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Jedi Master is an ancient Jedi Order and Second life group, former name of the Jedi Guardians of the Peace. Formed in November 2005 by the redeemed Sith, Darth Aridian, Jedi Master was a parallel Order to the Jedi Alliance and survived in the original name until February 2007, when it was renamed Jedi Guardians of the Peace. The Order is therefore the oldest surviving Jedi Order in Second Life.

Back in those days, Second Life was a far more dangerous place in general; griefers were rife and there was no such thing as "no-push" areas (and hence you could be orbited or pushed sideways several sims at any moment). Jedi Master was formed by Master Aridian partly to provide a safe place for himself and his friends to learn about Second Life and since they were all Star Wars fans, it seemed sensible to use this theme. Gradually, a community of mutual learning and friendship built up, with roleplaying being a light diversion rather than a full-time commitment. One particular theme of the Jedi Masters was redemption; the Grand Master, Darth Aridian, was himself a redeemed Sith, and he was able to successfully redeem several griefers who, given the opportunity and support, became great Jedi and good citizens of Second Life. The Jedi of Jedi Master therefore learned more about Jedi Realism than many others of the time, and this focus has passed onto the Jedi Guardians of the Peace today.

Bases / Academies

Originally based in the Sedge sim, the Order had three successive bases here including Cloud City. The Order attempted to move to a larger base called New Hope which was built in the Kauna Isle simulator. Whilst this was still partly-constructed, however, the base was utterly destroyed by the actions of rogue Master Molly Sullivan, and the Order was forced to retreat to Cloud City, which had not yet been decommissioned. After a couple of month, the Order moved to the Nick Rhodes simulator to a formally un-named base known simply as "Rhodes". This was a stable base for several months until the last part of Master Aridian's tenure as Grand Master. The Order was then taken by his successor Leonardis to its final home at Ossus.


The Founder of Jedi Master was Darth Aridian. The roll of Masters of Jedi Master includes: Darth Aridian, Pantera Asturias, Kokiri Saarinen, Praegorn Sachertorte, Molly Morrison, Shaymar Sullivan, Hikaru Collingwood, Leonardis, Zoom Kilian, Drkpl2 Omegamu and Bliss Darrow. Those in bold were counted as Grand Masters of the Order in their day. Those struck through were disgraced through heinous misdeeds and therefore exiled.

The present

As a Second Life group, Jedi Master is no longer active, merely left as a historical memorial. However, the Order survives under its new name of Jedi Guardians of the Peace.

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