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"What I have you don't have, What I got.. you cannot take dear.."

-Irinat'itian to a Jedi

Irina Titian (Born as Irinat'itian) was a female rutian Twi'lek Sith born on the planet of Ryloth, and was a former Jedi Knight and Nightsister. Her whole live she has been misjudged, and finally finding her true path as a Sith Lord of the Obsidian Dominion.

Irina was brought into the arms of a Jedi Master when she was just eleven years of age, by a Trandoshan Jedi Master by the name of Bolga. She took the path as a nightsister not long after betraying her master, and later joined her Nightsister Master on being a Sith Lord.


She was a captive on Ryloth, the Twi'lek homeworld. GiGi the Hutt was greatly known Twi'lek slaver, finding Irina when she was ten years of age in her parents home alone. GiGi thought much of Irina, and didn't treat her as of she did the other slaves that the Hutt owned in her Underworld.

Irina as a slave, with GiGi the Hutt.

Irina was the daughter of a poor family on Ryloth, her father was a technician, as her mother was a house wife. Her mother was killed when Irina was only six, her family in great depression.

Her father went to a nearby spaceport, to deliver goods to a nearby planet, Irinat'itian was left alone at her home. Servants of GiGi the Hutt's Underworld invaded Irina's home, taking everything her family had, including her.

GiGi took Irina to their hidden faction on the planet of Tattooine. Irina exchanged her rags for open lingerie and dancing attire. GiGi saw great hope in Irina, seeing that Irina was using the "Force" to lift objects to aid GiGi, GiGi would become very humble watching Irina's talents, giving her an way of freedom. GiGi sent her servants to take young Irinat'itian, agreeing if she could escape the Sarlaac's wrath, she would be free.

Irina knew she would fail this, knowing to herself that this pit would be her last chance of freedom. Irinat'itian walked slowly to the pit, breathing heavily. The servants started firing randomly, as Irina dropped down in the sand covering her head having no idea what was going on. Minutes later the firing stopped, as a hand placed on her back. She raised up and noticed a Trandoshan, saying "You are free, come with me.." This trandoshan was a female Jedi Master by the name of Bolga. Irinat'itian followed Bolga, as seeing the dead servants lieing on the ground.

Training under Master Bolga[]

Irinat'itian was brought to Bolga's Jedi Enclave on the planet of Felucia, she was an obidiant young Jedi, and underwent her Jedi training with a serious, relaxes attitude. She trained correctly under Master Bolga's ways, as Bolga saw great ways with a saber in young Irina.

Irina and Bolga became very close. Bolga took away young Irina's vibroblade, telling her it is time to create her own saber. Irina created her saber, and progressed properly under Bolga's teachings, as she did not feel like she needed rushed or pushed, and later took the Jedi path of Consular.

Irinat'itian, with Jedi Master Bolga, on Felucia.

Becoming a Jedi Padawan[]

As Irina's training progressed, Bolga thought the need Irina would not need to become of assistance as much as before to assist Bolga on her missions. Bolga suggested that Irina should stay on Felucia until Bolga returned.

Irina was worried though, Bolga's mission to the planet Yavin IV was lasting too long. Bolga taught Irina of the dangers of sith, their raids on innocent planets. Irina worked on the comlink, to receive contact with Bolga, but it failed. Irinat'itian then suited up, reaching her ship known as "Waterwheel," and hurried quickly through The Outer Rim to reach Yavin IV.

Once Irina arrived on the forest like planet, her comlink picked up Bolga, a delayed message stating that Bolga was attacked and held in the Massassi Ruins. Irinat'itian reached the ruins, and quickly rushed through the brick hallways, as dark secrets ran through her head. Irina reached a santuary like base, that requested knowledge of the force to enter, such as stating the Jedi Code. Irina repeated the vows, and as the tomb opened, Bolga layed breathless at the end of the steps. Irinat'itian reached medical attention for Bolga, not soon after getting her out safely. Bolga received her medical attention from a nearby Jedi facility, and the Jedi healers stated that her wounds will be fine and secure.

The Jedi Knight[]

"Young consular.. it is your time, only the deepest regret can keep you from this decision.."

-Bolga to Irinat'itian on taking her trials.

Once Bolga and Irina returned at their enclave on Felucia, Bolga insisted Irina to take her trials. Deep down, Irina knew she was suited for the position of a Jedi Knight. Bolga and Irina pearched on a nearby plant, taking each question considerably and thoughtfully.

Irina passed, and on passing the trials she became a Jedi Knight. Bolga was very proud, yet accomplished to pass such a Jedi. Bolga then insisted Irinat'itian to take on one of her many independent missions. Bolga told Irinat'itian to take flight to Yavin IV, and see what lies deep in the Massassi Ruins.

Mission to Yavin IV[]

Irina flew a way to Yavin, and carefully landed firmly in the forests. Irina was nervous, but revowed the Jedi Code to keep her brave. Blasters began firing, and Irina saw sight that it was from the Massassi Ruins. She hopped back into her ship, retaking flight, again being fired at. Irina became uncalm, and unsteady, as still being fired at. The engines where not working properly, and the blasters was damaging her wings.

The engine fails, and Irina's ship hits ground in flames.

The engine slowly progressed, getting Irina into the air, until it failed. The ship dropped in mid air, hitting trees, rocks, and debree, the ship cracked in two once hitting the floor. Flames caught as Irina lied breathing in the heavy smoke. Irina reached her comlink asking for help on the nearby radar. The radar picked up a young nightsister, by the name of Gennifer Edwyn, saying she would be on her way. Irina insisted she would hurry, as the engine took flames, and the ship desenegrated.