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The Beginning

Sallatorin began her life on Coruscant. Her family lived in the under-city of Coruscant. Though the under-city was not the most environmentally friendly place for a very young child, her family was able to keep her safe, for the most part. There would be occasional break-ins at their residency, but nothing too serious beyond that.

Not very often, but sometimes, when she was young, around the age of four, she would see kids playing. Making sure it was safe, her parents would then allow her to join them. She was shy at first, but found herself easily adaptable.

When she was six years old, she ran outside to find the kids playing again. While playing with the children, she would notice a small boy over by himself, sitting there. She thought this as curious, but didn't feel the need to approach him. Though she lived in the under-city, this was her home. Her life. She lived under the care of her family, and she loved it.

The Loner

By the time Sallatorin was seven, things began to change. Her family became unable to care for her on their own and required her to obtain work. She, being without an education, found it difficult to locate a job on her own, but she managed it. She found a job at a local diner.

She worked as a cleaner. Practically anything that needed to be cleaned, she cleaned. It wasn't a bad job. No one was truly mean to her. Occasionally, she would get a strange look from some members.

Every once in a while, while cleaning the windows, or something to that effect, she would notice the boy roaming the streets with something in his hand. She didn't know what it was, but he stared intently at it.

This routine continued for about seven more years before the diner eventually closed down. The day that the diner closed down, she was 14, Sallatorin didn't return home. She figured that if she ran away from home then her family would be able to support themselves again. She would go on a search for a job that she could use to support herself.

Jobs are limited to those without knowledge, she soon found out. Many jobs that she found often involved violence, which wasn't exactly her favourite, but it kept her alive. Most of these jobs were a type of wrestling. Sallatorin, not being trained in any type of combat or fighting found herself on the losing side more often than not. There is one instance in which her face was beaten up in just the right way for her left eye to lose some of it's nerves. She can see out of it still, but to others it can be seen as a lazy eye.

After that encounter, she began to use her hair as a cover-up so that none will notice the eye.

Where The True Story Begins

Three years of random jobs, from the easy ones to the hard ones, she is greeted by a Chiss in robes. The Chiss was named Genosi, a Jedi. Apparently the Jedi found an increase in Midi-chlorians running through her blood, though she finds out that it is a very, very small increase from the average Human.

The Jedi took Sallatorin to a world she has never been on before, called Naboo. The first thing she remembers is the water. She had never seen so much water in one place before. She spent most of the day staring into it. She spent weeks just sitting and staring into the ocean of water.

During those weeks, she met many people. The first person she met, besides the Jedi, was a UTC Captain, Sabina. Sabina was able to persuade Sallatorin into joining the UTC as Sabina's bodyguard.

Sallatorin, not even sure she was cut out for being a Jedi, considers for awhile, then accepts the job in UTC.

Meeting people didn't stop there. Another figure shortly came along behind Sabina. His name was Shalk, a Potentium Healer. Shalk was not near as open as Sabina was, and most defiantly did not share Sabina's personality, but soon, Sallatorin and Shalk became friends.

Sallatorin also met a strange man. He was a Jedi Padawan. He seemed kind, but slightly confused inside. He would talk to her and wander off on subjects that confused her, but he seemed kind. He left without a name, but with a promise to talk to her again and a necklace.

After Sallatorin became used to the ocean, she began to visit the Cantina. She would witness countless events within the walls of the Cantina, many of them entertaining. Quite often, she would find someone she knew and mingle with them, if the time allowed it.

One day, in the Cantina, she spotted the Chiss that brought here here Naboo. However, he looked different. His body seemed tired and his eyes bagged. Sallatorin, struck by this sudden change, questions him only to find him holding a braid of hair. The Jedi mentions that he has failed his Padawan as he drinks from his glass of sorrows.

Shalk and Sallatorin began finding themselves running into each other more often. They would begin to talk long enough for Shalk to offer her a field-trip to a Forest Moon, which she gladly accepted.

On the Forest Moon, Sallatorin stood and stared at the trees. She wasn't even sure that she had ever seen a tree before, but there were plenty right there in front of here. She stared at it for hours while Shalk grabbed what he needed. They returned to Naboo, and she thanked Shalk for the wonderful trip.

The amazing trip was short lived though. Almost immediately after sitting down in the Cantina, she receives a call on her communicator. It was from the strange Jedi Padawan man. He seemed out of breath, breathing heavily. He would laugh every few sentences, speaking about how it was not our fault, but theirs, but nothing Sallatorin understood. She just sat their and listened through her communicator. Suddenly, the man began to say his farewells, speaking as he did not belong in this world. Before Sallatorin could respond, a large bang was heard. The communication-line remained on for several minutes longer before the Communicator auto-timed out. Sallatorin had no idea what happened, but she knew it wasn't good.

Sallatorin could not have been found for a few days after that. She felt saddened, and for good reason.

After a few days, she re-entered the world, with a new face. She took what she encountered and stuffed it inside of her, along with the other encounters she wished never to have had. She resumed simplistic Jobs for the UTC and went to the Cantina, though not as talkative as usual.

About two weeks pass before she found the Chiss again in the Cantina. He still remained in the sorry state that he was a long time ago. She, having forgotten the communication chat that she had, begins to talk to the Chiss. But, before long, she reveals that she talked to the Chiss' Padawan. The memories begin their way through her inner barrier. Instead of telling him the bad news, she decides to lie to the Chiss, telling him that the Padawan is good and safe. The Chiss, hearing these words, brightens up and thanks her. But because she knows the truth, her soul continues to eat at itself.

Being emotionally strong, or a very forgetful person, she is able to return the pain back into it's inner chamber and continue with her job at UTC. Or so she thinks.

The Potential Potentium

By the next day, Sallatorin lost her job working at UTC. She had nowhere to go. Except one place. She was able to find Shalk again, catching him before him and the Potentium moved their location.

She was able to join up with the Potentium in Bakura, and begin her training.

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