they fell in love. Nine months later, Jys gave birth to a child, a daughter, who they named Zeva Tavik Tebut. This brief happy time in her life didn't last however, as the Sith were on the rise once more, and she knew she had to leave. She left her daughter with James, and returned to Ruusan.

Return to the Galactic Stage

Jys returned to Ruusan and rejoined the Enclave there, and took a Padawan, Caine Orikan. Caine has since been promoted to Knight.

During this time, Jys inhierated her father's Megacorporation, her father having passed away. She restructured it into Star Industries, and in preparation for the war with the Sith she knew was on the horizon, set the company to the task of constructing a fleet in secrecy.

The Dual Personas

Jys was later captured and tortured by Darth Lilith, as revenge for defeating and capturing Lilith in a previous encounter. During the process of the torture, Lilith poured so much dark side energy into Jys, that her mind snapped into two personalities under the strain. She was rescued, and the second, Dark personality, remained dormant for a time.

During next battle she participated in, the Shadow Jys took control, and came very close to killing her opponent, the only thing stopping her being my former padawan, Caine. When he stepped in to stop Shadow Jys, she turned against him. The Jedi then attempted to speak to Jys, but were unsuccessful in helping the true Jys personality back into control, and were forced to capture her. They took her to Moonbase Omega (the prison of the Enclave of Ruusan, in a secret location), where Jedi Master Yashamaru Fazuku and Caine helped Jys' good persona back into control. After a short period during which she was held for observation, she was released.

After some time had passed, the Shadow, learned from its many failed attempts to harm beings while in control that attempts to harm always resulted in the good persona's return to control. When she next got control, she didn't attack, she retreated. She fled to Nar Shaddaa, and put out a call in the Force to darksiders and Sith galaxy over, requesting aid. One answered, one extremely powerful one, possibly one of the most powerful Sith of all time. Known only as Pyrrho, he helped Shadow remove the Good persona, and binding it to her lightsabers so that the good persona could only watch helplessly.

The Death of Jys

Shadow Jys then returned to Ruusan, to kill Jys' former padawan Caine, and Jys' older brother Vilda. A battle ensued, and Shadow Jys was struck down, killed by a simultaneous strike from Caine and Vilda.


When the Shadow Jys was killed, that which bound the good persona to the lightsabers failed, and she escaped. She was unable to rejoin with the Force, and was trapped in some sort of a limbo state. Until somehow, she woke up with some of her memories missing (without her realizing it), in a cloning tank in a medical facility, empty save a single Medical Droid who refused to answer any of her questions. She found a ship in the hangar, with locked-in coordinates, which took her on a series of jumps that led back to Ruusan.

She arrived back during my own cremation ceremony, just in time to see her old body burned. It was a rather surreal experience. She explained what had happened as best she knew, and after several days of physical, mental, and Force exams, she was deemed fully recovered, and welcomed back with open arms.

Elevation to Jedi Master

"When I was knighted, it was the greatest day of my life. After facing the challenges brought on by my Former Master's fall to the dark side, the discovery that he was my brother, and his eventual return to the light, the Force led me to Coruscant to aid the Jedi Covenant there. Since then, the Force has led me back to the Ruusan Jedi Enclave. When I came back to Ruusan after so long, I felt like I was back to my home, where I belonged. It was a time of great joy, and of sadness. Joy, to see how the Order has grown and changed during the time I was gone, and sadness at how many good Jedi were lost along the way. We have since grown even greater than we were. Now, as I stand before you all, my fellow Jedi, my family in this Enclave, I vow to continue to stand for Peace and Justice in this Galaxy, to continue to stand with you and hold back the floodgates of darkness, as the Jedi of old did, and as the Jedi of the future will continue to do. I am humbled by the honor you have bestowed upon me, and I will not let you down, now, or ever."

— Jys Tebut

A short time after my recovery from the Shadow Jys incident, she was called to a meeting with the Jedi Council. There, she was granted the honor of being elevated to the rank of Jedi Master.

Leaving the Ruusan Enclave and the beginning of the GLA





Weapons Expert
Proficient in many forms of weaponry.
Fluent in Basic, Mando'a, Huttese, and Shyriiwook (understood, not spoken).
Jedi Master
Skilled in a wide variety of Force Abilities, however she is almost comically weak in the area of healing with the Force.
Cybernetic replacement left eye.