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The Ilum Order of Jedi (abbreviated as IOJ) is a Jedi Order they were based on the planet of Ilum (looking for a new home now).


Ilum was first discovered in 22,800 BBY when a Jedi, navigating hyperspace in the Force, felt a strong pull deep from the Unknown Regions. Following the sensation, the scout had found a world rich in Force-strong crystals. The mystique of the discovery added it to the ceremony of light-saber construction.

Establishing a Temple over the Crystal Caves, Ilum became a place of great importance, as sacred as Ossus and Tython. The temple served as a shelter and place of ritual for the Jedi who traveled here. To ensure the security of the planet and the crystals, the planet had been left off of star charts. One uninterrupted hyper jump from Metellos would deliver a ship into Ilum's orbit, and could only be accomplished by a Force-sensitive.

In 22 BBY, it was the location of the Battle of Ilum. When Count Dooku, leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems led a battalion of droids to the planet, the Crystal Caves were largely damaged. Yoda during the Battle of Ilum

Because its existence was not known generally to non-Jedi, Ilum was virtually forgotten after the destruction of the Jedi and Palpatine's information purges. This gave the some remaining Jedi a safe harbor. Those that remained brought supplies to form a very small colony in the depths of the cave forming a branch of the Jedi called the Ilum Order of Jedi, and went into seclusion until recently.

Recent history of Ilum

In about 11 BBY, a young Jedi Padawan that survived the Order 66 finally made his way to the caves of Ilum as many other Jedi had during that time. This one expecting to be there for a very long time brought provisions and supplies to make his trip a lot longer and less arduous. He set up a small living encampment deep within the caves where the Gorgodons would not go. Eventually more Jedi and Force Sensitives arrived with other supplies and provisions, further adding to the resources. Eventually many full families came, brought by Jedi fleeing persecution by the Empire.

...(see the full history in-world at the Ilum sim)...

Some time in the 50's ABY, the Population looking large enough to mount a safe defense the Grandmaster decided to start sending a scout to other planets to see how the empire has grown.... The first of the Jedi Knights left for other planets.

67 ABY, that Knight returned, this time as a Sith Lord. The Grandmaster fearing the empire had grown that powerful and unsafe decided to close the station and return the people to the planet and go into seclusion. He then began a fight with the Sith, who had grown quite powerful, began on the station and eventually spilled down to the temple. Several Knights and Masters watched as their leader was slowly being defeated, fearing the worst to come. It was pure luck a Gorgodon came crashing into the temple and began ripping at the Sith causing much damage to the temple as well. This was the opening the Grandmaster needed and struck down the Sith becoming gravely wounded himself. IT was learned that the Master had a bond with the Gorgodon and it came to his rescue. Moments after the fight was over the Gorgodon picked up the Master and let out what appeared to be a grown of sorrow. Bringing the Master to one of the other Masters he held him until he spoke the words of his succession the the new Master.

The Gorgodon then carried the Master outside and raised him above his head and yelled out loudly as both of their bodies faded off into the force. It was believed that the Grandmaster has been secretly studying aspects of the Dark Side. Form that time on, the Gorgodons became protectors of the Temple. Eventually many of the order started to slowly see what they could learn from the Dark Side.. some becoming Dark Jedi, while others remained light Jedi. They all learned to live in peace together after several small fights. The practices of the different levels created a small forming of factions briefly before some unseen entity started to bring them back together. To this day nobody knew what that entity was.

In 93 ABY, the Order passed on to a Dark Jedi Master that had grown very powerful with the Force. His name was Jotow Kabila, his ancestry unknown to him as his parents chose not to speak of their life before Ilum. He decided to attempt exploring the galaxy once again, hoping things were better now. His beliefs confirmed the Jedi he sent came back with great news, and some guests. They rebuilt the Temple once more and again remained the Station. Some Jedi started returning to Ilum to seek out crystals once again for their Sabers. The families started to slowly return to their home worlds from stories they had been told by their grandparents. A few decided to remain and help the Order and preserve the way of life they had grown used to. Some of the ones that left few had returned, some visited.

Some time around 134 ABY, the caves once again had become the source of the Jedi orders sent their Padawans for the trails to create their Light-sabers. Some had come for other trials based on the extreme cold of this planet. To this day the Caves and the planet are now open with people coming and going via the station.

Notable Members of IOJ

The Knights and Masters of the IOJ, including the Governing staff of the Council.

IOJ Council Masters

  • Jotow Kabila (Grandmaster of the Order)

IOJ Masters

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IOJ Knights

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