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"Your Piece, Or Your Peace?" the third volume of a journal written by the clone trooper known as Cory Toonie, of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Your Piece, Or Your Peace?



Entry 66: I spend many, many days at the Massassi..reading and learning..the times occuring at this very moment confuse me.. I have served GAR for 3 years now.. being in this dark library brings up so many memories.. I just cannot bear to write them at this moment.. I think I will return to Bakura.. see how things are doing out there...

I return to Bakura.. I see nukl nearby and we chat a bit. He looks un-easy.. like something worries him.. oh well.. my brother has nothing to worry about.. Ive got his back. Anyways he told me a story about this trooper he knew back then.. named Demonic.. he was going to serve somewhere far from where he was serving.. I wonder where that might have been. I yawn and head to the cantina.. remove my armor for the first time in practically months.. grab some bud and kick back..

Nukl, Trev, Marcel, Sledge, Rybus, and Deus Ming the 2nd Head Pilot all join me in the cantina. I spoke with Captain Dowding.. wow captain.. its rather humorous to see Marcel make Captain.. back then he was my superior.. I still owe him for alot of things.. anyways we chat. He is dealing with issues from another officer named Atribi.. issues that are quite similiar to the ones I had with Mark Yin as a Captain.  Captain is always the toughest position.. for it is the pinnacle of a clone's career. From there is where they choose to train for ARC, run for Shock, become a respected department Head, and so on.

While talking with him about his rivallrly with Atribi I brought up my situation with Mark, Marth Rocco's lust for power, control, and his bad attitude leading to his own downfall, and another example of Daric Anatine. He was the Head of the 501st Legion. Telos began to corrupt him and I saw him turn from a great clone.. to this angry dictator-like person. After he was dismissed from duty.. what makes me chuckle a bit is the fact he is back.. the GAR permmitted him service again.. but now he is a private. So I gave Marcel the advice to do what is best for GAR, and that alone. In the long run he will be where I am and Atribi will be where Daric is.. and worse case scenario.. where Mark or Marth is. Marcel smiled and told me he has been waiting for advice from me for years.. I asked why? He states

" Well I gave you advice back when I was your superior.. and your finally returning the favor. BUT Cory.. you still owe me for saving your ass on Hughes that night. You owe me a chocolate bar!" After a somewhat heart warming convo Marcel returned to his duty.. he reminded me of a promise we made to eachother the day he returned from combat in the sith wars on Agirus. That we would make GAR better one day as Shock Troopers.. at that moment I relized something.. I have not been keeping my promise.. I have changed..I bow my head..

As I am in self grief I notice a few datapads left on the table. They were Marcel's Captain log entries. I picked them up and began to read..

C-5569 Marcel Dowding's Battle Reports

 1/4/08 - 1/12/08

 Entry 67:

Sighs* It has been many days.. these new recruits are far weaker then then troops raised on Hughes.. reports of the dark side are becoming high.. Jedi numbers are falling and each Jedi I meet gives me attitude and complete rudeness.. it angers me much.. that the GAR stands alone in this galaxy.. and you can't even be at one with your own troops.. all these new ones don't know me.. I am just Shock Trooper Toonie.. nothing more..

I was at Tatooine a few days earlier.. spoke with Elder Sat.. he agreed to Tattoo my body.. my jawa eyeta is a great "person" he keeps things going on Eisley and I thank him greatly for that.. the tattoo I have gotten are the GAR's Insignia on my chest, the Fett Clan's as well because I am a pure blood Mandalorian with Fett DNA, the Manda'lor excepted me into his ranks about a year ago almost.. I also got the Par'jila Jawa Clan tattooed fully on my chest. The Jawa are the closest thing to trusted friends and family I got.. its hard to trust GAR anymore.. on my back resides a tribal sun and something that may stun Jedi, maybe sith, and even GAR alike.. ill keep that to myself for now..

I continue to work out on Eisley, roughin' it to toughin myself up.. I am starting to embrace more of my Mandalorian side.. and I like it.. I had my Mandalorian armor shipped to the Yavin Station.. the same armor I claimed after killing the Mandalorian long ago.. I left my GAR armor on Bakura.. I felt powerful in my Mandalorian suit.. nobody had recognized me.. all I learned was that Jedi are rude, but they were less challenging torwards me in this armor.. I felt fear..I keep my Mandalorian armor hidden for now and pick up my Shock Trooper armor.. thats is when I received some very un-pleasent news.. but for some reason.. I hardly cared..

Shock Trooper Nukl was stressed over his career in the GAR.. something hit him I guess.. he went upon Mustaphar.. where the cult of Ragnos rears its ugly head.. he took a suicide walk.. he died fighting.. I hope he took a few sith with him.. he was a great Shock.. but he left me a datapad.. speaking of something he had done before his unfortunate death.. he had a clone of himself made long ago on Hughes.. it was that Demonic trooper I was told of.. Nukl basically still existed.. Demonic holds all of his memories.. but this time he is younger.. more fit.. and nukl removed some of the stress and trauma he has gone through.. I hope to meet him soon..

R.I.P. Nuklhed

Shock Trooper

GAR Great

Close Friend

Brother in Arms..

So I sit on Yavin, grief very little, and have more RUDE Jedi tell me not to "bother" them and "interrupt".. boy am I glad I got my tattoos, I am DAMN Happy...

1/12/08 - 1/19/08


Entry 68: Stories Arise.. I visit Mos Eisley, and approach the sandcrawler outside the city. Where I speak with Eldest Jawa Tu'ni. Tu'ni tells me of stories about saving wookiee slaves from tusken raiders, fighting off Mandalorian Clans, and much more. After spending time with my jawa comrades I pick up transmissions from many worlds.. Thule, Yavin, and even Bakura.. I cannot attend the battles taking place.. but I was given a datapad on log entries from specific troopers.. Trevor stills fights on.. he was fighitng on Thule and Yavin last I heard.. he is a Captain now..the stories given to me by some troops..enjoy..                                                                                 On the station above Thule I met up with Gruntbuddy in the Hangar. The helmet comms were going wild with action chatter. Instinctively we both arrived to the planet's surface. Gruntbuddy went ahead of me. I followed shortly after. Before I could even load my DC-15a a Sith was right in front of me, saber drawn. Instinctively I ran away fireing my blaster wildly at the Sith. Shortly after Gruntbuddy was knocked unconcious at the LZ.

The Sith chased me around the small area for a little bit, unable to get a hit on me as I fired at him. As I cleared the landing pad he chased me under, I saw 10 more sith charging my location. Some with blasters, fireing at me. Seeing I was outnumbered my next idea was to regroup with the others. I put my rifle away and ran as fast as I could, but was soon knocked out by the mass number of Sith.

One sith stood above me, claimed me as a prisioner and dragged me to their med bay. After tossing me into the Bacta the room was soon filled with all the Sith, causing me to worry about what was soon to come. I reported my situation to theoutpost via comm, soon a counter assault force was gathered to attempt a rescue for me and two other Clone captives. The Sith reacted quickly to this, massing outside and awaiting the trooper's and Sith.

A battle raged outside of the med bay for nearly half an hour. I spent this time in and out of a Bacta tube, getting beat by a Sith to keep me from full health, and without armor or weapons. Near the end of the fight three Sith entered the med bay and occupied the Bacta tanks while the one watching me walked off. Seeing my opertunity I ran as fast as I could out of the door, leaping off of the ramps, and sprinting for the landing pad and the vacant ship there. All the while very wounded and tired. Nearing the LZ, I jumped into the ship and took off for the station. Artillary shells hit the med lab I was just in. I arrived at the station and linked up with a GAR fleet.. then returned to Bakura... Thus concluding my escape from the home of the Cult of Ragnos.


A day passes.. while on Bakura a sith started some issues.. I set a proxy mine on the bridge.. and lured him to it.. he lost his leg.. and died.. lately I am very aggresive.. Ive killed innocent civilians.. and Thunder issued a firesquad to kill one of our own troopers for being rude to an officer.. the new troopers are being raised in a hell time period.. sith attacks.. violent officers.. our influence is negative.. not much I can write.. I'm too pissed off..log out..hold on.. transmission from Zonama Sekot...                              

I felt so powerful, so great, I had once again forgotten the feeling of being a leader, of fighting alongside my brothers in open combat..well I was about to wake up..it all started when Captain Bluecoat, 2nd Flight Officer Deus Ming, Corporal Bradford Weymann, Captain Marcel Dowding, and I touched ground on Zonama Sekot..

Onboard a dropship with loud noise from the ship:


    "Hey Trev, what the hell do the Jedi need us for again?" -Cory

"Eh some sith are commencing some highly thought out invasion" -Trev

" So they storming the planet by brute force then?" -Cory

"uh yup.." -Trev

We laugh as we begin to approach the LZ.. 

"20 seconds! prepare to move." -Ming

I jump off the ship and witness a sight as frightening as the destroyed HQ of Hughes.. except this time.. I wasn't in the aftermath.. I was in the battle.. I instantly froze up.. I saw many sith surrounding bodies of dead jedi..I just couldn't move.. Trev, Marcel, and  Weymann jumped off the LZ and got right into the battle.. I was an unfortunate witness of Ming's death.. or so it seemed. Deus cleared his visor after his co-pilot took the ship back into the sky.. as soon as he landed a sith.. or jedi.. I am not positive attacked him instantly.. Ming dropped instantly.. from that moment I woke up.. no longer had that 1000 yard stare.. Deus saved my life.. even if it was distraction that was not intended.

I run Eastbound and make contact with sith.. I take out one with a few rounds of fire.. he was already wounded. Bluecoat and Dowding fought valiently onward North and torwards the West. After holding off the east for a couple minutes I was attacked close range by a dark lady.. her sabers missed me as I dove out of her way.. then I fired a round into her leg.. angry she enaged a jedi.. and left me unsteady.. that was when I saw one of my men beaten and almost killed by a sith.. I fired and ran torwards the trooper.. it was Weymann..


Clone Trooper Helmet:Deus Ming:  Bacta, on the roof..assist  

I plant a proxy mine nearby, Im not clear to help Brad yet.. I lure the dark lady who attacked me 5 minutes earlier.. I dove to cover while she was blown to smitheriens.."Stupid Bitch.." I then approach the corporal listening to the blood bath nearby..

You: hang in there corporal

Bradford Weymann: aye sir

Bradford Weymann: gotta bit of life left in me..

Cory Toonie drags the corporal to the East.. listening to Deus scream Medic!!.. knowing there isn't much I can do..

Clone Trooper Helmet: Deus Ming:  I feel like one of the guys on the landing craft at D-day in the front, lol never had a chance..

Clone Trooper Helmet: Cory Toonie:  we need an evac for the wounded.

Clone Trooper Helmet: Deus Ming:  Bacta me and I'll fly us out of this pit...

Clone Trooper Helmet: Cory Toonie:  im out of bacta..

Clone Trooper Helmet: Deus Ming: damn..

Clone Trooper Helmet: Trevor55 Bluecoat:  Location?

Bradford Weymann: i cant feel my legs sir..no bacta?

Cory Toonie Shakes his head solemnly..

Marcel Dowding:  Can't get to med station atm.. under heavy fire..

Deus Ming: ha..I didn't even get off one shot..

You: Weymann just hang on.. evac will get you to a bacta tank soon

Bradford Weymann nods his head

Evalla Taurog: and me? ( Damn Master Jedi )

You: Affirmative

Bradford Weymann mumbles "did we win sir?"

Dowding and Bluecoat Approach..

Marcel Dowding: The IV Military are against us.. they must die

Trevor55 Bluecoat drags the Potenium master to bacta.

Clone Trooper Helmet: Cory Toonie:  Trev and Marcel handle the situation.. im gonna attempt to heal these troops

IV and Sith open fire.. Dowding and Blueocat charge back into the fight..after 5 minutes Bluecoat is out of sight.. dowding still fights long and hard.. he was stalling all the time he could..he may buy enough time to save our asses.. Weymann is left nearby well I run off to get bacta.. apparently he was trampled to the shore of the area..

Marcel Dowding: We need to evac, and possibly take prisoner

Cory Toonie Nods..

Clone Trooper Helmet: Deus Ming:  so how you holding up being dead over there Weymann?..

Cory Toonie:  alrite like Captain Dowding said.. lets evac, ASAP

Deus Ming:  Damn it we need more pilots..

Clone Trooper Helmet: Cory Toonie:  Aye.. ming u were our pilot too..we need u healed up..Ming if i get u bacta u geta ship and get us the hell outta here understood?

The bacta was not going to happen.. so I did the next wise thing.. contact GAC (Grand Army Communications )..

Cory Toonie: REQUESTING EVAC NOW! Anyone plz respond!

Sledge Clawtooth: SIr? Whats your location?

Cory Toonie: Sergeant we need a dropship on Zonama Sekot, Coordinates 200,47,27: South East. Everyone meet up there and lets get off this rock, Trev, Marcel.. bring any wounded..

I turn around and a IV Trooper fires at me.. I take multiple shots to the chest plate.. but tore him apart with my carbine afterwards.

Deus Ming:  brad got you to the North, you'r first on the wounded list

Cory Toonie: I got Weymann, everyone else hurry.

Cory Toonie drags Weymann to safety'

You: almost outta here corporal..

Bradford Weymann: okay sir..

You: im hurt bad.. not sure how much longer i can last

Bradford Weymann: thanks for saving me sir..............i owe you my life

On GAC Sergeant Clawtooth was having engine troubles with his dropship.. we were left to suffer for 10 more minutes... things were getting hopeless..

Clone Trooper Helmet: Deus Ming:  Location of wounded troopers sir?..sir?

Bradford Weymann is losing alot of blood from where his leg used to be

You: corporal I promise you we aint gonna die here..

Clone Trooper Helmet: Deus Ming:  holy crap they killed the Leader.. we won! Its Over!

Clone Trooper Helmet: Cory Toonie:  location? we are wounded..Weymann is too hurt to combat.. and I may not last much longer..

Bradford Weymann: My legs sir...........i cant feel them, are they okay?

Clone Trooper Helmet: Cory Toonie:  anyone?

Clone Trooper Helmet: Deus Ming:  I'm still wounded on the roof where we started, to the East

You: God damn it.. useless.. useless troopers..

Cory Toonie watches in fear as sith walk by..

Marty Roogus: you gonna interoggate me?

I shake my head, it is over.. we made it..

Clone Trooper Helmet: Deus Ming:  orders?

Clone Trooper Helmet: Cory Toonie:  Ming if ur still hurt just hang in there.. we will pick u up soon,  Clawtooth this is no game we NEED Evac.. get help anything!.. wait Trev?? TREV PICK UP! Are you there??

( Trev and Clawtooth arrive by dropships )

You: thank god..

Sledge Clawtooth: board

Cory Toonie helps corporal Weymann inside..

Deus Ming:  ::coughs:: Good to hear sir.

Clone Trooper Helmet: Trevor55 Bluecoat:  Evac ship 2 in the air

Cory Toonie helps ming onboard

Deus Ming: a welcomed sight indeed

You: No man left behind..

Deus Ming: Thank you sir I'm sorry I couldn't have been of more help ::cough::

The Battle ends.. we fly back to Bakura.. I watch the sunset.. my troops remain quiet.. all except Dowding who Trev almost forgot to pick up.. ha.. we are going home.. finally going home..time to speak to my troopers..

You: Well God damn.. im sure as hell proud of you all..That was one of the most fucked up battles in a long time for me

Trevor55 administers a bacta shots..

You: Im glad we all made it out alive

Deus Ming: Agreed sir

Bradford Weymann: Yes i thought i was done for..

My Troopers will remember this day for some time.. Marcel and Trev are used to it by now.. everyone contributed.. and Id like to dedicate this entry to them all..

Marcel Dowding-Leader, Headstrong, Tactical/Strategic, my former boss

Trevor55 Bluecoat- Leader, Weapons Specialist, PIlot, best friend

Deus Ming - Saved my ass, Distraction, Pilot, and field operation updater

Bradford Weymann - Corporal, dedicated soldier, never gave up in all his pain, I respect your sacrifice, hope your leg revives

Sledge Clawtooth - Evac, fast response, hell of a sergeant, and even better soldier

~You Have All Earned My Respect, and a Place In My History~

1/19/08 - 1/22/08


Entry 69: Today I woke on bakura, it was a new day.. I was still sore from the battle last night, everyone recovered at a nice rate however. After speaking with a private I met up with 2nd Flight Commander Deus Ming,Corporal  Bradford Weymann, Sergeant Masterchief Boomhauer, Shock Trooper Thundercracker Bandit, and of course Captain Marcel Dowding. Dowding informed us of a captured Jedi on Vjun.. the NOJ requests assistance ASAP.. we gear up.. time to face off with more Sith bastards.. shit..                                           

I stood holding on tight to the balance bar on the ship.. we are approaching the Landing zone.. seeing the Jedi waiting patiently below us.. I clench my fist and follow Marcel to greet the jedi. Captain Dowding takes control of the situation quickly. We follow the jedi. Thunder remained at the ship for any evac emergencys. Deus was outside Vjun prepping for any immediate issues.

We zipped down the side of a railing wall, Marcel's suggestion. I landed quietly.. then turned around.. and heard sabers ignite.. I gulped to myself and looked at my troops form around the Jedi. I baker's dozen maybe more of sith stood before us.. as well as a Mandalorian Mercenary, and some droids. I knew this was not going to end well.. but we need to try.. the life of that NOJ jedi relies on our assistance..

The Jedi pass a few words.. the sith eager and angry attack instantly.. I am bumrushed by 2 sith and get knocked over.. I feel the heat of the sabers through my armor.. I am not going to die! I fire rounds at the sith.. they blocked every shot.. I attempted to run in my disabled state.. before the sith layed a final pounce on me Marcel blew a hole through the apprentice's head.

I ran torwards the cantina, droids came bursting out. I took out one of them. I then noticed Weymann fireing atop of a ledge then get beaten down by two sith.. the thought in my head was.. that corporal can't be dead.. I then looked across the floor and saw "MC" Boomhauer lieing there.. unflinched. I then saw Marcel being encountered by multiple siths.. some falling.. but more came and came.. then Marcel was out of sight.. I turn around and hardly juke a saber swing from a dark lady.. seems its always sith woman that attack me.. *winks* hum well she then kicked me in the crotch plate and dropped my ass faster then a womp rat running from a Rancor.

Vision blurred I watched Jedi fall.. some cut directly in half.. blood splattering all over.. it was horrid.. though part of me could tell this won't be the end.. Ive seen worse..I.. think.. On comm. we tried to get evac. Thunder came at us with a speeder, suprise, suprise, but he crashed and the sith chuckled.. and took him down as well.. dowding was no where to be seen.. the sith then laughed.. and were ordered to dispose of the bodies.. and us..

The woman who nearly killed me dragged my body to the edge of a cliff.. after thunder was thrown off.. I then fell.. and fell.. and SUPRISE.. hit the ground hard.. the fall was not actually too high.. the rest of my squad were chucked down.. as well as a living padawan.. named kenny.. I become a bit dizzy.. Deus comes up on GAC.. we request evac..

Deus arrives perfect timing.. I crawl with all my might and lay on the ship.. the others proceed after me.. Thunder was somewhat in stable condition and took control of the gunner cockpit. Marcel picked up and told us he left Vjun with the NOJ.. Deus lifted off.. we then relized Masterchief was not with us.. Deus quotes something I said last night..

" I will not leave a man behind sir. "

We go back for MC Boomhauer.. I get dazed and black out.. I wake later and notice the jedi and Masterchief laying nearby me on the ship..Ming did it.. he saved us all.. and made it out with every troop, and a NOJ Jedi.. though we failed our mission.. we still helped the NOJ, had no casualities of our own.. and possibly saved a padawan from near death. I smile under my helmet.. "Lets return to Bakura, everyone else if your up to it.. go to Yavin.. see how things are there.." Just another day in "Hollywood" I suppose...where ever that is..


Entry 70: Three days pass on.. things are changing.. many battles take place.. mainly on Zonama Sekot.. the Jedi of the Potentium Order fell like a stack of pazzak cards. Afterwards a transmission was sent out to the GAR. Requesting the re-initiating of order 66. The NOJ seemed to have gotten worried and visited us. After speaking with 501st Officer/Captain Trevor55 Bluecoat they en-trusted us and vowed to give us more respect.. what we found out next was startling.. but we were not suprised one bit.. the Jedi are not to be trusted..

At Yavin I stood with about 8 clones. Including a GANO 1st Lieutenant who still calls me Commander. Anyways a sith ticked off a nearby bounty hunter. The Bounty Hunter furious of the sith insults blew 20 rounds into the sith's body. The sith fell to its knees and died. The Jedi praised the Bounty Hunter, while the GANO Clone was attempting to stop the Bounty Hunter. For it was his duty to prevent conflict. The Jedi shunned the clone and took the side of the Hunter.. this upsetted me greatly. Afterwards My squad noticed a group of Sith and IV Battalion Clones. They approached the Jedi. Conflict quickly broke out but not much combat. Mostly hostile arguements.. that was when I felt my vengeance, my Mandalorian culture rising in my blood..

Civilians insulted us, Jedi snuffed us, Potentium made excuses of how they could destroy us, sith laughed in our prescense. Our ancestors would never put up with this Bantha Poodoo. Though my troops were becoming angsty I calmed them. Stating their opinions do not matter.. we then walked to the Med Lab. Inside were 2 IV Battalion clones. Seems after the Darkside rising lately Master Jedi Cindy kellner used a copy of our DNA she had gotten from Master Luvbutton for GANO months ago. To create these Dark Trooper Clones. I became even more furious, but remained calm for the sake of my men.

The IV Battalion speak with us. One calling us posers, weak, and continues to insult us. Everyone is against GAR.. I am very, VERY angry. Sergeant Judes Demina was getting very hostile. He swore at the IV clones and got right in their faces. As much as I wished to kill them I had to make everyone stand down. The IV Battalion clones began to fear for their lives.. it was rather funny.. but I would prefer to end their lives.. they aren't our brothers.. maybe by blood.. but they are not GAR..

Afterwards a Jedi knight.. some wookiee.. hacks our helmet comm. Captains Trev and Marcel look at eachother. I am beyond furious.. it was only 2-3 hours after our meeting with NOJ.. and agreeing not to hack our comm channel. Yet they disrespect us again.. it is time to disrespect them back.. I swear it..

Afterwards I take a trip to Mos Eisley.. I guess the Imperials are going to fall once again. The Rebellion is attacking. GAR may be assisting when the time comes.. so I kick back.. that was when Thunder, Trev, and I were called to return to Hughes.. Commander Yuri planned a council meeting.. our transports arrived and we left the troops we brought along behind to fight with the rebels. As we decended upon Hughes I look at Trev and Thunder.. things have changed so much in them both.. Thunder was always the best Engineer in our corps.. and he is a Shock.. Trevor.. some trigger happy pilot is now the 501st Officer.. makes me wonder where everyone would be if I died on Hughes years ago..anyways the meeting has begun.

Commander Yuri spoke with the Shocks.. we were deciding on our new one! After Nukl passed on.. and Welsh fully retired last night.. the 2 new Shocks were being Introduced. I was curious to find out. A dropship approached the Building Trev contructed.. soil under which Nukl owned back in the day.. the drop ships lands on the roof. Down comes Captain Marcel Dowding, an ARC Trooper I don't recall, Dino Salome, Commander Koukla Twilight, and Shock Trooper Seargent Griffith. We all sit down. Then Yuri walks to our ship and pulls out two crates containing 3 suits of armor. Why three...

As the meeting goes on the Council broke down the Shock Applications to only 2 people. So uh.. I thought to myself.. these 2 would be the new Shocks then.. that was where things got trippy.. the ARC Trooper stood up, saluted Yuri.. and stated his ID, then his nickname.

" ARC Trooper Demonic reporting for Duty sir."

It was.. Nukl's Clone.. Demonic is a name Im not sure id get used to.. opposed to my old buddy "Nuklhead" ha.. but Demonic was still Nukl.. somewhere inside that suit. Yuri opened one of the crates.. and pulled out Shock Armor. It was Nukl's battle scarred armor.. cleaned up and re-painted. This was a sight to see.. I have no words to explain how strange this moment is.. so I stood there silent.

The council then discussed the other new Shock Trooper.. we had come to a decison.. Commander Yuri announced.. congratulations on your promotion to Shock Trooper of the Grand Army of the Republic, your service has been known, and you were chose out of the many members of the Grand Army to serve as a Councilman... the name you ask.. was it Marcel? His various duties and service over our hard times.. or maybe Trev? The 501st Officer, and my mentee after welsh? Yuri opened the crate.. "May you serve proudly.. Z-1468 "

I could not believe this day had come. Ive raised so many clones into the GAR Council.. into officer hood. On Agirus we spoke about this event over a year ago. Seemed to good to be true yet it happened.. for those of you who are reading.. if you have not served GAR.. or know that ID.. the man who got the spot was Trev.. thats right Trevor55 Bluecoat.. I have raised 4 Shock Troopers.. this day made me so proud.. but what about Marcel you may ask?

Dowding's dream of Shock Trooper is not forgotten, but the other crate was brand new 501st Armor. Marcel was to take Trevor's place. Now these may deem quite "Shocking" but Marcel did not make Shock Trooper. Here is what I am thinking.. the GAR needs a prophecy.. it is not me.. I am a mere clone.. I may be a GAR legend in many perspectives.. but Marcel has not given up since he was raised to serve GAR.. perhaps it was not his time to be a Shock.. maybe that time will come when GAR needs a true hero.. but hell what do I know.. I am just some old war veteren clone of a Mandalorian.. ha.. time to go.. many changes are happening.. some many other organizations may dislike.. just like in the past.. the GAR will live on.

~For the Republic!~

1/23/08 - 1/26/08

Entry 71: About 5 days pass since the election, and things have been, unsteady. News from the New Executive Officer of the 501st Legion, Corporal and 2nd Flight Officer Deus Ming updated me on a few events. Before I go into that I need to enter something that occurred a couple nights before this.. it started on yavin..

I was wandering Yavin, watching this GANO lieutenant who I grew quite fond of. It is too bad he wastes his time on Yavin to help ungrateful Jedi. This may sound a bit bias but its my opinion at this point. Thing was after speaking to the Lt, and watching him do his job here quite well Trevor and Demina linked up with me. Thats when Master Jedi Luvbutton, or excuse me jetti, she doesnt deserve my respect. She confronts us. Claims Trevor was attacking Jedi and starting fights on Yavin. Also bringing up his "intterogations" here.

I forget my precise words but what I told luv basically was, 

"Ma'am you base supposed actions of one man, to judge the entire Grand Army. You do not know the GAR's full intentions, mine, or even act as a Jedi would."

I went on and on making clear sense that her arguement was unjust. She claims the Jedi Council and NOJ no longer trust us.  I end with...

"your opinion does not matter, to any of us. We are not Jedi, we are Mandalorian after all, our culture is very different, however we will always do our Duty. Serve the Republic, help the weak and innocent, and leave with our pride, no matter how much we are disliked.. it is our job. Good Day to you ma'am.."

Now Ming reports to me that we now have permission to arrest any jedi helm. com hacking, and even kill them. The Jedi would never allow that..would they? Also apparently we had two major attacks on bakura by sith, and most curious I found of all this.. Deus said the Jedi and Sith made a truce last night. Jedi and Sith making a truce..? Not possible, unless they needed to destroy a bigger threat, or learn something vital. For that is what worries me.. GAR is being targeted by.. EVERYONE..

I am not sure what more I can add at this point, I need to get back to work. So far in my career we have had several eras. I might as well name them..

Kamino: The Beggining

Hughes: Spark of the Sith Wars

Hughes: Sith Wars

Hughes: Sith Wars End

Coruscant: Coruscant Contruction

Coruscant: Politics/Spark of the Mandalorian Wars

Agirus 1: Mandalorian Wars

Agirus 1: Mandalorian Wars die down

Agirus 2: Mandalorian Cold War/Telos IV

Agirus 2: Department Fluent

Agirus 2: Destruction of Agirus

Kamino: The New Era Begins

Ailon: New Armor updates/Camp set

Waraskan: Temporary Outpost

Bakura: Construction of Bakura

Bakura: Spark of "Force War"

Bakura: And here we are.. in what I like to call.. "The Force War"

I call it that because our main enemys we are warring with are the Jedi, and Sith. Forces also meaning many other hostiles. This may be our toughest war yet, but it hasn't even begun...

1/26/08 - 1/30/08

Entry 72: The next day I watch as these new troops act up. It disgraces me. Sometimes I can see the veiwpoint of the ones who offend us. Makes me wonder perhaps we are the cause of our own wars. Today on Yavin I met up with an old friend named Arachn.. battles lately seem to be pointless. Seems GAR is even starting them on their own. I was raised to be defensive, not offensive unless in use of defense. Makes me worry about our Reputation and welfare of these new trigger-happy troopers. I think I'll just sleep on Yavin for a while.. log out..  

A poem to represent the galaxy today..

~The Diversity of sounds rule my ever presence with their highs and blows, encompassing the totality of sensual experience. I'm a child of the sirens of knowledge, a warrior for truth in a world of washed perspectives and harsh realities. My voice cries the initial cry of the unborn into this perplexing illusion. I long for the realization of the living's drama, the defeat of the dogs of war, and the unity of existance. The beloved Lords of virtue have been undersold for the bleeding bread of empathy. I now await the triumphant roar of destiny, dressed in the inviting hands of a mother, perplexed by discovery, aroused by Spirit. The door is open, the road transformed. The exit code to civilization is hacked beyond despair, chased by the moon torward the freezing sun, on our journey to light. This is an open plea to the beautiful insanity of your hearts. It is time to consummate the kiss of oblivion into the obsidian of love!~

As I am writing a jedi speaks to me.. and asks if I am hurt. Someone interjects and the jedi states " I'm sorry, I was speaking to that clone" Once again I am disrespected. There are levels of respect to address us "clones"

1: Our Name

2: Our Rank

3: Our ID

4: Trooper

5: Clone

There is nothing more insulting then being called a clone.. to an exceptably social status anyways. Being called troopers is bad enough.. but clones? I am stuck in between wanting to kill everyone and FORCE respect. Or find peace in my own mind, and earn respect from the very little good people out there. I suppose the purpose of this entry is to show the GAR and people reading this.. how labels and dis-respect result in pointless war.. it is only enforcing this rise of the Dark Side..

The next day Intel informed me of a Confederation Army? Droids? What in the name of the Republic... Telos IV has been having issues it seems. I have not heard from it in very long.. apparently one of the Telos IV Counilman their is using the left over droid security and building his own army... it is being established on planet.. Mygeeto..more news soon..

The next night after spending time on Yavin I spoke with Demonic Lock, that "new" Shock. As well as private outlaw.. Corporal Weymann was there as well..seems the GAR Council fully despises the Jetti.. and I do as well.. on Yavin I was washing my cloths in a river.. some padawan saw my back..on it was the Mandalorian Skull.. fully tattooed.. the jetti starts speaking to me rudely.. as I begin to dry my shirt off.. I stay quiet as he insults me.. this is a Jedi? He got right in my face so I knocked his lights out.. one punch to his throat.. he dropped on the ground clenching his wind pipe.. I spit on him and walked to the cantina.. then decided to go to Bakura.. where I am now..

Demonic and outlaw told me about NOJ attacking Bakura last week.. with the sith.. what the FUCK.. GAR is starting to peer back to its culture.. our Fett Blood.. reasoning is out of the question.. this means War..the most powerful beings in the Galaxy.. GAR VS.. everybody else.. I do not plan to die.. not yet.. death will come when I'm good and goddamn ready.. but I have decided..

"There will never be peace in the Galaxy.. I wasted my time fighting for it.. 

      when all I should  have longed for.. was my Piece of it all.."      

I think my head is clear.. screw helping anyone.. but yourself.. and your brethren.. in the end they are all you got..it is 1:00 hours.. I think I'll hang on Bakura.. planning my vengeance.. the GAR: Gomjam Par'jila...

1/31/08 - 2/3/08

Entry 73: The next day I began thinking to myself.. is Order 66 really the way to go.. perhaps the NOj is being compromised.. or times are hard for them as well as for us.. things are very confusing.. until more facts are gathered completing breaking the Alliance altogther and becoming enemies is not wise.. but I will still hold in my hate for what they have done.. and I will still remember those battles the GANO and that other clone military went through to help these un-grateful jetti..*sigh* I may have been on an emotional rampage my last entry.. but it only shows my anger.. perhaps I can add something to this log positive about the Jedi.. or perhaps not..

the next day I arrive on bakura. Commander Yuri is there and goes over new Army structure. After my experiences I am less interested in combat like I once was.. and my attitude once again has altered. I am thinking more practical oppossed to being open-minded. Being in-sensitive torwards the troops. After all we are an army.No dicipline.. is the equivalent of no weapons..

Three days later on bakura I met up with Lt. Gruntbuddy of the 724th. With him was Private Akio Kamachi and Trainee Tylor Tyson. Both very promising men. Tylor was put into Masterchief's squad. Seems MC will be going somewhere with his career, thats good to know. A quote I said to the new trainee:

"We were all trainee once..Rank doesnt determine who u are, YOU do.. make sure to remember that... "


Order 66

Entry 74: Six days later I am with Marcel a top the Yavin Temple roof.. discussing the new training system.. the Jedi.. and so on.. One jedi nearby overheard us speaking. I asked him to be honest with me "Why is it that GAR and the NOJ are intwined in conflict at this moment?" he ignored my question.. Marcel looked distressed.. we decide to walk torwards the river.

Once there a sith preaches on about their code.. Marcel begins to question the jedi.. about how their lives are.. and becomes very arguementative. Things got out of hand afterwards. Marcel and I began getting hostile. Eventually a Master Jedi showed up.. we were fed up.. we insisted the Jedi attack us.. they wanted to start shit.. then do it already... the crowd grew.. and more of GAR and jedi show up..

Eventually the Master Jedi got hostile.. one padawan lost his mind and attacked us. We shot him down.. he continued to insult us.. so Trev and Marcel beat him, spat on him..and so on.. I took him by the neck.. dragged him over to the curb of the grass and the road path.. and whispered in his ear "Have you ever seen a curb stomped?.." I Had him bite the curb.. and I raised my boot.. at that moment a flashback of what I did to that sith came to mind.. I took his cold, dis-embodied head.. place his jaw on the side of the cantina.. and split it in half.. I backed off from curb stomping the padawan that attacked.. but a nearby sith finished the deed.. the jedi just watched

The Master Jedii insisted on our leave.. we refused.. our vengeance was enclosed.. they threatened us again..we fired our rifles, after hearing a static order, order 66!?                                          

Yavin turned into a riot, the jetti and GAR began to fight.. i ran torwards the med lab's roof. Where I saw a padawan preparing to fight. I fired 20 rounds making sure he was dead. His mentor jumps at me and I am knocked onto a nearby medical car. I look up and see my men shootin every last one of those fucking, dis-respectful, complaining, un-deserving, WEAK, jetti scum  bags. Trevor and Dowding rifle bashing, pumping round after round into the jedis chest. Shock Trooper Bluecoat even tested a new shotgun. Takin the entire upper half of jedi bodies off. Sniperfox Mills, Bradford Weymann, and Judes Demina using passionate tactics with their squads. Laying every peice of shit jetti to waste...

After the first wave of Knights and Padawans were slaughtered things got even more out of hand. Sith joined in the fighting with us. Along with a Mandalorian Warrior. The civilians began helping the jetti. So we ordered our men to kill every civilian, padawan, force adept, and even youngling. NONE shall survive the wrath of the Grand Army. Former Master jetti CIndy Kellner stayed neutral and began helping with medical assistance. The GAR stomped on every form of life aside from our own, taking the bacta from the jetti allies. The jetti then sent in their masters..

The Mandalorian Warrior fell, as well as the small ammount of sith assisting. When almost every master jetti ran into battle against us however, their fate was just the same. We shot down Zoffa, Luvbutton, Helion, and on & on. I don't even know half their names, but they DIED/and or suffered. Many Masters ran off, or layed there being abused by the Grand Army Soldiers. Our victory was certain. Undala, the padawan who attacked us.. managed to recover our prior abuse, and began treating hurt jetti. We did not allow it. The civilians however were not our concern. One jetti named Jerek who we were fond of a month ago pleaded weaponless to stop all the chaos. We ordered our men to kill her. She fell in a pile of jetti bodies.

Things died down.. we spit on the blood bath. Rubbed screaming jetti faces into the soil of Yavin. Kicked each one, broke their ribs, slit their throats, and watched them wallow in their own demise. Our gunships arrived. We had *0* casualties, first battle into the war. This is the NEW ERA! THE 2ND GREAT JEDI PURGE! Trev and I geared up, considering to camp here on Yavin. Just to piss the jetti off more. I hope they enjoy cleaning up the mess. Upon our leave we cuffed a few jetti and boarded them on the ship. To Bakura we go. Trev and I had some whiskey in front of one master jetti who did not fight. Then departed. To many I may sound pretty evil.. but I hold NO regrets..

2/9/08 - 2/10/08

Entry 75: At around 2:00 hours we arrived at the Bakura prison cells. Where we held a jetti padawan named Gaton. After speaking to him about all our dis-respect.. explaining why all this has happened. I gave him my log journal. He read this volume. Then said he understood our stand on things. Regardless we kept him locked up, and had Sergeant Sniperfox Mills intterogate him.. in a more.. negative stance. Then we noticed we had company.. it was Master Jetti Helion..

Helion took out his sabers.. Marcel, Trev, and a few others dropped his ass. Dragged him to a cell, after a potentium jetti was killed we were holding.. and let him sit there. We took shifts speaking to the jetti. Eventually we let Gatton go.. but making sure he spread the news, and my journal to the NOJ. Then we did the same to Helion. However Trev planted a C4 in Gatton's room earlier. For.. future use.

Before Helion was to be released however we had an attack from Azlum and his padawan. Using Gatton to distinguish he was indeed a jetti. I ran to the nearby allie. As Azlum spoke.. I shot him down and we dragged him, and his padawan who attempted to save him to some more cells. Helion was let go and we made sure he sent my journal to all the masters as well. Azlum and his padawan were most rude. After long periods of intterogation trev detonated the C4.. almost killing Azlum. We then took the life of his padawan shortly after.

Trev continued his duty.. I rested for the rest of the night.. it was 4:30 hours by then..

I woke the next day around 14:00 hours.. I slept mighty long. Trev updated me on the situation. We had more prisoners. That was when the jetti attacked Bakura... we had countless attacks.. throughout the entire day.. it was going to be like this for months to come.. the GAR will be victorious. After almost 5 huge attacks today we still won. Captured even master luvbutton, who escaped later, but was beaten, shot at, and abused beyond normal human life. Things were going great.. the current ratio count is, as of today.

GAR Casualties: 5

NOJ Casualties: 65

~For The Republic!~

At 21:00 hours I snuck onto Yavin on one of my friends transports.. he told me of the chatter going on amongst the NOJ, and even sith. Continueing insults torwards GAR. I climbed to the top of the temple to watch the stars and write my log journal. My armor is removed in wishes no one will confront me.. I have chosen War over Peace.. but to be quite frank.. I am not sure which I prefer yet.. my Piece.. or my peace..

I read my old journals.. remember the times I never added to them.. the pictures I have.. things weren't always violent, political, and stressful. There were times of mutual respect with the many people I have helped.. Order 66 has been ordered.. there is no turning back.. but one thing a young jedi told me before even GANO existed.. my first visit to Yavin..well heres the story..

I had just become a Shock Trooper. Commander Yuri sent me to Yavin to speak to a few jedi to see if they would assist in the Mandalorian Wars.. none responded.. then a youngling.. or padawan.. not sure spoke to me. I told him about the Mandalorian.. how I needed to destroy them.. the young one said 

"Life is too short to be pissed off all the time, you always have a choice" 

Until now that quote never meant anything.. I suppose I do have a choice to make.. but I am afraid I cannot make it now..I listen to the jedi behind me mutter things.. asking if everything is ok.. must be because im here.. I ignore the comments..*sigh*

To anyone reading this.. If my choices have harmed you.. I am sorry.. but I must do my duty.. I did Decide...

After speaking with a.. friend named Daneus.. I left after a few Jedi Masters came along.. I know I might not be welcomed here.. I said "I think I should go now" 

Daneus Tran: look after yoruself Cory, and .. I would meet with you later to talk

Cory Toonie hesitates a moment.. "May the force be with you.."

Daneus Tran: may the force guide and protect you in wisdom and light"

Rayven Vendetta: take care stranger... may the force be with you...

I walk into the Yavin Forest.. lay beneath a tree.. and sleep.. who the hell am I?


Aftermath of Order 66

Entry 76: It has been 6 days since my last entry.. I am enthralled with mass confusion.. I suppose I'll divide the occurances by day. On Yavin I was out of contact wih GAR after Order 66.. Ive noticed quite a few Troops on Yavin.. getting along with jedi.. odd.. I look more into it.. Apparently Order 66 is on Hiatus. A peace intervention occurred. Its just good to know the jedi got what came  to them.. still the insults they gave us before and even after order 66 come to mind.. I am angry.. I need to leave.. hopefully a week away from GAR and Yavin will help clear my mind..

At the Yavin station I boarded a ship.. not the smartest thing to do.. but I hid inside and let it take me to wherever adventure leads.. it is too bad I didn't have my armor.. I was out of contact with the GAR.. the ship lands.. I sneak out of it after an hour.. I step outside.. and a cold chill goes through my body.. it felt like home..

I looked upon the terrain.. all snow.. what planet could this be? Is this Hughes? How did I end up there if it was? I searched for the answers.. though I am in a tank top Hughes got me used to cold weather.. I think I'll live.. as long as I find some shelter soon.. after about 20 minutes of searching I found a small building.. inside was an abandoned bar.. it was heated so all was well..as I slept I had dreams.. dreams that haunt my thougts..

I dreamt of every person I had killed.. from my Cantina friend's Soldier at the AN, the sith on Hughes, all the way until the day on Yavin.. where I lost my humanity.. I have been confused.. I go from being de-humanized.. to being overally emotional.. knowing the fact I am a clone.. its hard to see how I can hold so much emotion and be heartless when need be. I felt a pain in my ribs.. what the hell.. I open my eyes..

2 Mandalorian were trying to talk to me, being very rude, calling me some weak human. I chuckled to myself.. they cannot see I am a clone? A Mandalorian Clone of The Jango Fett? As I woke half asleep they got upset with me and attacked.. I was hit a few times before they dumped me into the cold..I could not fight them.. not now

A couple days trying to survive on this planet I returned to the small building.. I managed to camp in caves, and stay in other complex around the region..when I returned I met another Mandalorian.. but seems he did not hold the esteemed armor by the one who woke me.. perhaps that was the a'lor.. and this was a follower.. I spoke with him.. told him who I was.. and asked him about the planet, his A'lor, and his clan. I was on the Planet Hoth? his clan is the Kassar.. their A'lor Seijuro Kamachi decided to raise his warriors here.. because Hoth is said to be the most un-inhabitable planet. I felt as though I was a stranger.. on Hughes.. in the middle of the Mandalorian Wars.. it was only a feeling I would understand..

I sit here on Hoth.. contacted GAR with the help of my single Kassar Clan friend whos name is not known as of yet.. heres where news gets.. suprising. GAR was going through many issues, the council made contact to meet soon about all of our matters.. but apparently one council member was missing.. no it was not me.. it was Trevor55 Bluecoat.. Trevor had gone missing. I have no idea where he is now.. 

The next afternoon, I removed my coat because it was soaked from a previous inccident.. I walked outside and so the many Mandalorian Warriors standing outside.. none spoke to me. In the distance I saw 3 people.. I walked torwards them.. it was Marcel and Bru1ser. I was releived to see them. Marcel called in for a transport.  Marcel seems to be around when he is most needed.. 

The following evening I was flown to Hughes.. great more cold weather.. a council meeting was held regarding promotional matters. Corporal Weymann was promoted to Sergeant. Sledge is now running Omega Squad. Sergeant Bradford is now running Gamma.. all is well.. but first i need to speak with Judes.. he needs to be reminded of.. something..

2/10/08 - 2/16/08

Entry 77: Six days later, Marcel and I headed to Yavin, and came into some conflict with NOJ.. I left not wanting to deal with the drama. I wondered Yavin, hereing whispers.. I have repeated much in every entry I write.. but things never change and lately my emotions are on a rampage.. I hear the insults.. but suppress the anger. After watching the sunset and listen to Jedi speak to eachother on the temple roof, I wandered off. I walked into a temple.. I saw a master jedi in there.. who did not speak to me.. I then noticed holo-text.. it stated Jedi Master Perwin Rambler..Perwin??

Perwin was a strange old man I met on Hughes.. what I never noticed was he was not a clone.. yet he served as a Captain and Engineering specialist. He went out of his way for us. Spoke wise words I never listened to openly. As I look at the walls in this temple.. filled with pictures and captions of the Master Jedi, I noticed Perwin's has no picture.. no information.. and I haven't seen him in years. Perhaps if he was around things would be different.. ha keep dreaming Cory.. keep on dreaming..

The next day, around morning time I woke. I walked across a bridge and bumped into some Mandalorian. He said "Figures Clones late as always" I was infuriated. I walked up to him and got in his face.. and asked late for what? He pushed me out of his face and began to speak. Asked if I was GANO.. I lied and said of course. He then insulted clones even further.. saying figures the GANO just stood there and didnt do anything. I followed him to the Med Bay..

Inside I noticed my old friend Ashranach Masala, who I became friends with months before order 66. He was wounded badly. As I stood there the Mandalorian insults me again. Calling me clone. My anger took over and I ignored Ash in his deadly state.. anger consumed me.. I challenged the Mandalorian.. questioning him even being one. He said he'd rather not waste his time on me.. he was afraid.. however this was not the time to pick fights.. even though he was Potentium scum..

As Ash defended me.. stating my name.. this was the simple respect I longed for from a jedi.. to be treated as a person.. not just some clone, or assumed war bringer. I was too angry.. too ashamed of the attacks on NOJ.. I couldn't speak to Ash.. not now.. Ash if you are reading this.. I hope you heal.. I am sorry for the violence..

I sit outside the Medbay.. thinking.. trying to decide perhaps I am doing something wrong.. I just don't know.. years ago on Hughes things were simple.. serve the Republic.. kill any who oppose us, help our jedi friends and protect the innocent. Commander Yuri's motto practically was "The GAR is a defensive organisation, never attack others unless its a threat to the Republic" I suppose after small tensions grew.. the angrier NOj and the GAR got with eachother.. both sides holding certain grudges.. trust dies.. and war rises. Two groups fighting for the lightside.. one thinking the other is evil and corrupt..when will people open their eyes? Civilization is coming to an end..unless we change our outlook on life..

I woke the next night, at about 19:00 Hours.. having more horrible dreams.. my brothers dieing.. the jedi falling.. sith and jedi-like soldiers killing eachother to there was no more life.. worlds were falling.. I woke like I said.. dazed, tired, sore, confused.. i was still on Yavin.. I got coms. stating CIndy was attacking our HQ, she killed a trainee so far.. I couldn't get there.. in fact I didn't want to go.. some weird marine corporal under this lady who attacked us the other day was on Yavin searching for a clone.. and another com went out stating Potentium wanted allies from Ragnos.. War with who? I am guessing us.. I need go somewhere.. these dreams can't be for nothing.. what the fuck do I do??

My head is aching.. then some Marine goes up to me an asks If im here to assassinate him.. why the hell is everyone thinking I am here to kill.. what because I crushed a few skulls in spite of anger? I wander off, dizzy and sit near a crate.. I need to think.. I have no idea whats going on.. People won't speak to me.. I am being accused of betraying my closest friends.. even my Jawa friends won't answer my com. calls.. Im going to remove my armor.. hide it in this crate.. and stay on Yavin.. I need some peace.. until things are clear..

I need to get outta here.. this feels like some kinda LSD trip.. people stare at me, some threaten to kill me.. GAR is hated by everyone.. I am going to Tatooine, need to patch things up with my jawa brethren, maybe I can lay low there for a while..

2/16/08 - 2/23/08

Entry 78: 2 weeks later after kicking back.. things changed dramatically.. both Eldest jawa have disapeared.. a new clan was formed.. the GAR was working on some things in the Bakura Orbit.. I don't know much.. however I still need to stay off duty.. things are havoc in my head right now..

While staying on Yavin I attended a jedi wedding.. they did not seem to mind me.. precariously a sith sat next to me.. looking at me.. strange.. the wedding reminded me of someone I hold feelings for.. I am a clone.. yet I am still human.. anyways might as well stay on Yavin for a while more.. my sense of reality is almost coming back... I got back to my Shock Armor.. put it on.. and will resume my duties soon..

I returned to Zonama Sekot.. no longer a warzone.. things look cleaned up around here.. some young jedi named link goes up to me.. and with a grim look on hi face goes.. I know who you are.. I saw you in Order 66.. I stayed silent.. not in the mood to deal with my depleting reputation on the "Lightside" of all this garbage.. I took a rest nearby.. a Potentium master finds me.. warns me not to start any trouble.. and such.. Irritated knowing its because I am of GAR.. he mentions some troopers pickpocketed some padawans a few days ago.. so once again because of troops abusing the little power they have.. my reputation.. and GARs is a bad one.. Merceal.. the master who spoke to me was decently nice and told me flat out.. i guess I can respect that much..

I find the shore that holds saber crystals.. wind chimes.. and such.. its a very.. romantic area.. one way to describe it.. I stare at the moon of the planet.. the stars.. trying to clear my head.. once again wondering how things could change by one motion.. one word.. the Master jedi approaches me again.. that padawan i noticed in the corner of my eye warned him or something.. the master speaks to me.. assuming im here out of anger.. or something.. saying I am not like other people.. or any clones he has met.. well news to everyone.. I am no mere clone.. one day I might write of the thing I stumbled upon on Korriban.. and the time gap of Hughes..

The next day.. I swam to an island on Zonama.. it was very small.. I just laid there for hours.. I need to return to Bakura sooner or later.. might as well soon.. after a couple more days on Zonama I departed.. I returned to Bakura.. after about 2 days on Bakura catching up with Yuri and the new squads.. I decided to go to Yavin after meeting up with Trevor.. haven't seen him in a while.. as we wandered Yavin we noticed some jedi standin nearby a table.. I walked past a GANO trooper and looked to the table.. there laid a fallen Jedi Knight of the NOJ.. it was.. Azlum! One of the Jedi we captured in Order 66.. Trevor handed me a flask to celebrate his "Unfortunate" death.. I keep my helmet on.. not exactly in a mood to stare a former foe in the face.. even if he is dead..

Today is March 13th.. I wander Yavin still.. I removed my uniform once again. and put on some.. robes.. the robes are supposedly "special", like they are rare or something. When I found them so long ago around the Hughes era.. rather not talk about those events for the time being.. the only concept I knew about them were "The Three" bearers of these robes hold the insight of the past, present, and future. A little too.. prophetic for my taste.. yet these days who knows. I wonder where the other robes are.. if these "3" were that important. Anyways might as well enjoy the comfort of Yavin and the outfit.. least no one recongnizes me too well in these.. i am like some stranger...

I walk into the dark forest of Yavin.. voices go through my head.. my emotions have been un-easy. These months I have not been myself.. the force.. knowing things could change by every small decison I make.. all of a sudden these were manifesting. So was my insanity. I stumble walking in the forest for hours.. I am lost.. I remove these robes.. they are draining me.. I am feeling light headed as I write this.. I am going to just.. sleep.. near this tree.. sleep for a while..

 2/23/08 - 3/14/08

 Entry 79: I wake.. its a misty day.. light rain.. I am practically naked.. The ground is moist.. I don't wish to speak of where I got these robes.. the times Ive disapeared in the past.. they are long forgotten memories.. strangely I feel different.. revitilized.. my troops are starting to mean something to me inside my mind again.. I leave the robes inside the hollow tree.. I have no use for them.. what was I thinking.. I should get back to the GAR..I have only been gone a few days at the most.. right?..

I wander aimlessly in the forest.. until I find an area I recognize.. a few jedi pass and ignore me.. this fog is making things.. hard to see.. why do I feel so different.. I moan to myself a bit as I stumble torwards the Yavin temple.. things HAVE changed... The jedi temples seems to be altered.. its as if there was a battle here.. like things have been changing.. before I slept I heard the sith were trying to settle on Byss again.. perhaps things have changed alot.. but how long have I been away??

I travel to the med bay and pick up my armor.. it was still there to my surpise.. I sat down for a while then walked outside.. there stood a soldier of the Grand Army.. it was a purple legion sergeant.. Akio? I approached him..

Akio Kamachi , Sergeant M9285, Alpha Leader, salutes.

Akio Kamachi: hi sir

You: Shock Trooper G-4178 Salutes

You: long time no see

Akio Kamachi: yea

Akio Kamachi: yavin changed..

(I watched as Akio delt with some 15 yr old asking him about Coruscant patrols.. I just pondered to myself)

Cory Toonie:  Im going to see what ive missed.. lemme kno if anything happens.. ive felt like ive been gone for years

Akio Kamachi:  you have been gone for years..

I climbed the Yavin temple.. checked the updates Commander Yuri sent me.. Captain Marcel Dowding was now an Advanced Recon Commando (ARC) Trooper, Grunt was promoted to Captain, Sniperfox Mills was now a Lieutenant of the 333rd, as well as Sledge of the 724th. Then theres Akio and Bradford Weymann as sergeants. I was very proud of these men. There works on the field were impressive. Now you may be wondering how long ive been gone.. I checked the date.. Ive been sleeping for about 15 days.. I was releived in one sense.. but frightened of the changes in another.. life.. goes on..

I walked torwards the med bay.. sun is leaving.. I noticed a man standing nearby.. I recognized his face under that hood.. Darth "Neo" Sion.. a Sith Legend.. not like these new posers who call them selves the great ones.. Sion was around the times of Ricken Gorrilla, Chaos Opel, Omega Groshamme, and even Darth Padar. I just looked at the man.. he walked away.. doubt he remembers me.. I wonder though.. where has he been all these years..

A couple days later i speak to an old friend.. she asks me about my tattoo.. of the Mandalorian skull.. she said.. why do you flash around a symbol that idolizes so much fear and hate.. a symbol that represents the death of millions.. tried as i might to answer.. I could not. Why was the reason for my hate.. for my lust for vengeance.. it was pointless.. and every time I relize it I ignore the fact that ive given up all my morals just for the feeling of power.. my friend didn't say a word.. she just left.. I may have lost a friend just now.. but maybe I needed a wake up call.. need to get my head out of my ass..

and you know.. Akio was right.. I have been gone for years.. my mind has been gone at least..

For the Republic!

3/15/08 - 4/1/08

Entry 80: As I think, as a wish, that maybe one day I could understand why in the name of the force we are given life.. the more I seep into disdain.. Ive lost so many friends.. so god damn many.. Ive killed people.. ive caused grief.. Ive made excuses.. Ive abandoned those who needed me.. I did all this shit out of spite of myself.. I say Id do anything for the good of others, and the republic.. but I never put the words into action.. now this is where I am sure that a change needs to be made. I just need to push myself to it.. a poem for all of you reading this.. may it guide your thoughts, and more importantly your actions..


One Sun Sets.. 

Another Rises..

Ask yourself..

Has anything you've done..

Made your life any better?

Look deep down..

I try and see the light..

That the darkness clouds in my eyes..

In my Heart, Mind, and Soul

Life is too short to be pissed off all the time..

By the time I relized that it was too late..

I was trying to find my piece of it all..

when all along..all I ever wanted was..

Love, Unity, and my Peace..


I wandered back to Tatooine.. Lt. Sniperfox Mills gave me a lift there.. and attempted to find a few trainee goofing off nearby cantina.. a few sith and Mandalorian Bounty Hunters insulted me but i did not matter.. I walked out to the desert.. and approached the sandcrawler.. I walked inside.. took a trip down memory lane a bit and noticed a jawa sitting nearby. Fiddling with something. He asked if he could help me.. I asked him about the Ayafa that was here before.. where they went.. and if he knew a jawa named Sat.. he knew nothing.. I thanked him.. removed my armor.. and sat outside the crawler.. wondering how things changed so much.. so here I am.. log out

Later a transport brought me back to Bakura.. where I met up with Lt. Sniperfox Mills, ARC Trooper Marcel Dowding, Shock Troopers Demonic Lock, and Thundercracker Bandit. They had some bad news.. Bakura was to be invaded by Sith and Imperial troopers the following evening. They gave me a datapad on our objectives, and our so called plans to prep for the threat to come. 

At Bakura the next morning into the day I was getting used to the changes. I felt like a private being welcomed to a brand new HQ, and form of combat. Things changed alot in my mind and in the GAR. It is all clear now though. These past adventures taught me much. I am a soldier of the Grand Army of the Republic. I represent the Clone Council. I am supposed to be someone to idolize to these men. Out of all the mistakes ive made the past months.. I am just happy to know there is one man I can dedicate what being a true soldier and leader of the GAR is. That man is Marcel Dowding. His willpower and straight-forward decison making is what a leader needs.

I watch as the LAATs do practice runs. As my brothers speak and train. War is to come once again. However the we will fight to the very end. Our duty to our Republic comes first. Before even our own lives.. I pop open my belt and pull out a flask of whiskey Trev handed me at the funeral of that jedi.. Remove my helmet.. and take a drink.. a small smirk crosses my face.. its good to be home again.. oh it is good to be home.. Do not mourn for the ones ive lost to war.. honor them.. I close my eyes and think.. then my eye lids open I look up to my brothers.. put my helmet back on.. prepare my rifle.. and await glorious battle.

The Grand Army

Gomjam Par'jila


4/2/08 - 4/18/08

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