"The last of the pure Sith still hold reign with the power of the dark side. Many before me have succeeded, but now I shall succeed them."

— Darth Varen before the Dark Council of NSE

Jak'ari Varen, also known as Darth Varen, was a male pureblood Sith.


Prologue(168 ABY)Edit

During the time of unrest in the Republic Senate, turmoil is everywhere. On Coruscant, war rages out in the senate detailing which Planet remains a part of the Galactic Republic. In the midst of the unrest. A pureblood Sith Jak'ari Varen grows stronger in the force on the grounds of Korriban. Learning the ways of the Darkside guided by the last of the teachers of the Korriban Academy. He is determined to Change the galaxy and bring the glory of the Sith back to give the galaxy a new era of prosperity

The Academy (169 ABY- 190 ABY)Edit

"This power... Only I should be worthy enough to have this power and no one else. You will be the first victim of my new power"

— Varen to his defeated teacher at the Korriban Academy

Jak'ari Varen began set out as one of the last bloodlines of the Pure Sith. He began attending the academy at age 7 when he was enrolled. At this time he had no parents, no anything. All that he had was taken from him as a child and forced into the academy, but what happened next wasnt expected During the time of his final trials to be an apprentice. He had acquired an ancient artifact that had empowered his use of the Dark arts. His own teacher challenged him simply out of jealousy and wanted the artifact out of Varen's hands. However, during their Scuffle; Varen bested his master outright (see quote above) and killed him off for opposing him. Varen then left Korriban in search of a new sith order as he had read in the Archives.

The New Sith Empire (190 ABY to 227 ABY)Edit

After his time searching for a new order to call his home, Varen stumbled upon the rise of the New Sith Empire. The new found leader Darth Vyrassu, a Sith Sorcerer had defeated his former master Darth Marell and stripped him of his power thus leading a new era of Sith into power. Vyrassu looked upon Varen with great praise and hoped he would make quite the sith as he had himself. Vyrassu then brought him into the Eclipse order of the Sith (also known as Order of the Jen'ari)

Order of The Eclipse (190 ABY to 227 ABY)Edit

Varen out preformed all of the sith in the order and was the most successful. He had rose from acolyte and was apprenticed to Vyrassu as a Sith Assassin path. In his time as an apprentice, Varen killed off all the Orto Plutonia Jedi Order after their grandmaster had dissapeared. He struck down Liu'orn one of the masters and a lowly padawan who never gave a name. This event led to Vyrassu proclaiming the title of Sith Lord upon Varen.

Confrontation with Darth FesiusEdit

As Lord Varen rose among the ranks Darth Vyrassu gave him a complicated task. The hutts were allied with NSE at the time and had an Sith trying to assassinate all of them out of existence. Darth Vyrassu sent Varen on a mission to seek out and kill Darth Fesius the interloper to the Hutts affairs Lord Varen had located Darth Fesius on Nar Shaddaa and engaged him in saber combat. The fight was grueling, Varen suffered many burns and scars to the midsection and chest but did best Fesius. Lord Varen killed Fesius on the spot as Fesius last words were "I am but one cast aside and broken, You shall face many more powerful than i" At which point Varen sliced him in two and left him for dead, returning back to Eclipse city. After this and many other successful assassinations, Lord Varen stepped up to the Dark Council of NSE and was endowed the title of Darth. as all council members agreed there was but one who opposed his Darth status. Darth Kraylar a dark council member stepped in to smite Darth Varen of his new title. However Kraylar was overwhelmed by Varen and was killed in fair combat. Thus earning Darth Varen a seat on the Dark Council and becoming a Dark Hand to Emperor Vyrassu.

Confontation with the Sith Emperor VyrassuEdit

n the withering Days of the empire Vyrassu grew relentless and insane as things withered down. In an attempt to save the rest of the Order Darth Varen challenged the Emperor. Thier fight was drawn out and both were restless, till Darth Varen force pushed the Emperor into an energy field that fried his whole body, As Xansheene started Destruction of the citadel Darth Varen quickly made his escape out of the citadel and onto his ship to find a new home for the order.

"The Emperor has fallen to his student, truely you are broken.. May you perish at the hand of Darth Varen, the true Dark Lord of the Sith"

— Darth Varen to the dying Vyrassu

Order of the Eclipse [Under Darth Varen] (228 ABY to 234 ABY)Edit

The thriving new time brought new Dark Adepts to Darth Varen, His time in power had created him a great bit of wealth and extended his knowledge of the dark side. Frequently his Dark force soldiers would bring him Artifacts of the ancients which Varen drew from their power. Many new conflicts had arisen during the time of darkness. Varen sought it out to claim his new title among the other sith orders and that he -WAS- the Dark Lord of the Sith. however the decision of wanting approval fell short as his under hands of the order had been secretly conspiring against him. In a fierce battle Darth Varen defeated the many who had conspired and revolted underhim, one of those being Darth Mavros. After killing of Darth Mavros and the other adepts under him he sought refuge on Kholma. His golden age had fallen as he tried to begin it, He meditated in a dark cave in Kholma to plan his next moves to a new path of leadership.

Disciples of Ragnos (234 ABY to 240 ABY)Edit

Master Varen
After reoing all training he had done before, Varen reattained the Title Darth and earned the place as a sith Master. However, The iminent betrayal he thoroughly sensed in the minds of the Masters, Permitted him to plan his time in the shadows, as his own plot had delved it self into fruition.

Order of the Dark Lords [NSE] (240 ABY to Present ABY)Edit

After much time again in Korriban, Varens quest led him to the ancient Rakata planet of Belsavis where an ancient Rakatan War Force Blade was hidden in the depths of the vaults. This Staff, or war blade, was said to enhance the natural abitlity of ones force power, and not only that it was lightsaber resistant. Through Varen's relearning his sorcerery took fold on the war blade allowing force lightning to be cast on the blade where it would act as a sort of lightning rod, or Conductor, bear in mind this was possible with double bladed lightsabers which gave a sith the ability to charge thier sabers with lightning, After obtaining the war blade, Varen traveled to mustafar where he began the Order of the Dark Lords with the teachings of Darth Vyrassu in mind he Gathered all the past sith that had been under Vyrassu's order, They heavily questioned him, asked him why should he be the jen'ari as he was before. Their answers were met by the war blade, which now tethered to Varen could only empower the Dark Lord and him only. If anyone else was to use the war blade not only would the war blade not work, however it would; depending on the wielder, Force them terribly ill or kill them.

Darth Varen Holding the Rakatan War Blade

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