General of the CIS Edit

General Jubere is a Super Tactical droid built during the Clone Wars but whom was not deployed till very late in the war and ultimately wound up shut down and locked away in a now hidden factory on Geonosis.

After the uprising on Geonosis shortly after the phobis war some time around 260ABY where the inhabitants of Geonosis fought against the Galactic Empire and cast out the Empress Jenn Cress's forces. Jubere was found and brought online to serve as a command unit for the systems defense. Since this time and the formation of the new confederacy that has been growing, The need for a more flexible role was given to the unit known as Jubere. He was appointed as General of the new CIS and responsible for the defense of all systems until such a time as new units can be made to meet demand.

Personality Edit

Jubere like many Super Tacticals is programmed with a very objective focused mindset, Caring more for results and prioritizing them above all else however as it is not wartime attempts have been made to make Jubere more docile so that he may also fill a diplomatic role in representing the organization. Jubere does not enjoy or employ humor, sarcasm or any witticisms instead being coldly blunt and straight forward, He has been described as imposing.

OOC notes Edit

  • Jubere (Often referred to with his title, General Jubere) was created to be a sim character for SWL and to be the phase of the CIS, He was created in 2018 on 4D but his model was never completed until 2020.
  • He was rigged by Jackson Gracemount
  • The model depicted is Jubere's second chassis, A third custom model is planned for the character at some expense.
  • Despite being a super tactical droid he is also RPd as a diplomat and people's first contact with the CIS on a political level.
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