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Iskara's Early life:

Iskara Was Born With The Name Nomi Shan and Was Origionaly Trained as a Jedi By Her mother and Sister Unil She Meet a Darksider and was Curius in what she could learn that her mother wouldnt teach her. She Started to Train in The Dark Side Of The Force And Took on the Name Iskara Kaar Using Her First Mentors Family Name.

Iskaras Sith Training:

Iskara began her sith training under the guidence of reminates of the ancient sith house Kaar were she was trained to Conceal her presence from the force as-well as in varius methods of Force Deception including battle meditation. She Even Went as Far as to train Under a Master at the Trayus academy where she one day became its care taker. She Is Rumored to Still Poses an amulet Tied to the Academy's Core. After Leaving The Academy She Came Across a few Sith From The Serpitince Order and Trained Under He Most Recent Master Lady Clandestine.

Iskara's Assension To Sith Master

Having Left The Serpitine Order With Her Former Master The Later Formed a New Order Known as The Sith Consortium by this time Iskara Had Mastered Both The Inquisitor Sub Paths.