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Early life

Jayden was born on Coruscant in 301 ABY to Lorrdian parents. Both his parents were Jedi Knights. His father was a Sentinel and his mother was a Healer. Tragically Jayden lost both his parents at the young age of four under mysterious circumstances. He later learned that they were killed by in an ambush on Onderon. He was told that they fought very bravely. After their deaths he was sent to Corellia to live with his Aunt and Uncle on his father's side. Even though he was born on Coruscant he grew up feeling that Corellia was really more his home world. 

Thadd and Mary O'Connor were kind and young Jayden was raised to follow in his parent's footsteps and begin his Jedi training when it was determined that he was ready.. He was encouraged to practice meditation from a young age even if it was only for a few minutes at a time. They lived on a small farm and Jayden enjoyed the outdoors. He helped out on the farm and enjoyed exploring his environment. 

Jayden Lukas was an adventurous child seeking out new challenges and showed an early tendency to protect those who are weaker. It was one such time when a younger child was being bullied that he didn't hesitate to stand up against the bullies. Jayden is a good student and very much wants to learn and become a Jedi like his parents were. There are times that he can still sense his parents presence guiding him. As time passes the memories of their faces are fading from his consciousness. His teacher and the others on Yavin IV have become his family. He will defend his home and family with all he has. 

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears."
It was at the age of eleven when he made the trip to Yavin IV and began his training in earnest. The Force guided young Jayden to be taken on and trained by Aveta Enoch of the Kalway Order of the Jedi. Over the following years he trained hard and learned all he could from his teacher until he was ready to move to the next chapter of his life. His goal is to follow and do the will of the Force.
Master Aveta and Sir Jayden

Jayden with Master Aveta who was made a Master on the same day he was knighted.

During his eighteenth year on Praxeumday the thirteenth of Yelona he was knighted into the Kalway Order of the Jedi. What does the future hold for this new Jedi Knight and Sentinel?

Lightsaber Training Edit

During lightsaber training he learned Form III Soresu as well as Form II Makashi. He does utilize some from Form VIII Sokan as well. He trained under Master Aveta and continues training with other Knights and Masters to adapt and master his lightsaber skills. He is currently studying Form VI Niman and would like to eventually master Form X Jar'Kai which is a variation of Niman.

Accomplishments Edit

  • Trained and knighted in KOJ
  • Completed training as a Sentinel Investigator
  • Completed training as a Jedi Medic
  • Kalway Order of Jedi Master
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