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(Now Known as Seperatist Kalee)


About Kalee in the year 267 ABY..

Kalee, a moss covered tropical canyon filled landscape, a harsh world wanting for resources, Home of the highly intelligent Hunter & Warrior Race, The Kaleesh. Receiving Imperial aid in the Year 267 ABY.

Kalee had formerly Undertaken and accepted Imperial Law. Under the Galactic Empire and Empress Jen Cress. Due to unknown circumstances this regime shifted into the formation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems



By entering the IC areas of the sim, you hereby agree to be bound by all rules set forth in this document.  In the case of a rule dispute, a GM or sim owner will make the final determination.  All parties involved will be bound by that decision.  Any resulting drama, either from the initial situation or the decision of the GM or Sim Owner will be met with further penalty, possibly resulting in temporary or permanent bans.  Sim griefers will be permanently banned on the spot.


. No griefing. Anyone caught upsetting the RP or OOC discussions of others with weapons fire, orbiters, pushers, spammers etc will be dealt with severely (including being banned).

2. No spamming. This also includes objects that spam. Any such objects will be removed by one of the management staff. If you are using a script that's slightly spammy in one of your builds then please ask a member of staff to review it. We may allow it if it's reasonable.

3. No soliciting. Sell your objects in malls, ask a GM or Owner to get a vendor set up!

4. No sexual harassment. The public areas of this sim are, like Star Wars, supposed to be rated PG or PG-13. Any frontal nudity (R-rated) or sex (X-rated) should be conducted in a very private room somewhere in the sim -- definitely not in the landing platform, or main library, arena, bridges, etc. Sexual gestures or gestures that mimic sexual actions are not allowed.  Further, any sexual advances and comments should be of a respectful nature (IC or OOC). Anything bordering on harassment (that which makes someone uncomfortable) will not be tolerated.

5. No age-play outside of the Star Wars mythos. Exactly what is acceptable in terms of IC avatar age is at the whim of the sim management group. OOC age shouldn't be a problem as you should be 18+ if you're playing in this sim.

Roleplay Rules

In an RP area. Please stay In Character. This sim is designed for pure Star Wars roleplay Only.

1. Play Nice.  Remember, everyone is here to have fun, so try to keep it fun for everyone.  No one "wins" in RP, but everyone loses if participants aren't having fun.

2. Discussions should be In-Character (IC). Any Out-Of-Character (OOC) discussion must be in (( double parentheses )), [brackets] or similar. The following areas are OOC and not subject to this rule: The Entrance Space Station.

3. Your attire should fit the Star Wars roleplay. People wandering around in non-SW clothing or avatars may be subject to ejection, after having been warned that this is a swrp sim. This is not a harsh rule as there are many, many, MANY Star Wars avs for sale or freely given out and there is a free set of SW clothing on the station. You have no excuse to wear anything else here.

4. Extensive OOC hang-out sessions should be relegated to an OOC area. If you are in an IC area of the sim, any OOC should be RP-related. Extended OOC conversations can result in a temporary ban.

5. If you wish to go OOC, wear an OOC tag or set your title to OOC to reflect your status. NO RPING while OOC!

6. Observers, or those new to the sim, should wear an OOC tag if at all possible, and should not make any IC comments. All their speech should be in parentheses or brackets (see Rule 1).  On the first instance give a warning, then if it continues, tell an Imperial/Kaleesh Official.

7. When you have been searched for weapons and one is missed there better be good reason, and you better have background to back up storyline.

8. Safe zones: The only Safe zones where NO ATTACKING IS PERMITTED are inside Medbays, and any area that is OOC.  THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!   

9. Some areas may be open to only Imperial Military/Kolkpravis members.  Entering by any means other than a direct invitation is considered cheating and is cause for ejection or ban.  These areas will be marked.

10. Unassisted flight is not allowed.  If you wish to fly, use a SW flying vehicle.  Jet packs are allowed, but only for short bursts.  GMs may use flight as necessary in the accomplishment of thier duties.

11. Both within The Imperial Military and The Kolkpravis (and in most other SWRP Factions) it is frowned upon that you be a member of more than one of the same type of faction or member of groups on opposing sides. So you can't be a member of two or more Imperial/Kaleesh Faction groups and you can't be a member of a Jedi and a Sith, or other competing group.

12. Do not recruit for your non-official group without the express permission of the SIM owner.

13. No metagaming (using OOC knowledge IC).

14. No godmoding (RPing anything without giving others choice of reaction or ability to find a solution.)

15. No griefing (Caging, Orbiting or anything else commonly defined as griefing in SL.)  Greifing is also considered to be attacking an avatar that is AFK or sitting, or attacking with no RP beforehand.  If a question arises, a GM, Sim Administrator, or Owner will decide if there was enough RP prior to the attack.

16. Keep your race something Star Wars related.  If you need to look for a race or see if your idea for a race is acceptable you can look at http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Sentient_species_by_biology for ideas.