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"The Call of Duty" is part one of the four part biography of G-4178, Cory Toonie who served within the Grand Army of the Republic for over five years.

The Call of Duty

Entry 1: I wake up.. its been quite a while since my last sleep. I look at all my brethren. Getting brand new suits of armour. Not sure why I am here.. it is my home... I was told by my superior I am being raised for combat.. for war.. my commanding officer at this moment in time.. his ID I was never told.. but he has given me another form to address him.. besides sir.. he told me his "name" was Indy.. Indy Turner. Indy handed me a suit of armour Then a helmet. I put both on.. he tells me though my training is in-complete I am being shipped to a world full of snow.. and ice.. the world's name I am unsure of. All Indy told me is that it was nicknamed: Hughes.

A station was held there. Mainly a hanger. As I looked to the ground from the transport I saw a mere fence, couple bunkers, and some other command stations. The ship eventually flew up and landed in a hanger. The hanger was very dark and dull. Not to great looking either. I needed an ID signature to enter the Station there. Indy took a look on my armour He said basically: " This armour belonged to some trooper who served here. We do not know what happened to him but you will take over his position. Training complete or not. Good luck Q-4514."

Yes that is my current ID. Data-banks don't seem to have my number yet. I never finished my training fully. I was told to guard the hanger. Report any " visitors".. and so on. So I did for an entire day..


Entry 2: The next morning what seemed to be ARC Trooper Indy Turner had me go with him to some planet. There he spoke with some veteran of the " Grid Wars " The planet was mainly dust and old industrial complexes. Indy and the Grid Wars General tested some explosives. While they did that I tried constructing a bunker. Seems in the few hours I spent there I created a fairly decent bunker. We eventually departed from the planet and returned to Hughes.

Later that night while on patrol this strange man approached me. He told me his name: Ricken Gorrilla. He seemed to be a sith by the looks of it. From what I hear they are not so friendly. Some Sergeant walks in and informs me that he is friendly. Apparently he was going to follow the path of the jedi. Then become a master one day. Was a fairly nice man.. but not even my helmet could hide the fear he brought into my eyes. The man seemed to dark and corrupt.

So the sergeant brings me to an upper hanger. There I see some ship being worked on. ARC-170 I think. I noticed some differently armoured clones nearby. They spoke to me. One named Kenji Solvang, Squad's sniper. The other would not speak to me. He seemed to be the engineering specialist. Kenji had red armour marking and the other one had green. By the looks of em. Did not want to be on their bad side. They were the Koshi-squad Republic Commandos. GAR's only Allies at the time. I learned a bit of my Mandalorian culture from them..So the night moves on and I rest..


Entry 3: To pass the time I worked on creating a tower. Took alot of work but there was plenty of scrap. Indy told me to show this to " Yuri " Who the hell is Yuri. Apparently he is the commanding officer of the entire Grand Army! I felt somewhat stupid. I am the least experienced one stationed at Hughes.. Commander Yuri Fonzarelli noticed my work. He insisted I become an engineer. So I did. I was to train to become an official one. Which I could not do because I had never finished even my basic training.. afterwards.. Indy sent me back to the cloning facility. Where I was to pick up a new recruit to the station. P2-34-2 was his ID. (Joel Jimenez) So I did and returned to Hughes.

After I brought the new recruit outside near the fence barricade. Lt. Raiden Doesburg.. the biggest asshole I have ever met so far on Hughes..as well as ARC Trooper Michael Mason. They had us do a skirmish out in the field where our bunkers were located. One team on defence, the other on offence. Private eekamouse.. a private I was rivalling with at the time was with Lt. Doesburg.. and I was with ARC Trooper Mason.. Mason and I lost.. after our ship landed we were hit as soon as we set foot on the ground.. Doesburg laughed with eekamouse at my performance.. and Mason did as well.. saying I was weak and not worthy of serving GAR.. I will prove them wrong.. especially Mason..


Entry 4: After my boring and agonising days at my station I began to look around the hanger more. We had a library and armoury. I went into the armoury and grabbed myself a DC-15A rifle and a jet pack. The gear looked very useful. Hopefully nobody will notice it is missing. I went to the library. Found archives on a jedi Order, sith order, and the GAR. The Jedi Order was known as the (NOJ) or New Order of the Jedi. The Sith order was known merely as the Dark Lords of the Sith. I began to read up on these so called sith.. after that moment I saw Ricken I knew they could not be trusted.. so I read.. not much was known.. it merely mentioned a description.. I turned around to find Indy watching me.. afraid I said.. " sir.." Indy then told me I will not be reported.. he told me I have an odd independence.. and opened up on what he knew.. He told me stories of a world of sith. Lead by Darth Padar.. the stories frightened me greatly.. but I became even more curious.. he then finished by saying.. Never go to Korriban.. then stopped himself.. Korriban? I asked. He then told me to never mind it.. Indy then left on his own personal ship..

So instead of maintaining my orders to guard our Head Quarters on Hughes.. I jumped into an ARC-170... and took off in search of Korriban.. which was not hard to find as you would think.. this ARC-170 had it marked in its mapping. I arrived on the planet.. it had a very powerful feel to it.. Once I landed a figure approached me.. some dark fellow named Omega Grosshomme spoke to me...

The man recognised my armour. I could tell he knew who I was.. A ship lands nearby and out steps a very assertive, powerful man with a sense of charm to him. He approaches and tells me his name. " I am the Dark Lord of the sith, Darth Padar.. " He then had to leave with Omega and I was recommended to leave as well. Of course I did not.. after they departed I searched around Korriban a bit. Korriban was very empty.. how could this be the home of the sith?.. I looked up and noticed something far in the distance.. a city...So I use my jet packk and fly upwards.. landing near some type of temple.. or Dojo.. asII snuck around I located a library full of old books and holos.. I collected a few and read some.. then I noticed something about the GAR.. they were what seemed to be plans on taking over the NOJ I learned of at the Hughes Archives.. mentioning the " clones " as a factor that might disrupt their plan.. So I leave the city as quickly as possible and get back to my ARC-170.. then return to Hughes..

I land in the hanger.. very late in the night and get to my post..when Indy Returned the next morning at 04:00 hours I told him of what I found. The plans on the NOJ raid were to hard to bring with me.. so he told me to wait on Hughes.. he was going to get the information himself.. not before scolding me on my foolish adventure to Korriban..I ended up going with him.. he needed me to show him.. Korriban was empty it seemed.. I showed Indy where I found the archives.. the plans were gone! Indy was very angered with my " lies " and insubordination against his orders... so he leaves and I stay on Korriban for sometime..Padar's ship lands on a pad in the city.. with him is a woman... they walk into some temple.. I follow..I use my jet pack and climb the roof of the temple.. and listen and watch through a glass painted window..as I listened this woman named Chaos Opel.. Padar's apprentice was creating a special lightsaber for him..Padar then promoted Chaos as his full term apprentice... I slipped and made a noise.. I was caught...After being force pushed off the temple.. and having a lightsaber to my helmet I was willing to surrender. Chaos Opel was going to report my " spying" to Commander Yuri...

After being dropped off at Hughes.. Yuri approaches me.. I was going to be discharged.. dismissed from Duty.. Yuri merely makes an excuse.. that I am defective.. and Chaos leaves...he took his helmet off and smiled at me.. then walked away.. what was he thinking..? Maybe he thought I have something to contribute to this army after all..

2005-07-24 - 2005-07-25

Entry 5: About a week goes by.. the HQ on Hughes is being worked on every day. Indy was working very hard.. though I did not wish to bother him, I did.. he was going to hold a training session with the privates. I attended.. he was teaching us proper discipline and respect. After our hours of learning from the ARC Trooper he mentioned one last thing.. a quote I shall always follow as I serve the GAR.. " Your Duty Comes First, Your Friends Later.."

After the session our new and first cantina on Hughes was introduced. While the others went inside I stayed outside in the cold.. thinking about the training session.. eventually I noticed a Gunship land near the Bunker/Security Fenced in hill. Out came a what looked to be a commander... but in Magnificent Purple armour plating. The Commander Saluted me. As did I back. as I should. The commander's name was Koukla Twilight. I said " sir, it is an honour" Big mistake... the Commander removed the helmet. It was a woman?? " Excuse me? " she said. I apoligized and stated "ma'am".

Commander Koukla reads my ID.. she then tells me that she is my Legion Commander. I am in Purple Legion. Knowing this isn't my official ID I simply nod and enter the cantina. Inside I am a bit stressed from my recent " ventures ". She offers me some vodka.. after my first shot.. couldn't get enough..the sensational numbing of my stress was great.. hopefully I won't be known as the GAR Alcoholic.


Entry 6: After waking up outside the cantina, I removed my helmet. The bright sun stunned my eyes. Snow reflecting light I guess. Then I started coughing.. and vomited.. Not sure what happened but I stood back up.. an ARC Trooper " named Michael Mason " Approached me. He told me there were 2 privates awaiting pick-up. So I walked to the ID clarification station.. and there I met Privates L-9-17-3 ( James Elystis ) and J-7-97-7 ( Carmine Debs ) that made 3 recruits so far while I was stationed on Hughes.

I walked back outside to find some ships dropping off many troops. They all took positions around the HQ. ARC Trooper Mason told me there was a council meeting. We could not risk having Commander Yuri and Koukla killed, as well as our 5 Shock Troopers: Keith Daiuguere, Seargeant Hedges, Stillpink Sandgrain, Amanda Black, and Marth Rocco.

Anyway as we all got settled an alarm went off. ARC Trooper Mason got on comm. and requested 4 clones for a special assignment off HQ. To the Alliance Navy HQ which was a long trip away. So I boarded a drop ship. I was with ARC Trooper Mason, privates Elystis & Debs, and the pilot who I had not met.

The Battle of the an Invasion

We arrived on a mountain side around 03:00 hours.. where the AN was stationed fighting off some " Alien " Invaders. Not sure what they were but they had the AN pinned down. I then noticed the one leading this attack on the AN HQ.. It was a man I had met the other day.. I had be-friended him in the cantina that night before I passed out..we got off the ship and moved towards the command station where the AN were held. I had a clear shot at the enemy.. but I hesitated.. and with that hesitation Private Elystis was killed.. I was supposed to cover him..

After this.. I took a quick moment and thought of what Indy said at the training..at this moment I Would vow to follow this lesson till the Day I die.. I took my rifle and ran towards the NE flank. Mason and the other private were suppressed. The AN soldiers were dead.. all that was left were their engineers. I now had a clear shot.. with no holding back I fired every round I had on my DC15a and tore apart the sons'a'bitches who killed James.. the leader took one last look at me.. then I blew his head clear the fuck off..

I then went towards the station.. the engineers looked at me.. as well as Mason.. I could see the jealousy in Mason's eyes.. I then turned around and watched the sun rise after my hours of fighting here..I did it.. I was victorious..my first battle..

I boarded a ship with the remaining troops.. I didn't speak.. Mason stayed back at the AN HQ.. where he will be till he dies I am sure.. he will never under-estimate my skills.. my passion.. and my honour again..we then approached Hughes the next morning..

2005-10-01 - 2005-10-02

Entry 7: When I got back Commander Yuri heard of all the action off HQ at the AN.. he then told me I served the Republic to the highest extent I could.. Indy was standing in the distance...

Commander Yuri stated: "Congratulations on your Promotion Sergeant Toonie, you were going to become a Corporal the other day after that training session and a recommendation from an anonymous Shock Trooper.. but what you did today shows you can take lead.. and do what needs to be done.. * salutes * " After my promotion an ARC Trooper named Kyoyroko Mushashi told me that the sith wars were at a High. Ricken Gorrilla has been informing of the conflicts the Jedi have been dealing with. To think I was the one who got GAR involved.. and got the sith hostile..

(Hours later...)

I felt so proud of my new rank and my duties for the Republic.. but all that joy fell as soon as an explosion was heard near Indy's new building to the west.. an army that nicknamed themselves " The Bitten " were attacking. They had made a Huge mistake. Kenji that Commando Sniper and ARC Trooper Kyouroko Mushashi got the troops organised ASAP.

The Battle of the Bitten

Kyo and I hit the side of the cantina wall. We were under heavy fire and couldn't risk being out in the open for one second. The Bitten had a sniper on a building not far away.. Kenji was hit and needed medical attention before he could help. The Privates near the CEX were taking care of the Bitten Infantry quite easily... until they were flanked from behind and half of them were wiped out.. the remaining clones took out the bitten who attacked form behind the CEX.. but that sniper picked them all off.. Kenji was inside the Cantina's upper platform with one of the troops. Kenji pushed trooper aside. I heard a loud shot.. From a Sniper.. Kenji had taken out the Bitten sniper on the roof.

It was the perfect time for us to move. We all ran into the CEX. The four of us would have to fight off Bitten Re-enforcements. Kyo set up a few auto turrets. As the bitten charged straight on towards the CEX they were ripped apart. Kyo was helping Kenji with his wounds while the private and myself fired off a few rounds at the Bitten troops. After a good hour of holding them off.. Ricken showed up and slaughtered every droid, and troop they had.. it was finally over..

We then went to the Cantina platform. Kenji rested. Ricken being all valiant told kyo about the progress the sith wars are having.. I'm so glad I am here on Hughes and not fighting out there.. I have never fought a sith.. well to an extent of killing one.. I then looked at Ricken.. and a shiver went down my spine...


Entry 8: Many days later while sippin' on some snops with a few privates, I was told Kenji wanted to see me.. so I walked half cocked to where Kenji was waiting. Near the fence that barricaded our bunker hill.. Behind the fence Kenji said look.. I peered Westward.. 3 people we wondering around.. Kenji told me Kyo was killed on the field of battle somewhere in the inner rim. his datapad however mentioned that the sith were attacking multiple GAR stations where Shock Troopers are located.. Amanda Black was killed..Seargent Hedges was located on Hughes.. take a good guess who these people were..

Kenji picked off one off the " Sith ".. at that moment The privates and I moved.. the sith were hiding in the lower building near the CEX.. they barricaded the door.. I figured they would wait for us to go in there.. so I made a decision. knowing Hughes well now after serving here.. I was aware of a hatch on the roof.. I had the privates cover all sides of the building.. and make a LOT of noise.. I climbed to the roof.. un-heard.. and dropped a Thermal Detonator through the hatch.. killing one of the sith.. and critically wounding the other.. blew his legs clean off.. the other one.. well we would need a mop later..

So the privates and I storm the room.. the sith laid there.. he told me his name.. Samus Fardel...he then died.. to the looks of it.. so one of my privates went to check him for any information..Samus then dis-armed him with a force push and his saber activated.. killing the private.. the saber ripped through his chest.. and split his entire upper body in half.. I then shot the sith till he had no body left.. the privates left the area.. I took the siths head.. laid its mouth on the edge of the cantina.. and stomped hard as I could..then spit on the remains.. and buried them in the snow..

Kenji then told me he had business to take care of on another planet and will return soon..So I walked back to the building.. and found those privates dead.. they were burnt.. and ripped in half..it was a horrific sight..but after all i've seen I am a bit numb..and the snops helped with that.. I then saw private conor Ferdinand running towards my position.. went I went to address him he was electrocuted.. I hit the ground.. and watched the privates armour melt.. a dark figure on the upper building jumped down..took me by the neck..and smiled.. his name was Magnus Leader.. one of the most powerful sith I have ever met.. after igniting his saber.. prepared to kill me Ricken comes out of no where... his saber through Magnus' abdomen.. Magnus then fell.. Ricken said " So the deed is done.. I am the most powerful s.." then stopped. I looked at him shaking.. he then left in his star fighter..


Entry 9: I Wander the old hanger.. Hughes is dead.. I am the only one left here at the time.. Seargent and his troops should be back soon.. I hope..After searching the hanger I find a bacta tank.. I begin to write the things I've done in a datapad.. hopefully when they find my body they will know what happened..I go inside..this tank however seems different..

2005-10-24 - 2005-10-25

Entry 10: I wake many days later.. the hanger is being destroyed by the looks of it.. I run with my DC-15a to the ID station.. I see a clone Engineer working on the hanger walls.. his name was Perwin Rambler.. he brings me to the ground level where I hook up with Commander Yuri. The new battalion arrived. I was relieved. I thought I would be left here forgotten.

2005-10-25 - 2005-11-11

Entry 11: While the HQ is being created I met a few clones. Sergeant Kale Kawabata, Private Biggy Smashcan, Sergeant Marcel Dowding ( who I had met on the days after the Battle of the Bitten. ) Carlos Sachertorte, Michan Moonlight and Dino Salome.

2005-11-11 - 2005-11-15

Entry 12: Many Days go by serving the GAR on Hughes. Dealing with many hostiles. Sith attacking. So on.. Marcel, Michan, Biggy and I usually just stayed on HQ dealing with occasional attacks. One day Kale wanted me to test his new MERSON PLX Missile launcher. Sergeant Kawabata was a great man. I was able to keep one afterwards. Indy also taught me some more private lessons.. I have been learning much from him.

2005-11-15 - 2005-11-21

Entry 13: Captain Carlos took me on a trip in his new star fighter Not sure where he got it. Anyway we flew to an area not far from Hughes where a smuggler was hiding out. Carlos took the back and I entered through the front door. The Smuggler here was very hostile and fired at me. When he ran out the back door Carlos took him out in no time. Some more days pass and because of Amanda Black's death, ARC Trooper Indy Turner.. my mentor took her position as Shock Trooper.

2005-11-21 - 2005-11-23

Entry 14: A few more weeks go by.. I make Lieutenant for all my hard work and service.. I was proud to be an officer of the Grand Army..also quite a great event occurred.. after taking some tests and training I was given my official ID signature.. I was now known as G-4-17-8 11/23/05 - 12/17/05

Entry 15: Days were boring.. not like when I first arrived here. While spending all my time guarding.. Dino Salome wanted to interveiw me. I had already quit the engineering corps a while back. I was going to be the FIRST 501st legion Trooper of the Grand Army of the Republic! Dino was going to run the legion. ARC Trooper Salome was a great man.. not sure why I haven't met him until my officer-hood. Well after I met a trooper named Carsupra Jimador ( Randy Market ).. he was basically my best friend for a long while..

2005-12-18 - 2006-01-01

Entry 16: My service in GAR was going great. I had quite an arsenal of weapons by then. Things change though.. the day before I was going to be the first 501st Trooper in the GAR.. I was on patrol.. our fire teams split up.. as I went North I slipped near a ledge.. I couldn't maintain my balance.. and fell.. and fell.. and.. fell..

I wake up.. I am in the middle of nowhere..I am not sure what I was doing.. my head is in pain.. I can't seem to remember anything that has happened.. All I have is this Journal I found on me..

Well Its been a few hours after walking.. I found some cabin-like building.. it has some sort of bacta tank in it.. I am going to freeze.. I decide I am going to enter it..then maybe I can contact the GAR somehow..

Entry 17: I wake up.. in a daze.. I feel loads better.. but a bit stiff.. after my vision clears I find some radio equipment nearby in the cabin..Oh my lord.. it has been 8 months... how did this happen!? I haven't made contact with the GAR in 8 months...they must of thought I was MIA.. they probably forgot about me.. damn it.. well I leave the cabin.. and begin to venture up the mountain... after hours of climbing.. and walking.. I found where HQ was.. but it was gone.. all destroyed.. it looked completely abandoned.. I look around.. as I walked I kicked something with my foot.. I kneel down and wipe off the snow.. its a light saber... after messing with it a bit.. I find a red crystal near its emitter.. I am sure the Jedi do not use red crystals in their sabers.. the sith attacked Hughes.. but by the looks of it it was many months ago.. after wandering near the old CEX I try to get contact on a comm.. no response..hours later I try again and manage to pick up a transmission.. it was the GAR! A clone pilot named Trev Shilton picked up.. I told him the whole story and he said hed find my location and pick me up soon..

About 17 hours later his ship arrived... I was then flown to GARs new station.. a place named Agirus.. our new home..I take one last look at Hughes.. and the remains of land we had there..though it was a hell hole.. it was GAR's home.. it was MY home..on the way to Agirus I was attempting to remember everything that had happened to me in Hughes.. I only updated this journal so much...well hopefully I will get my memory back completely after some time..

Upon arrival some clones told me a few things that have happened over the past 8 months.. how'd we lost Hughes.. ? what happened to the sith..? where was my mentor..? did the other Shocks make it ok?.. what happened to Yuri and Koukla? Why are we here?.. so many questions.. but no time for answers at the moment.. at Agirus I met private Sheehal Spear, Cutis Zuhra, Trev Shilton of course, Drill Sergeant Airhead, some Jedi named Felicia Longstaff, and Corporal Nicky Alfa.. let the stories begin.. well after I rest..


Entry 18: After I wake up.. I begin asking questions.. in my absence for those 8 months.. this is what occurred..

Hughes was at its peak.. the 501st Legion was well activated. Indy Turner was working hard as a Shock Trooper. Things we all well. Indy had made contact with a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter named Dazzo Street. Commander Yuri was intrigued by the armour's design. Then began to design clone armour from Dazzo's suit. Indy being the master Engineer he is was able to create the new design. After he created the design he changed his mind. It was the Mandalorian Woman's armour. taking its design was not right. Commander Yuri disgruntled at not using this design was furious towards Indy. Indy informed the Mandalorian of Yuri's doings.. After Yuri had a conflict with Dazzo, Indy was dis-honourably discharged from the GAR.. and Dazzo furious with Indy for making the design in the first place.. my mentor was exiled you could say..

Soon after Indy being dismissed for being a traitor... a Shock Trooper named Marth Rocco was glad to be rid of Indy. Rocco was the biggest traitor in GAR history.. some say he was the reason the sith found Hughes..apparently after the sith destroyed Hughes Yuri had no choice but to bring us to Coruscant.. not long after Stillpink and Keith Died...so a trooper named nuklhed Hauptman and Carsupra Jimador ( Randy Market ) were appointed Shock.. at Coruscant Marth wanted to declare himself commander for getting the GAR this far.. Yuri was enraged.. Marth displeased at Yuri wanted to kick GAR out of Coruscant for good..so the GAR split in two.. and a Civil war took place.. Yuri's side was victorious.. Marth was killed.. but Coruscant was not secure any more. GAR moved to Agirus.. the GAR was hurt.. we were missing MANY Shock Troopers.. all that was left were Carsupra, Neil Nacon, nuklhed Hauptman, and Seargent Hedges.. well I serve GAR on Agirus for a couple weeks before Yuri returns.. Neil then retired shortly before Yuri returned.. 2 open slots for Shock..

2006-09-02 - 2006-09-22

Entry 19: Well Yuri arrived back on HQ.. he was STUNNED to see me still alive.. after I told him all I've been through.. and what I plan to do now that I am back I was promoted to Captain. I was astonished.. I am now a Captain of the Grand Army.. next I was going to be an ARC Trooper.. that was the rank I could only dream of.. ARCs needed to be the best of the best.. the Elite GAR soldiers.. Yuri however Informed me to watch my back.. Agirus is like a section of Dxun.. though we are on Ailon..where that Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Dazzo lives.. apparently she was no mere bounty hunter.. she was THE Manda'lor of every known clan... as a captain it is my duty to fight for the Republic.. and lead my troops.. for danger is on its way.. the Mandalorian Wars had begun..


Entry 20: About a week back into service the tension in the Mandalorian Wars is rising. This war started off as a sort of " Cold War " but a recent attack the other day proves otherwise. A Mandalorian from a clan Ghent under Garth Laxness, attacked our HQ.. after private Kev Toonie and Sergeant Canman Cheney went to check the situation out Toonie was critically wounded.. however Canman and I were able to defeat the mandalorian.. but he managed to escape via transport..

After this occurred chuck Taka was caught snooping around at the Mandalorian compound where all the Mandalorian clans united under Dazzo Street.. THE FIRST Manda'lor GAR was aware of at the time. Taka was brought incarcerated to our HQ.. where Cheney and I were left to accept him back.. Garth and his 4 other Mandalorian were well organised. with endless weapons and magnificent armour Garth's Armour was black and Gold trimmed... They left us with a threat.. and a challenge.. " if GAR was ever caught at the camp again it would be an endless war.. " and he stated " Mandalorians never surrender.. " I stood expressionless at him and they left. Well then.. obviously they do not realise GAR are pure bred Mandalorian..we will not surrender either..

We do have an issue now however.. some Mandalorian are getting a hold of our armour. they are secretly inserting themselves in the GAR.. some of these Mandalorian look quite a lot like us.. and we haven't exactly had every clone remove their helmets.. not to mention a purple legion Captain named Mark Yin has been trying to " over power " me.. giving orders to troops and having them neglect mine..


Entry 21: Mark Yin is becoming irritating beyond expression. He lies to all his troopers. Has them do menial tasks that have no value to the GAR. I would be a horrible Captain if I let him take command of a battle situation. He might have them do something suicidal. He was promoted to captain in a week. Honestly he must have bribed the council in some manner or the other officers for recommendations. That is near impossible to do. His goal is to become a Shock Trooper. If that happens GAR might plummet into the ground.. I would consider leaving the GAR if this occurred.. but how to stop this..? Well I could always try running against him.. and treating my troopers with respect.. " If someone can show respect, they can be respected. "


Entry 22: This morning I made a discovery.. private Zorlak was an undercover Mandalorian for Dazzo Street.. Mark Yin issued a fire order and Zorlak was killed.. killing the man wasn't the smartest thing to do.. we could have questioned him.. Yin just ordered to kill someone without questioning.. something GAR would never do, unless attacked first..

Though Captain Yin's intentions are great.. he is not worthy of leading the GAR.. he is more obsessed in his lust for power.. then the welfare of the Republic and our soldiers...


Entry 23: Staying vigilant I was monitoring HQ for 24 hours.. I noticed a Sergeant nearby.. it was Marcel Dowding. I haven't seen him since Hughes. At that moment I had a flash back of the day I first met him.. back in the sith wars..

Back at Hughes around the time I was a private, there was a massive snowstorm in the late P.M. I was with private Will Revere ( Smirnov ).. Sergeant Dowding enters the room.. we are in the hanger Lounge area. A huge explosion was heard outside. The Station shook a bit and the power flashed. Sergeant Dowding had us wait in the hanger. He ventured into the storm to see what was going on..from what he says there was a sith snooping around.. how they knew about Hughes at THIS time is a mystery to me.. but he says the sith was trying to cripple our defences. The sith was then disposed of by Dowding's hand.

After my little flashback I was glad to see him.. though now I out-ranked him. He pointed out the Mandalorian Camp was empty on our radar. He volunteered to scope it out.. and left very quickly.. on comm he only reported that they had a huge Grudge against all religions and races aside from their own. These Mandalorian took their beliefs seriously..GAR and the Jedi being their main focus..After Marcel returned Shock Trooper Nuklhed Hauptman arrived on HQ.. we met and talked a bit.. he was appointed Shock weeks after I disappeared.. with Indy now gone.. Nukl is like my.. not so much my mentor.. but like my brother in a form of speech..


Entry 24: Today I woke to find the Mandalorian Camp empty once again.. Agirus is a very quiet place to be stationed on.. I guess the Mandos are busy elsewhere.. so curious I went to the camp myself. At the compound I found absolutely nothing.. No defences, information, or anything. Just some camps, a crashed ship.. and some odd markings on supplies.. I began to study the marking.. take note in a datapad of them all.. maybe our library will have info on them.. So I return to Agirus..

Our database shows it was ancient Mando'a. I spent a good 2 hours practising the language and writing. With this and the things I've learned from the Koshi Squad Commandos, I am more intact with my mandalorian culture.. I am quite Independent. I guess with my incomplete training and such on Kamino I am almost in full control of my will, and living a moderate life..

After leaving the library at Agirus I noticed a dark figure standing on top of the ID clarification area. I got my rifle and approached the figure.. looked quite a lot like Magnus Leader.. maybe he isn't dead..the man jumps down and walks up to me.. it.. its was Ricken Gorrilla. I haven't seen him since that day in Hughes where he " killed " Magnus. When I looked into his eyes they were cloudy.. yellow, and reddish. He informed me after the Dark Lords of the sith were destroyed.. and Magnus.. his dark side took over once again.. he is now planning on re-establishing the Sith Empire.. and seek revenge on the Jedi.. however he was quite alright with the GAR.. we have to deal with the Mandalorians.. if the sith returned and they teamed up.. we would have no chance.. luckily that was not the case..


Entry 25: After my patrol I rested.. I was thinking long and hard about how this war would outcome..it was pretty early in the morning..I noticed a trooper nearby.. it was Will Revere ( Smirnov )! The private I knew from Hughes so very long ago. As noted in that " Snowstorm " Story..I am not sure where he was all this time.. he must have fought in the sith wars.. he wasn't promoted though.. regardless I think he is retiring.. all he said that he was leaving in a few weeks and that it was nice seeing me. Well back to watching Ailon, Agirus.. curious though Felicia Longstaff that Jedi I met when I first arrived here was outside quite a lot near the Jedi camp NE of the GAR HQ.. probably nothing to worry about..


Entry 26: The next day I woke up at about 04:00 hours. Felicia was at our HQ. I addressed her and she bowed. She basically stated " Captain I am requesting the GARs assistance.. a young padawan is in danger.. the sith have returned.. their numbers are small but they are powerful.." I gladly agreed to assist.. not knowing what was in store..

I gathered the clones on HQ.. we had with us Shock Trooper Randy Market ( Carsupra ), many troopers, Captain Mark Yin,Corporal Onlos Day, Sergeant Canman Cheney, Private Will Smirnov, and 501st legion Trooper Mitch Griswold.. we all took positions.. and awaited this possible " attack "..

Shock Trooper Randy said he had an important objective on another planet.. he then left.. Randy Market ( Carsupra ) was my best friend in Hughes as I mentioned.. but he was a Shock.. I NEVER saw that coming.. regardless I saluted him good bye.. and Now Mark Yin and I are in charge..Mark told the others to fire as soon as you see someone arrive here.. furious at his decision I stated.. " We need to confront the people who arrive here with caution.. not random blaster fire.. we might kill someone innocent or start something worse.." Mark irritated then stated: All purple legion clones with me.. orange legion with Captain G-1-47-8. The conflict between Mark and I was not healthy GAR actions.. the only one orange legion was Canman Cheney.. it was a very bad split for fire teams. yet the troopers listened..

Afterwards Lt. Sergeant Griffith showed up..he was also purple legion.. my eager disapproval had me say " Alright listen up, we will split into 2 fire teams. " but Mark cut in and began arguing with me taking charge of his soldiers.. I said basically " Ill be the bigger man and stop arguing.. the important thing is that we help these Jedi.. the rest of you choose who you want to lead you.. just get the job done.." Every clone except Onlos, Mark's close " brother " went to my side..

As soon as this happened 3 sith showed up. 2 had a basic saber.. but the one leading had a staff saber. Onlos fired under Mark's order and the sith became hostile very quickly..They killed one of the Jedi knights.. then one went for the clones.. but the sith was no match for our numbers and was disintegrated from all the blaster fire..

While the other sith with the single hilt attacked the other remaining knight.. he was killed as well.. the Master.. the one leading killed the Jedi.. and all that remained was Felicia and him.. I had my clones cease from firing. Felicia was wounded in the leg.. but the sith let his guard down.. and she sneered her saber through his chest.. the sith fell.. we were victorious.. but it was bitter sweet.. not only did these conflicts occur.. our arguing cost the lives of 2.. and if you count the sith.. 5..

2006-10-09 - 2006-10-10

Entry 27: While being up all night speaking with Master Felicia Longstaff, 501st Troopers Mitch Griswold, Damien, and PIZZABOX Orr.. I saw a clone once again nearby.. another old friend.. Biggy Smashcan..he was a sergeant..After speaking with him a bit Felicia approached me again. She wanted to know if I had a name..I said " Well I am Captain G-4-17-8 " she nodded.. and asked but do you have a " NAME "? I simply shook my head a bit confused. She then thanked me for all my help.. and said something about " the force is present with me ".. not sure what she meant by that.. before she left however she gave me a nickname.. " Cory ".. name was from a master Jedi she knew as a child.. hell if I know.. but it is rather catchy..


Entry 28: The next day I spoke with Security Trooper PIZZABOX Orr again..he was a corporal and 501st his first week into the GAR! Back in Hughes I wanted to be 501st Legion very badly.. in my anger of seeing a new clone on HQ in my position I was yearning for I contacted 501st Head Officer Dino Salome.. after Dino arrived on the Ailon HQ we spoke..

Dino stated " Captain.. you cannot join the 501st Legion..your running for Shock remember? " I was so angry with myself at that moment.. I ran for Shock just in a chance for Mark Yin not to make it.. I doubt I'll even be a Shock one day.. and because of this darn rivalry I am being withheld from the 501st legion! Dino then stated " Well that is IF you do not make Shock.." Not sure what he meant by the " IF ".. but he offered me 2nd in command of the 501st Legion after the new Shocks were appointed! I was actually going to be in lead of the 501st! This was an amazing day.. but I need to get responsible.. who knows.. my new position might be not what I expect..


Entry 29: I woke the next day.. a drop ship approached about 4 minutes after I woke up.. we had a new recruit.. straight from Kamino... I approached the ship and out stepped Private welshfireman Ard..Ard had major potential.. and I figured hey.. this reminds me of my mentor Indy Turner.. I arrived by a drop ship one morning on Hughes.. Indy saw potential in my " in-experience " As did I in welsh here.. so after a day of helping him out.. and some training I took on the role of Mentor.. I volunteered myself to be Ard's mentor.. and vowed he would experience Indy's wise words..

About near sunset the Alarms went off. Welsh and I grabbed our DC-15as and ran towards the CEX.. many other privates arrived and we all took aim.. the Mandalorian Woman said.. she was in " exile " from her clans.. and was seeking " clanship " with the GAR.. with the Mandalorian Wars at a High.. and all of the attacks that have been occurring on Ailon.. we considered her words complete Bantha poodoo..we asked her to leave or we would not hold back... she only nodded and left.. a coward for a Mandalorian I would say..


Entry 30: Days pass.. I pick up transmissions from Telos IV.. Mandalorian Involvement is high there.. as well as the sith.. would explain why Dazzo's clans aren't at the camp any more. Over the past few days I was testing training simulations.. and helping welsh.. he was progressing quite nicely.. he was a very skilled soldier.. and a prominent leader..

Four days after that Mandalorian " attack " where the exile wanted " clanship " with us I was called to Commander Yuri Fonzarelli's Private Office. He began to speak of all my hard work.. and he noticed every little detail of things I have done... I nodded.. and nodded.. then Yuri stated something under his breath to me..I cannot write it down now.. in case someone was to read this log entry.. it would break my vow..

2006-10-13 - 2006-10-16

Entry 31: After a couple of days I have been working hard.. helping train new troopers.. and my mentee welsh. I took a small break and spoke with Mitch Griswold.. a 501st Trooper. He was on Telos before he arrived on Ailon.. with the Mandalorian involvement now there he couldn't stay there without backup.. he talked about things that he has seen on Telos.. and then gave me a datapad.. it was a poem he had written on the 501st legion..It read..

The battles we've fought have been hard and long.
The losses we've taken are not easily forgot
We've fought on both land and air
We've fought battles all over the galaxy
We are the clone troopers of the 501st and we have never lost a battle since our birth.

Our story begins much differently from you
We were created in a facility with test tubes
We are clones, we are copies we have no will of our own.
We were aged at a rate unnatural to most.
Our fate is to fight the battles of others
For since our birth all we care for is war.

The war has been long, toilsome, and hard
But our purpose is right, just, and noble.
We fight for the empire to end the insurrection
So that galaxy may finally have peace.

Our enemies are robots emotionless and cruel.
They don't care if they are injured or if they're alone.
Their only objective is to obey their programmers
Who watch their work in safety.

Now here we are, the end seems quite near.
Each passing day the light of hope seems to grow.
With Grievous now dead and the separatists almost crushed
The days of war are now slowly coming to an end.

Wait! what is this?
A new command has been given
It's order sixty-six bestowed upon us by Darth Sidious
Our orders are clear and precise
The Jedi's must fall or peace will not last
The mission is obeyed we kill each Jedi one by one
Till only a few who have escaped
Are all that's left of the once great institution

The war is now over, the separatists are now dead
We take now our orders from Lord Vader
We spend our free time playing poker instead of training to fight.
We patrol the galaxy in our starship stopping insurrections with great force
Our new duty is easy to wipe out a faction.
They call themselves freedom fighters which is rather absurd
For the empire brought freedom by winning the war.
The faction we fight is bunch of rebels who wish to destroy all of our ideals.

With the power of the empires new battle station
We hope to finally be rid of this pest.
We will find their hidden base
And destroy the planet upon which these scum inhabit.

Then in our galaxy far far away peace will last forever.
And we shall not fight another day.

If only events could occur like this.. but the GAR will fight until times stops.. our curse given just to live..

2006-10-16 - 2006-10-18

Entry 32: A few days go by.. I wake up today... ready.. armour polished.. nodding to all the clones I have served with.. Commander Fonzarelli announced that later on today we will be having a meeting.. it was a change in command so to say..

(Hours later...)

The meeting had begun..there had to be over 50 clones at the meeting hall. Commander Yuri got to the point and brought out 2 crates. The Commander announced that the two new Shock Troopers are standing in this room.. the crates contain armour from the previous Shock Troopers in GAR that were recovered.. first Kale Kawabata's name was called.. he had made Shock! I remember Kale from Hughes. On Coruscant he was a Head Drill Sergeant of the Training Corps. Though strange thing was I haven't seen him since I have got to Agirus.. Commander Yuri held the armour aside for when Kale arrives.. then he stated another name.. It was the new Shock of the GAR.. Mark Yin eagerly waiting beside me.." congratulations on your promotion... Shock Trooper G-4-17-8 " I had made a dream position.. MY dream position.. I was a Shock Trooper! I stated.. " Sir, call me.. Cory " then smiled as I removed my helmet..Yuri handed me brand new Shiny Shock Armour. but I made a request.. if it was possible to wear my mentor.. Indy Turner's old uniform.. it was not allowed.. a bit disappointed I merely took my new armour. and saluted. Time to get this armour battle scarred..

For the Republic!

2006-10-18 - 2006-10-21

Entry 33: Many days later I woke early.. VERY Early.. 03:12 hours.. I walked outside and saw a clone out of uniform standing nearby.. it was.. Indy.. he took a look at my armour. where I was standing now.. he handed me a datapad of what really started the Mandalorian Wars.. and why he was discharged.. In fear of this info spread.. I am keeping the data to myself.. Indy gave me his helmet.. saluted me.. and told me.. " This is your time to shine.. Don't mess up like I did.."

Indy left.. saying he could never forgive GAR for what it had done to him.. but still believes I can make a change..

Later on that morning a Mandalorian Clan was formed by some members of the GAR itself.. A2105 Shinigami Yamabushi our Head Engineer designed the armour.OOM9 Skalski was part of his clan.. they were both Clones.. but they had that rare Independence which seems to be rising.. regardless.. with the Jedi and the new clan Cuy'val Dar.. the Mandalorians Under Dazzo will fall!


Entry 34: I received a datapad from a "Sith Master" from BYSS?? It read:

Starting 4 days ago, 2 encounters have come across to my family. I have a wife who is with child. The Child is the future Legacy of the Sith, and is deemed a VIP until he gains his right to throne in Byss. You, the clones, have pointed a gun to my wives head 2 times now. Once in Agirus threatening to take her life. And again in Byss, the Sith Empire. The one in Byss who tried to kill my wife at that time was destroyed by one of my Orders' Enforcers...

Keep in mind my wife has no combatant training in any arts, nor carries a weapon. She is a simple mother. Ruling has been made that if a clone is seen in Byss with a weapon, he is to be eliminated at all cost without reason. this ruling was passed from a 2/3 vote by the leaders of Byss and each Order.

My only asking is for you to leave my family be. We have done nothing to harm the Clones and don't want to feel threatened any longer...

I thank you for taking the time to read this over. Keep in mind this is not my fault over byss. You all only have but yourselves to blame for what is now being ruled over the Sith Empire. I am sorry for the threatening news. But please, leave my family out of your concern..

It is all I ask...


Darth Guyvir, Guya Luna...
Sith Master of the New Order, Byss Empire.

Apparently these clones were on Byss.. home of the New Sith Empire.. Ricken told me about that day I saw him again.. : Mike Goheen, OOM9 Skalski, ALTRA Lock, tiwat Ohtobide, Ahzar Nadir, and Biggy Smashcan..

I had them remain on HQ while I dealt with my first matter off Agirus as a Shock.. I arrived at Byss.. It was dark.. there I met some eccentric fellow.. I asked for the names mentioned in the letter.. talking to this person was a huge waste of my time.. so I began to look myself.. as I walked the dark bridges of Byss.. watching all these " sith " like people stare at me.. I arrived at a HUGE tower.. while climbing it I noticed a balcony towards the top.. I saw Ricken staring into the volcanic pool below.. Ricken seems to be a major influence to the way I see the sith.. though while at Byss I found some information about what happened to Korriban..

While I was " sleeping " for 8 months Korriban came under siege by the Jedi.. when GAR assisted the Jedi at the Jedi temple the sith were pushed back to their home planet.. Darth Padar was deemed responsible for Korriban being weak.. he basically surrended tot he Jedi and GAR to save his own life.. Chaos Opel furious tried to fight off the Jedi and clones at Korriban.. she was KIA.. Padar escaped and is somewhere out there.. my guess dead.. Anyway after Korriban fell.. Omega.. the sith I had met there LONG ago became THE Dark Lord of the sith.. BUT he followed the code of the 2.." There shall only be 2 sith.. a Master ( Omega ) and his apprentice.. " which is unknown.. I guess Ricken founded a new sith order on Byss.. they followed the code of the 1 " There shall be one Dark lord of the sith.. with his/her many sith followers ".. All very confusing to me.. but I understand now..

Anyway I proceeded to the top of the tower.. where I talked to the woman my clones threatened.. she merely said fine.. the ones who did this will be punished.. they shouldn't have been on Byss.. and they almost started a war with the sith.. last thing we need is another Sith War.. so I return to Agirus.. to rest after another long day.. though seeing Ricken there still startles me..


Entry 35: While around HQ.. speaking to welsh and some nearby GAR pilots: Trev Shilton, Trevor55 Bluecoat, Adam Pitts, and a private named billgates Griffith.. I saw a man nearby.. I approached him..his name was Keegan Murasaki.. he needed a place to hide.. so I let him stay in a training area to hide..

Later on that day Keegan requested that myself and a few other troopers assist in a situation.. I followed Keegan to where Felicia Longstaff and Evelyn Syaka were.. they wished for our aid against a sith.. the sith are planning on assassinating them.. Jaesiah Toman was the siths name though he stated his " name " was Darth Reverance.. he approached us some time after we arrived..after some idle chitchat and the Jedi being disrespectful by calling us their " troopers " and giving us orders... the sith left and the Jedi " dismissed us.. " It is no wonder why the GAR does not follow Jedi.. they tend to take control too much..However.. Felicia showed more respect..


Entry 36: Today I received some news.. the GAR stationed on Agirus will be leading an attack on the Mandalorian Compound to recover an important droid.. this droid has much information we need to secure..I waited with OOM9 for a good hour before our ship arrived..when we arrived at the compound I took the route I was aware of in the jungle the day I visited..the Mandalorians were here..

The Battle of the Mandalorians

The GAR took positions on the central pathway. There were 3 routes.. one led to the Mandalorian camps.. one to their Communication Platform.. and one to their crashed ship.. where their Manda'lor stays.. along with many storage items..

The Mandalorians of Dazzo's clan were very tactical in guerrilla warfare.. though they wiped out MANY of our clones our numbers overwhelmed the ones at the camp.. with the NE camp secure the rest of GAR pushed towards the Manda'lor's Storage area.. I proceeded to the Radar platform.. some higher ranking clan Mandalorian were there.. they took out over half the troops I had with me.. but they were killed eventually..

After securing the 2 areas we had a straight way into Dazzo's ship.. I ran towards the storage area.. while the others went to the wrecked ship... found the droid and got it back to a transport and left ASAP.. the others found no one in the ship.. but there was a datapad of Garth.. he was headed to Tatooine.. Dazzo Street however.. was no where to be seen..

Back at HQ.. Mark Yin Informed me he was leaving Agirus.. for one last campaign before he retired.. we apologised for fighting.. may the Republic live on.. though I do have to admit something.. I had Private Chuck Taka irritate Mark as much as possible.. just to ensure he never steps back into GAR again..It was wrong.. but I was only trying to keep the GAR running smoothly..


Entry 37: After the battle I knew the Mandalorians were weakening.. though each Mandalorian would never stop fighting.. they could not prevent their Manda'lor from giving up.. if the Manda'lor fell GAR could easily wipe the Mandalorian out.. Garth already fleed.. all that would be left are scattered Mandalorian across the galaxy..though they shall never die..

While thinking of the possible future outcome.. I noticed someone across form me.. IT.. IT.. couldn't be... but it was.. Kenji Solvang.. he was here on Agirus! I told him what happened after that day he left.. he was shocked that I had made.. well Shock..Kenji Informed me the commandos were getting old.. he retired..so no Republic commandos exist any more in the GAR..maybe one day we can re-establish the project..


Entry 38: The GAR then got involved in Telos.. the ONLY place the Mandalorians had left.. the council of Telos IV permitted us as their official Security..so as these days went on GARs influence their increased.. my mentee welsh was now a Lt.. and on his way to captain.. I was proud of him.. he progressed VERY quickly.. though I always had him pace himself.. rushing your career may lead to early retirement.. such as Mark Yin.. or Kale for that matter.. he disappeared.. not sure but he may have been KIA.. or MIA..

Anyway Dino Salome Head of the 501st Legion informed us he will be retiring as 501st Head officer.. days passed.. Dino then returned as a Drill Sergeant.. Carlos and Kale were now gone.. so the training Department was handed over to Dino Salome. Dino was now Head of Training.. but that left the 501st empty.. welsh made captain earlier.. and Dino had him take his place as the 501st Head officer..I figured my work with welsh was complete.. and began to seek a new mentee..

While Nodster was busy cementing the ground in Agirus.. and constructing new buildings with his engineers.. such as Keton Curtiss, a new trainee Aeonite Silvera, and Thundercracker Bandit..I was busy handling the Telos 501st issue.. welsh was running it quite well..though something would happen soon I would guess..

In the mean time I got to know many of the 501st.. with Kale gone we had another empty slot for Shock.. and welsh planned for that spot..and I was going to ensure he made it..Mitch Griswold seemed upset.. so I didn't speak with him.. However Sergeant Trevor55 Bluecoat was Around HQ.. he was ALWAYS on duty.. whether at Telos IV or Agirus..

I started thinking.. I need a new mentee.. Trev has been around since I saw him with Adam Pitts about a month ago..he is dedicated.. and an excellent combatant.. So I smiled and began to tell him the council has a nice spot for someone like him..gI'veit some time first..also I met a private named Reggie Shui.. quite a good soldier..

2006-11-02 - 2006-12-01

Entry 39: Another normal day.. I began to train Private F5385 Keton Curtiss, in the obstacle course room... I walked across the field to the field tower.. Nodster hasn't finished all the cementing yet..there I spoke with Commander Yuri and 501st Trooper PIZZABOX Orr. When I returned to where Keton was I saw Master Felicia, a sith named Michele Delec, and a Jedi knight named Will Clementine..

Apparently a Rogue clone named Carl Sepaphore broke into Felicia's home and made an attempt to kill her baby..Commander Yuri replied that it was not authorised by GAR and therefore they should not be holding a " sit in " They are here to wait for Carl.. so they may kill him..

We gave them ten seconds to leave but they refused.. then attacked us.. so we fired.. our weapons were on stun.. so nobody was killed.. though the sith would not stop insulting us.. mentioning something about a sith named " gystia " and about how Michele Delec trained someone named Sparda Aridian.. a sith I knew from the sith wars.. who actually supported GAR after it..

After speaking with them.. the hostility turned down.. for Jedi they need to show more control.. must be the sith influence.. ReGARdless things were dealt with..


Entry 40: I spoke with Felicia a day later..her baby Casia Lynch was still in danger..but her Jedi were capable of keeping them safe.. I served as her body guard a bit however.. though she caused some issues in the past it is my duty to help those in need..

A few days later I met a Private named A2-23-7 Eragon Thielt. He was quite a good clone. Makes me wonder how things are going with the others.. the Mandalorian Wars died back down to a " Cold War " again.. but there were still some conflicts on Telos IV..

Some more time goes by..I noticed a purple Legion Lieutenant nearby.. when I approached him.. I realised it was Michan Moonlight! He was a private I hung out with in Hughes, like Biggy, Marcel, and Carsupra..I am glad he is back.. though he looked surprised to see me as a Shock.. I was surprised to see him still a Lt..

2006-12-03 - 2006-12-14

Entry 41: Days.. and Days pass... the Mandalorian War is coming to a close.. Mitch Griswold went behind GARs back and the Telos council kicked GAR from its security.. Dazzo Street hasn't been heard from.. and the Mandalorian Clans all broke apart.. they all returned to bounty hunting.. though I serve the GAR.. id say that I a disgrace.. they couldn't hold a single clan together.. I wonder if anyone will ever find Dazzo's Manda'lor Helmet.. well days pass.. Mark returned from his campaign and retired..and the Mandalorian Wars are basically over.. However.. all the clan Leaders formed their own clan.. Clan Ordo.. consisting of the greatest Mandalorians in the Mandalorian Wars.. Including Neil Nacon.. Former Shock.. but GARs numbers are so High.. and Telos neglected us.. so we decided to ignore them both and focus on our Republic.. problem now though.. Ordo has control in Telos..

2006-12-14 - 2007-01-01

Entry 42: Many things have happened in the last 2 weeks.. the droid we recovered on the Mandalorian Compound was missing its data.. I just learned that Data was on the GARs armour design and had a copy of our genetics! Our armour and Genetic signature are out there somewhere.. believe me or not.. I have seen " other " clones wandering around.. their armours are different.. but they are clones.. this is like a Dictator finding an Army of droids.. except they found even better.. their own Army of clones.. our brethren..

2007-01-01 - 2007-01-14

Entry 43: The Alliance Navy ( AN ) attacked our HQ on the 19th.. my troops have been on duty waiting for another attack.. the AN is very powerful right now.. but they are no match for the GAR.. why would they attack us after our help about two years ago?.. Unless Mason and Doesburg are behind the attack.. they never did like me..regardless.. back to work..our new HQ is complete as well..

I suppose I can write about some relaxing times in Hughes.. all this combat and " paper work " can be tiring..an ARC Trooper named XPaulX David.. Indy's first mentee.. was a great man.. he was KIA long ago.. around the time I made Lt...when I was a Lt. I owned a small room in the towers East-bound on HQ..I was on the 3rd floor.. the room at the end of the hall to your right.. the view was magnificent...you could hear the Cantina music faintly at night.. see the snow fall.. it was the most comfortable thing ever.. except when you see missiles fly by your room.. and become under attack by Armies like " The Bitten ".. then you have to wake all your brethren up.. and get outside ASAP.. too bad that elevator was slow.. ha..

Occasionally though I would just have a few drinks.. vodka was my favourite.. Kenji and I would hang outside the Lobby stairs in the cold.. he'd just smoke.. drag after drag.. while I got wasted and passed out..good times.. good times..

2007-01-14 - 2007-01-29

Entry 44: I received news that Felicia Longstaff has died.. though I did not really like that woman she named me.. I was " Cory ".. How did I found out she died you ask?.. well get this.. her Daughter Casia Lynch contacted me..I helped Casia through some tough times.. she was running an affiliationn called Felicia's Weyr..

After quite a deal of time later Casia gave birth to her daughter..she named her child Lasia.. after her mother and herself " Longstaff-Casia " " Lasia Jewell " was her name.. but Casia feared for her child's life and her own.. so they moved to a home on a peaceful.. quiet planet..Theed, Naboo..I served as Casia's body guard day in.. and day out.. I took a shift with one of her knights..

While I was off Body Guard duty I felt something odd.. I returned to Naboo to find Casia dieing.. and Felicia's " ghost ".. while the Jedi surrounded her as she died.. I remained downstairs with the child.. I took my helmet off and looked at the baby.. feeling sorry for its hard future.. I handed it a small datapad about her mother.. grandmother and so on..then left back to GAR..

Back at GAR I met a private named Daric Anatine.. who which Trevor55 Bluecoat made 501st 2nd in command..

2007-01-29 - 2007-03-12

Entry 45: About a week later..I visited Tatooine..while walking among the Jundland wastes I took out my macro-binoculars. In the distance I noticed a Jawa pushed into a sarlacc by two Mandalorian..Pathetic..I was going to confront them.. but some young woman took out a light saber and attacked the Mandalorian. One was killed. The other took off.

I ran to the sarlacc.. the woman who appeared to be a jedi.. rescued the jawa..then healed it.. I then noticed movement in the mountains nearby.. I quickly fired my rifle.. it was the mando who ran.. he was attempting to snipe the jedi.. I hit his jet pack and the discharge caused him to fall off the mountain..he was hurt badly.. the jedi however did not help him..the woman looked familiar somehow..

Back in town I visited the cantina. inside I saw the jedi. She confronted me. She stated: " Would you happen to be Cory? " I replied surprised she knew my so called " name ". She told me her name was Lasia. I was shocked.. it was the child I protected the night of Casia's death.. her daughter..

After telling her much about her mother and grandmother, she informed me of her brother. BROTHER? This I was completely unaware of. She asked for my assistance. I nodded, and had her come with me to the Agirus HQ..so we boarded a transport..she told me her brother was killed by some strange fellow intwined of the darkside. My guess a sith..

We arrived at Felicia Wear.. Trevor55 Bluecoat, and Private Daric Anatine assisted me in the escort. While Lassa mingled with her Jedi we were keeping the area secure. There were many mountains nearby, as well as a lake right off from the deck. We stayed vigilant for snipers, and any sign of movement. A ship landed nearby.. I had my men take position.. Lassa said it was fine.. the man that approached she apparently knew.. or wished to speak with..I still had my men keep steady aim throughout the area.. while I carefully watched the man..

He began speaking violently.. I knew what was too come..infuriated while talking to the Jedi he hit a button on a device near his belt.. then pulled out a blaster. Before he even had a chance to take aim I fired 5 rounds into his chest.. he dropped.. I approached the body.. right before I checked the man.. I heard an odd beep* I turn around..

My visor lit up.. all I saw was yellow and orange.. it all went white...I was blinded and deaf..I tried to move.. but it felt strange.. my vision cleared a bit..I was in the lake..I swam upward dazed.. dizzy.. and confused.. my helmet removed from the impact.. I touched the surface of the lake... for a brief moment.. I heard yelling and blaster fire..I sunk back under water.. hearing bombings.. I was terrified..I was going to die..

I rose above the water one last time.. Anatine was on the roof.. Trev was no where in sight..my vision blurred.. and I blacked-out..in my mind I had an odd vision.. something horrible will happen in the next 2 years to come..I don't know what this means..everything goes into a vermilion..am I dead?...

I heard splashes.. I look up.. someone is dragging me.. I black-out again for a few moments.. its Bluecoat.. he is talking I think.. and keeps moving my head and pointing towards the Weyr home.. I try to get out of the daze.. then it all hits me.. sound returns.. and I begin to cough up water.. and a bit of blood..Trev dragged me up shore..I am alive..this man saved my life..I can tell he will be a great clone someday..

Lasia and her companion are ok.. they took off in a ship..Trev drags me to a drop ship Anatine called in..MY HELMET!.. where did it go! Before I say a word Bluecoat throws it to me..we lift off.. I stand.. holding my helmet.. and onto the ship...then stare into the sunset of the battlefield below..all the troops ask if I am ok.. I remain quiet.. watch the distant view..then close my eyes..open them and look at my brethren...

(Hours later...)

2007-03-17 – continued....

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