Journal of G-4178, Vol. 4

"Redemption" the fourth volume of a journal written by the clone trooper known as Cory Toonie, of the Grand Army of the Republic.


The Battle of Bakura:-


Imperial Forces will no doubt be sending in troopers (Stormtroopers-Royal Guards), Sith, and Mandalorians. Each is divided into a class based on the threat they represent. Because of the presence of Sith, it would be foolish to leave troopers on the ground, they'd be slaughtered for this very reason, all GAR forces are to remain on roof tops, this keeps the Sith from getting to us with ease.

We're attempting to get as many NOJ forces as we can, these Jedi will primarly engage Sith, if Jedi are present, Clones are to ignore Sith unless their an immediate threat.

This plan was devised by Lt. SniperFox Mills, Marcel added to this by adding. 501st personal will be ground side with him to negotiate, when ordered to, a squad of at the least, 4 pilots, will desend from the Venator and hot drop troopers into combat. Because something like this hasn't been done before, a training course for pilots will be issued. This will cover how to get in and out of the Venator fast, coordination, LAAT management, and everything else needed for this.

My idea was to use gunships during this assault, utilizing every single force we can muster. But because of how much is going on, I've suggested another new idea. On the Venator, the person assuming command will be there with at the least, 3 other people. Each of the other people will be communications for a part of the operation. After the LAAT's have dropped all forces, they will take up positions to cover troopers and Jedi, this is where the Comm system of the Command Center comes into play.

All LAAT's will report to an air advisor, he will relay info to and from the pilots. This air advisor will communicate with Ground and Jedi advisors to best relay Gunships to assist them. Ground advisor will relay battle info between trooper areas, to the commander of the op, and to the Air advisor. As will the Jedi advisor. The Ground advisor will communicate with all GAR Clones only, the Jedi Advisor with all Jedi forces. Air and Ground advisors will be GAR Clones, but the Jedi advisor will be a NOJ Jedi, to help keep things going smoothly as we know how to communicate with ours, as they do with theirs. Our op commander needs to be a person who can think fast, and think smart at the same time. He'll be listening to every single scrap of intel and judging best as he can.

Should the worst come to play, and all ground forces are eliminated, our Pilots will retreat to the Venator, swap out Assault LAAT's for Infantry LAAT's and bombard the surface. Nothing says this can't be done, and this is a last resort method if approved of.

Another thing pending approval is the lockdown of the Venator. Enemy forces CAN NOT be aloud to breach the Venator. If our communications is severed, this thing could turn into a slaughter. To prevent this, as soon as all troopers are off the Venator, it will be sealed, and nothing will be aloud to enter. A Venator has AA battaries, no fighter could breach it, not to mention the hangers have doors.

Tomorrow will be training for every single bit of this, EVERYBODY should be busy tomorrow. No excuses. All troopers will work on ground tactics, or on hot drop tatics. All pilots will be working on hot drop exercises and covering exercises. Our comms guys will be working with everyone to get the hang of communicating. And at the end of the day I'm hoping to have a mock training battle to test this to the limit, GAR personal engaging GAR personal, utilizing hot drops, gunship support, and comms

Unfortunetly my Shock Duties kept me away from Bakura when the battle began.. I headed to the Jedi Temple in Coruscant.. where I spoke to an old friend of mine.. he was a jedi of the NOJ. With him was a young one. She began asking me curious questions. Even attacked me with her practice saber. Left a scratch on my armor but I didn't mind. Emotions have been ripped out of me. Anger and hate seems to be a pointless attribute now. Anyways I was to travel to the planet of Kashyyyk. Ties with the Jedi seem to have been pulled back together. We give eachother an ammount of mutual respect now. As well as fight for the same purposes. I am going to Kashyyyk to serve and help.. nothing more.. nothing less.

On the way I stopped on Bakura. Unlived and Marcel greeted me. We were victorious. I think only one casualty. The imperial troops dropped instantly. Our numbers and tactics obliterated them. I have no detail of the battle at this moment. However I respect everyone who fought valiently and lead the Republic to victory. I stayed for the cantina party. Had some vodka and relaxed. A woman from Nar Shadda was there. She apparently ran the system. She spoke with us a bit. Dowding knows more on the subject. Im still a bit shy on the issues. I think I lost a bit of my mind in the forest of Yavin.

Later that night 501st Officer Dowding, and Sergeant Akio got on comm with me. They were heading to VJun. Well I was basically in contact with troops on the clock. On Bakura Necro was training his squad. I even heard ARC Troopers Airhead and Bowty were returning from their campaigns to visit for a day. So things seem to be going well. The GAR almost running at his highest potential. However of course things can't always go perfect. Something will come up quickly. I got that feeling again. My comm goes off. Its Marcel. Seems a situation went down on VJun. Akio and Marcel were arressted and put into prison cells. There weapons and comms were taken. So I had little information. All i know is I needed a ready squad to be willing to run blindly into a sith compound and free them. I had a small plan. Not the greatest but it may work.

The Escape of Vjun:-

I flew to Bakura and saw Necro and his men training. I told them we were heading to Vjun. explained things as quickly as possible. To my luck before we got to a dropship ARC Trooper Airhead and Corporal Unlived were nearby. Unlived was the Air Advisor for the Bakura Defense operation last night. So he flew us there and helped direct Necros dropship. Necros squad flew to the opposite side of the city. Airhead, Unlived, and I landed at the landing pad and proceeded through the main entrance. There was a force field set up so we couldnt get through. Dark jedi and Sith stood behind the field snarling insults. Hungry for blood. VJun sure holds some ruthless sickos. Still we stood and waited for Necros squad to get the shields down. Sadly the sith noticed the squad and attacked instantly. Necro and his men were beaten and dropped.

After seeing the sith were occupied Air, Unlived. and I tried to find a way into the city. Unlived showed us a way to climb over the tunnel wall. While Air and Unlived stood and fired below I attempted to take a different position. My gloves slipped however and I fell. I hit branches and ledges. Then smacked the ground below hard.. where was I? I stood and shook off the whip-lash. My neck was in some pain but I was well enough to move on. Over comm I heard screams. Air and Unlived were taken out as well. Only a few trainees died. The others were kept alive to suffer and be played with. Over comm Air was saying they wanted to eat him. Sick Monsters.. but I tried to focus on the issue at hand. Finding Dowding and Akio.

I wandered the barren lifeless plains. It was like i was in a dark valley. All ash and sand. As i walked I noiced 3 men standing nearby. I began to hide a bit. Then my belt began to beep. It was an old comm remote. Marcel picked up. He directed me to the cells. I climbed over some dirt mounds. I manged to find the holding cells compound. And a flank to the three guarding it. I snuck inside quickly. Marcel pointed to the controls nearby. I deactivated the shields. Akio asked if I had brought any weapons. I hesitated a moment and remember my leg straps. I had some DC-15a Blasters. So I handed them over and used my carbine. Marcel took lead and we proceeded our escape. However we had a new issue. Air, Unlived, and Necros squad were out there.

After hiding and catching our breath in a dune walkway we needed an escape route. I followed Marcel and Akio. As we ran torwards a bridge we noticed three sith walking casually dragging Airhead along. Marcel and Akio fired and the sith dropped Air and began to defend themselves. Airhead crawled away as our battle began. I ran across the bridge and noticed a sith trooper preparng a turret! I kicked down the door and fired my carbine into his armor. The sith trooper escaped the room and ran into the distance. I fired off more rounds and he dropped into an abyss nearby. I then deactivated the turret and ran outside to see Marcel and Akio fighting onward. This isn't going to end well.

I charged into combat already hurt.. as I interjected a confrontation with a sith marcel was fighting the sith force pushed me a great distance into a wall. I was in too much pain. I couldn't fight on. I crawled my way to a nearby hangar. I needed to get off Vjun and get assistance ASAP.. so I left everyone behind.. not something I was glad to do.. but it was die here.. or attempt to seek help. So I flew back to Kashyyyk. As soon as I arrived Airhead contacted me. He managed to free the other trainees and Necro got everyone out of there via LAAT Gunship. They all returned to Kashyyyk and greeted me afterwards.

Afterwards things are a bit fuzzy.. my brain is fried.. not sure if its from all the events that have taken place.. or maybe this old clone body is aging.. I spent the next weeks traveling to new worlds, such as Onderon, and the forest moon of Dxun, as well as the "Valley of the Jedi" where NOJ is currently staying at I beleive.. I also stopped on Tatooine.. where to my suprise I saw Master Jedi Abbra Erato.. I haven't seen him in some time.. but I did not approach him.. that man I do need to give some respect to.. to me he is the ideal "picture" of what a jedi should be.. I am currently writing on Zonama Sekot.. something about its ocean side veiw inspires me.. curious though.. once again the one who leads the entire Potentium Order.. always watches me carefully.. that one holds something I can't describe.. oh well might as well enjoy the sunset.. before I return to Bakura.. ive been so distant with my troops.. doubt any of them hardly know my name.. or even relize my existance. Only news I have heard from the GAR.. is that Sniperfox Mills is an ARC Trooper. To think Mills made ARC.. seems like it was only yesterday he was just some corporal.. oh right.. forgot to mention.. Bakura's city was destroyed or somehthing.. and we restationed on the planet.. our new base of operations is bigger and better then ever.. reminds me of Agirus.. well the second time we built it.. before it was.. obliterated.. log out


Deleted Entry Logs:-

Entry 82: 

I'm back on Yavin, no longer under the control of the NOJ.. ive been out of contact with GAR for months.. my long loved brotherhood has no meaning to my heart anymore.. all my obligations.. my duty.. my vows.. all diminished. I have deleted the past few months entries.. all memories i wish to forget.. I left my armor behind.. I am currently wearing half of that Mandalorian armor I salvaged off that man a long time ago. I don't wish for people to see me. I hold Mandalorian Tattoo, I bear the face of a Clone, and a long history. So i am wearing black robes over my body.. in hope I can live in shadow for the rest of my life.. or at least for a long time.. until I find a place to settle.. I am still a Shock Trooper of the Grand Army of the Republic.. however who knows.. at this point I may be replaced soon.. for now time to clear my mind.. and have hopes of making a brand new friend.. for I have lost most of them long ago..

2 days later I return to Bakura.. this is my current idea on who I am.  

I am G-4178, a clone of Jango Fett. I Fight for the Grand Army of the Republic. I have been for years now. I was given a nickname from a Jedi Master a couple years back. The name was "Cory Toonie". Ive been recording the majority of my service in a Log Journal. Something I can use to look back at. The people I knew, the battles Ive fought, the events that took place to get me where I am today. Others use it for fun, learning, or even as an inspiration to write something far greater. I first joined the GAR from birth, I was well, not defective but I was ill-trained and I had a bit more independance starting from day 1. Not sure what went wrong but I started off with not a clue in the galaxy. All i knew is my Duty was my life. After the years passed I learned much. About people, the force, and who I am. I tend to spend alot of time on Yavin IV. Many events took place there that changed me I guess. I even had a young jedi tell me I had the potential of a force sensitive. I highly doubt thats possible. Still apparently when my mind is clear, I can speak with great charisma, and even manipulate people. I am not sure what I want to do with my life. I wish to do more then just serve my Republic. I tend to dream a little too much. My outlook on the galaxy is not a good one. Inside I wish for everyone to be at peace. My mind craves peace, my body craves battle, and my actions are dark. I want to help, but my lust for vengeance, hate, everything I have to deal with. Makes me stop caring for any life but my own. This problem has been effecting my Duty in the GAR. My Mandalorian backround is just craving to break out. Still I am not even close to knowing who I really am. What my destiny is. Clones from the past can give you a "decent" description of who I was. My greatest deeds. The newer generation of GAR would never understand. My reputation now is almost non-existant. Im rarely with my brethren, yet I still haven't broke away from the Republic. Ive basically been angry, hopeless, and alone for months.. thats all I have to say about myself for now. 

5/27/08 - 5/28/08

Entry 83:

Well.. I am writing again.. after looking over these newer entries I am thinking to myself.. how did I fall that far.. I cannot believe I would even consider leaving GAR and living in the shadows. Over the time period I have not been writing, so much has happened. I am not sure what I can really say. I guess I can provide some details anyways. NOJ broke in two and the majority stayed with the NOJ order. Master Luvbutton is now running her own order which in my eyes is an epic failure. The NOJ Order however moved to a planet known as Ruusan. Its a desert like area. Ive spent a fair ammount of time wandering around this place. Some people who are important to me right now welcomed me back to Duty with ease. My reputation is returning. Only issues at the moment are regarding helping the jedi or fighting them. I'll have to fix that myself. I made a promise didn't I? As a SHock Trooper I am to guide, lead, and make decisons of the best interest in the Grand Army. Anyways enough with my re-newed introductory.

So I met some new clones recently, Lt. Senkon Aeon was one ive been seeing a lot of. Also if any of you can recall.. the name kyo? ex-ARC Trooper Kyo was recloned recently, seems he holds his past memories as we did with Demonic. Seems a bit full of himself though. Still its nice to see my former commanding officer back. Might have been the only ARC Trooper I didn't have major issues with. Hah and PIZZABOX seems to be hard at work as well. Awesome to hang out with.. might be why he is still a corporal after basically 2 years!!  Well all i have to say for now.. let my new adventures begin..

~For the Republic~

5/28/08 - 7/26/08

Entry 84:

After three days of settling in I decide to visit Mos Eisley. There I came accross a Wimatika Eldest Jawa named Jos'ho. After speaking to him he told me that Eldest Nu'ka and Jes'na returned and formed another Ayafa once again. Jos'hos brother Ery'll a very young jawa I knew who was rather.. well stupid I would say.. he betrayed the Wimatika and left for the other Ayafa. Anyways I wandered into this nearby cantina. Some new one I guess. Inside I had this very familiar.. even dark feeling. It reminded me of RIcken actually. I sat in a corner and noticed a hooded man. He gave off such a strong force aura it was horrifying. How i can feel it is a suprise to me but the man was just beaming with power of the darkside.. I removed me helmet an looked into his eyes.. it was Dark Lord Omega Grosshame.. of Korriban! I ended up speaking to him.. he recalled who I was.. we exchanged no hostility however.. what I found most interesting was.. I saw him today.. it was around the same exact time I saw him 3 years ago.. standing on Korriban..

Time passes and I visit Ruusan again. Nearby I noticed Gaton speaking to a Sith. It was to my suprise Darth Neo Sion. As I eavesdropped like I naturally do. The sith says "Seems people have changed dramatically. Except for.. he then looks at me. "Those Clones." I became ticked off and as the sith walked somewhere alone.. Trev and I walked up to him. Intentionally started trouble with the sith. Though he may be an Ancient Sith Lord of the first SIth Wars in the history of my career I did not fear the sith anymore. The man's reaction was very suttle. He remained completely mellow. For a sith he was not very aggresisive. We decided to leave him be. Wasn't worth our time. Trev suspected that he was terrified. A sith show fear? Unlikely but.. apparently the GAR has dominated on all factions over the years. People do tend to feel uneasy in our prescense. Especially those who remember my deeds. Sion remembers my face.. he knows who i am even though I may be a clone. My status is not a great one. However I plan for redemption. The Redemption of my reputation, my power, my honor, my mind, the redemption.. of the Grand Army of the Republic..

7/26/08 - 8/4/08

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