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The Jedi Praxeum, also referred to as the Praxeum was created by Jedi Masters Han Westland and MuadDib Kid with guidance from Jedi Masters Mantis Grebe and Victor Brody in the ancient Jedi Temple on Coruscant.


"Pass on what you have learned."

— Jedi Master Yoda

The Praxeum was a Jedi academy, a place of learning and exploring of the force. Jedi Masters Lewis Daehlie, Mass Questi, Vinshu Blessed and Qinelenlea Watanabe were all padawans who went on to become Jedi Council Masters while members of the order. Students earn titles by learning the ways of the force, galactic history, lightsaber construction and defensive skills, pilot training and training in diplomacy. Graduates of Praxeum were knighted and accepted into The Jedi Order. The Jedi Praxeum was first located on Coruscant but relocated several times including once on Kashyyyk.

Behind the scenes

Below is a copy of the last update membership list of the Jedi Order/Jedi Praxeum

    :: Jedi Order Member List ::
             by Cade Renard
          Rev 3.2b (Aug 30 2009)

    :: Student List ::

::Praxeum Hopeful::
Wiktor Szczepanski**


::Praxeum Initiate::

Ash Warbaum,
Jodokast Nightfire,
Fin Cyberstar,
Miratae Avro


::Praxeum Students:: 

Hank Seriman**


::Padawans:: (Listed by Master)

Cade Renard > winter Ferryhill

Larcen Blackadder > Abel Paulino

Shiek Ragu > gogo Parkin

Victor Brody > Kulu Krokus

:Inactive: *2
Mass Questi > Tank Price**

    :: Jedi List ::

::Jedi Knights::

*Cade Renard 
*Hoggil Torok *1
*Jes Enzo *1
*Jessica Katsu *1
*Larcen Blackadder 
*Matthew Smythe (Metus) *1
*Shiek Ragu
*Tyan Auk*1

    :: Jedi Master List ::

::Jedi Masters::

*Casey Dawes *1
*Claire Pascale *1
*Mass Questi  **
*Qinelenlea Watanabe *1
*Victor Brody
*Vinshu Blessed *1

:Inactive: *2
Han Westland *1
Maelyn Jinn *1
MuadDib Kidd *1

    :: Jedi Council List ::

*Cade Renard
*Jes Enzo
*Mass Questi  (Voting member regarding Order Only, Advisor for the Academy)
*Qinelenlea Watanabe
*Shiek Ragu
*winter Ferryhill
*Vinshu Blessed

   :: Retired Jedi::

Master Lewis Daehlie, Council Member (Dec 2008)
Sir kenny Nostram, Council Member (Dec 2008)
Master JohnWinston Vandyke, Council Member (Mar 2009)
Master Mantis Grebe, Council Member (June 2009)
Lady Maya Lockjaw, Member (May 2009)
Master Undala Oceanlane, Council Member (May 2009)
Master Riki Barrett, Council Member (Dec 2008)
Master Zero Upshaw, Council Member (Dec 2008)

   :: Deceased Jedi::

Master Zander Naumova, Council Member (Mar 2009) (Clone Cellular Degeneration)


*1 No known current Padawan.
*2 Not active in SL for more then a month, or pre-arranged.

** Special Note, ask Cade Renard