Jerrich Dit'Ko is a male Bothan, member and Apprentice of the Potentium Followers. He lives and train on Zonama Sekot, under the teaching of Amaran Council Master Han.


Difficult beginningsEdit

Born from a small Bothan colony, Jerrich was raised in a rather humble family of swashbucklers... Unlike most Bothans, his parents indeed never had great hopes about their son's future, mostly due to their own poverty and his own absence of "useful" qualities as a classic Bothan (meaning, cunning as a potential diplomat and dexterity as a possible spy). In desperation, Jerrich therefore ended up selling junk with his father ; upon reaching maturity, however, the young Bothan discovered his affinity with the Force... to his great displeasure ! He didn't understand a thing about that strange energy, and was so scared of it that his powers tended to develop anarchically, to the point of making him a danger for his family...

Ruusan and the New Order of the JediEdit

At the dawn of his 21th birthday, he eventually decided to take things in charge by himself, and left his home for Ruusan, homeplanet of the New Order of the Jedi... There he was first accepted as a student, but was soon told that despite his potential, he was far too old to be trained... As a result, the Bothan ended up cleaning shelves in the library, with little to no hope of progressing. Unfortunately, on one particular unlucky day, Jerrich managed to provoke an arson in the library, causing a whole shelving of holo-records to disappear in ashes... Declaring him incurably inapt, the Council therefore decided to expell him from the Order...

((OOC note : this part didn't happen in actual RP, and was only imagined to give him a better background))

Zomana Sekot and the Potentium FollowersEdit

On the road again, and more and more embittered, Jerrich soon got rumors of an enigmatic order of Force users known as the Potentium, located on a no less enigmatic planet known as Zonama Sekot. Spending his last remaining Credits to aquire a rusty, vetust cargo ship from a local seller, the Bothan left Ruusan and lost himself among the vastness of the Unknown Regions, in search of the legendary wandering planet... He ended up finding it, or rather, Zonama ended up finding him, when his ship broke down and sank into the ocean, fortunately not too far from a small island... Using the only (and leaking!) survival raft he could find onboard, Jerrich however managed to make it to the coast...

Training and ApprenticehoodEdit

Having been accepted among the Potentium Followers, Jerrich then started training as a Hopeful, mostly learning his way around the small island and getting familiar with the Potentium philosophical views on the Force. Soon, however, Master Han noticed his potential and chose him as his Apprentice.


Jerrich as an Apprentice(2009)

Personality traitsEdit

A nice, fun-loving guy, Jerrich isn't an intellectual in any way, and doesn't share his kin's taste for intrigue and political manipulation. To be honest, he doesn't understand a thing about such things ; on the contrary, he find them extremely boring and uninteresting. True to his happy-go-lucky nature, his motto could easily be 'Live and let Live', though he can be also sharp-spoken and quick to retort if someone tries to pick up onto him.

He also tends to resent a bit being sometimes categorized as a spy because of his species... But, knowing that stereotypes are tough, he doesn't try to change people's opinion and just accepts the statu-quo... at least for now.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Having spent his early life on a rather unsecure space colony, Jerrich can defend himself decently with a blaster, though he'll most of the time try to avoid conflict, having no particular taste for combat. For the time being, his only skill resides in his experience in putting things apart and salvaging parts from wrecked ships... He's also begun training in lightsaber combat, for the time being using a common training hilt.

Jerrich's training lightsaber

Jerrich's training lightsaber hilt(2009)

Of course, as anyone else, he doesn't have only skills, but also a few weaknesses, the greatest one being that he cannot read nor write Basic. Having left school at an early age to work with his father, Jerrich indeed never had the chance to learn this properly.

Jerrich has also being diagnosized with a light heart condition, which causes him to get out of breath more easily than normal.

OOC InfosEdit

Jerrich is played by Jerrich Ditko; this account is very new, but I am myself far from new to SL and SWRP.

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