With the fall of the Fel Dynasty at the end of the era of the Imperial Republic, numerous Imperial Pretenders arose from obscurity to lay claim to the Imperial Throne on Coruscant. The majority of these were local military commanders and warlords, as well as a number of power-mad Sith Lords. While many of these Pretenders sought to legitimize themselves by carving out a power base in the contested areas of Revenant Armada occupied Coruscant, others were content to remain regional powers, forming a large number of Successor States to the fallen Empire.

The Historian of Ossus wrote:

"Coruscant continued to hold a certain cache, a certain allure, to those seeking wider power on the galactic stage, similar to the glamour exerted by the throne of Onderon. Many debate whether this was a manifestation of the Force, and if so, whether it represents a natural function of the Force, or a temptation to the Dark Side."

— Historian of Ossus

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