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Imperious, is an organization lead by the infamous and eccentric crime lord and relic collector Sihivus Verne. Since her 'death and rebirth' as she commonly states it, the organization has undergone many changes, and now takes on a more silent and manipulative demeanor than many other underworld organizations. Still do they own many clubs across the galaxy, but also have whispers began to arise that they have been investing in capital ships of their own so-as to prepare for an 'upcoming storm', as per more cryptic words from it's leader's lips.

Imperious holds much political sway compared to other criminal organizations, both in forces such as the Republic, Sith, and Cartels alike. They (usually) possess a subtle touch when dealing with delicate situation, and prefer a form of elegance to the crudeness the underworld has to offer.

It's past has endured many hardships, including wars with such organizations such as the Black Sun, Disciples of Ragnos, and briefly the

The secondary Imperious logo, signifying what Verne believes as her own near omniscience of the galaxy.

Pirate Council. In present day, Verne holds ties with many prior organizations she was at odds with, and attempts to use all and anything she can for additional power grabs, her goal and ideal being something most other criminals could only dream of achieving.

As of recent times, Imperious has expanded into a noble front called House Verne, and remains secretive enemies with organizations such as the Jedi Order , particularily the Galactic Liberation Alliance.