Little to nothing is known to be true about the Sith known as Jukkar. What is known are his personality and traits. He is known to treat almost everything as a joke, and more often then not the punchlines involve the torturing and killing of others. Jukkar shows no mercy, can be cunning and wastes little time on distractions from whatever mysterious task he is involved. It is known that to gain recognition in the eyes of DLotS he hunted down and killed and Sith Lord known as Vexis, stealing her holocron as well as her spot among the Sith. Jukkar has shown signs of being a warrior, but most commonly refers to Sith Sorcery in fights.


Jukkar is typically seen wearing some type of robe, along with his disturbing mask which he never removes. Whether he hides his face out of vanity or shame is a mystery. Another mystery is his race, which is most commonly assumed Chiss due to his blue skin. When pressed he neither admits nor denies to be the race, just as he never claims what his race truely is. Jukkar has ancient Sith tattoos that cover his body, including his neck and leading beneath his mask. The only weapon carried by him is his lightsaber, which he uses mainly for defense and distraction.


Absolutly nothing is known to be true about Jukkar's past. He has claimed several things, some things more then once but always his story changes, thus revealing it to be a lie. What is true is up to you to decide.

The Jedi are the biggest joke in the galaxy. Thing is, my Master didnt think the same as I. When I revealed my thoughts on the order he went to expell me, so I saught after his head. He almost got mine, but in the end I graduated to the Dark Side.

I grew up in the sands of Tatooine. Lived in the alley ways of Espa feeding off of womp rats. Those were the good ol' days, where living off of basic instinct was all I needed.

My family were kings in the mining industry. I grew up wealthy, 'The Prince of Omwat' they called me. I craved more then my parents wealth however. I craved power.

I was raised by a mysterious Sith since bith. Groomed to perfection.

Do not test me you insignificant back alleyway womp fodder. I grew up in Nar Shadaa so don't think for a second you can pull a fast one on me.

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