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The Imperial Remnant, also called the Galactic Empire, was a group led by Ardonis Commodore. Originally based on Coruscant, the group found it's home on many planets therein. Currently, their most recent base of operations is Ilum, located in the Nonda sim.


"The Empire, losing it’s military might under the thumb of the dictatorship of a false senatorial government, has grown ever less present in the Galaxy. Their home sovereignty of Coruscant at risk of being uprooted from them once again, The Empire has split. Those brave enough to heed the call and defend their right to their home have fled, seeking to gain the aid of the galaxy to unite it against the autocratic threat from Supreme Chancellor Horten."

"In the midst of this near civil war, the planet of Onderon, occupied by the Sith; came into the sights of the remnant. Seeing it's people suppressed and subdued, Ardonis Commodore, a man scorned and chased from his home on unjust charges fabricated by the People's Galactic Alliance, commanded the Sith take leave. He and his forces settled on the world, enlisting the aid of the Mandalorian clans from the nearby moon of Dxun to clear out the Sith threat."

"Onderon freed, the Onderon Royal Guard reformed, and Queen Astra soon to return to the throne, the Remnant now finds itself as Onderon's defenders. Guests on the world as they seek to strengthen their forces. But in light of this bold move, unwanted attention is likely to come their way..."

— Quoted from the Remnant's application form

Originally, the Remnant was a splinter faction created in order to oppose what was perceived by the former Imperial faction's survivors as an unfair occupation of Coruscant by then Supreme Chancellor Selkisto Horten, whom had snatched the Coruscant seat of power in a bloody military invasion using his forces of the People's Galactic Alliance and Grand Army of the Republic. They struck using gorilla tactics and based themselves out of an old Imperial safe-house forgotten by the new regime.

Soon they were able to acquire military assets and men needed to secure a full outpost off world, from where they could stage action against the new republic senate that was being formed. Branded a terrorist organization, the might of the Remnant was ignored as mere annoyance by the much larger forces they sought to assault. Their small scale warfare continued for many months, until intelligence provided to them showed an opening.

Onderon Liberation

The Monarchy of Onderon had recently become occupied by the Sith, but cracks were forming and the possibility of uprising was on it's way. Providing their aid in exchange for safe haven, the remnant was able to drive the Sith from the planet ((in a much contested fashion, to which the truth has been shrouded in rumor for a long time)). The Queen of Onderon, Astra, kept her promise, and allowed the Remnant forces to stay on her world, aiding in the rebuilding of it's shattered people, and acting for a time as it's defense force whilst the Onderon Royal Guard was being retrained and reformed.

Once stability was attained on Onderon, the Remnant scaled back it's operations, weening the fledgeling defense force of the Royal Guard back into the forefront and eventually allowing it to Succeed them in control of Onderon's security. They left the Onderon people with the hand of friendship.


Meanwhile, Ardonis Commodore, the Executor of the Remnant, had managed to acquire a large share within the Kuat drive yards, and set to work in construction of a large base on the world, using it's industrial assets to increase the size of it's fleet of star destroyers, and create new military arms and armor for it's troops. The Remnant was able to turn from a small militia into a large and powerful force again, basing itself secretly on many worlds around the galaxy, and creating a foothold to wage war upon it's enemies. Allies were gained in many forms as their notoriety grew.

This did not go unnoticed by the Republic, which declared the Remnant official enemies of democracy, and began spreading propaganda to the mid rim in an effort to cripple the Remnant's growth and decide upon a proper course of action against them.

The Remnant's actions did slowly begin to draw a divide in what the Republic was doing and what the under-thumb Galactic Empire wanted for their people, and eventually, the Galactic Empire and The imperial remnant Merged forces, and were able to drive the PGA back from the hub world of Coruscant.

Splintered again

Eventually, the uneasy merge between the Remnant And the Empire forced them to split again, the Remnant's leadership finding issue with the way the new Empire's leadership was comprised. The corruption of both sides by differing views meant they could not ally together for long.

The Remnant split away, becoming again, for the most part, a silent contributor to Galactic affairs, turning up to defend their interests, but seeking to stay away from the public view for a good amount of time, gathering together it's forces and readying itself.

The Remnant returned to a former base upon Ilum, long ignored after it's near destruction by the PGA, and began to rebuild.

Ilum and the nexus

Kael Commodore, the son of the former leader Ardonis Commodore, took the reigns of the empire when his father stepped down, drastically changing the tone of their actions. Whether this be through his wish to be better than his father or simply distance himself from his old man is unclear. However his tactics for change were effective.

The Imperial Remnant reformed, he sought out his father's old Moffs and generals, tailoring them to his new ideals, and gathering them together upon the ice world of Ilum. There he had made a discovery, and put the empire's might to work there, constructing a new base on the ice world to facilitate the excavation of a strange artifact.

Ilum was known for it's green and blue Adegan crystals, however Kael had discovered a cave in which even Hurrikane crystals, known never to form on Ilum's surface, to take hold. In the middle of which stood a giant crystal, enormous and blue. Sparking force energy like a Tesla coil, and causing severe pain to any who drew close to it. Observations revealed there to be a person preserved inside.

He had the entire cave carved out, and moved to a secure location, awaiting further scrutiny by the Imperial Science division.

Foothold in the Naboo system

Once the 'nexus' had been secured, Kael set about creating new alliances, much like his father had with his remnant empire a few years before. He started with the Jedi upon Falang Minor, whom had found themselves drawn to Ilum during the remnant's stay there. He arranged a place that troopers could go on shore leave, safely, away from galactic affairs and relatively hidden. And in exchange offered to them the hospitality of the empire.

Then, he turned his attention to Naboo, who's trade routes had recently re-opened after a long period of self sufficiency. The Royalty of Naboo had changed, and so it was the perfect time to bring the remnant to the system and arrange a forward garrison.

The moon of Rori was chosen as the staging ground of Imperial forces in the sector, policing the far more downtrodden towns there, where crime and poverty were common and far less scrupulous types performed their work. The Empire was afforded space to construct a base, which they set about immediately, and rejuvenated the area to a more livable state, opening an imperial mission in place of the formerly abandoned Rori Medical center.

The Remnant was now gaining some strength politically, and sought to increase it's might militarily.