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Clone Identification I-4717, given the callsign of Joker by peers, is a former Grand Army of the Republic 21st Platoon Commanding Officer and former Brigadier General of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Gamma Squad Leader

I-4717, was the Gamma Squad Leader, during its changeover period from a Recon division, to a Policing Force on Coruscant. 


21st Platoon Leader

Due to his excellent service on Coruscant and leadership abilities, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Given this promotion, he was transferred to A'denla Company to take on the reigns of the 21st Platoon Leader.

Promotion to Shock Trooper

PGA Arrest & Conflict


Official reports indicate that Brigadier General Joker, Commander Koukla and Commander Yuri, all died on a shuttle heading back to what was commonly referred to as Clone Sector Zero.