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"I seem to preside over an immense emptiness"

— Huttila the Hutt

Rise[edit | edit source]

Huttila the Hutt rose out of the obscurity of the Nar Shaddaa underworld shortly before the the destruction of Onderon's capital, Iziz, by the Sith Marauder Ravens Harvest.

From the outset, Huttila claimed to be a nephew of Klugga the Hutt, laying claim to many of Klugga's assets, including the rogue protocol droid, C4P9.

Huttila proved to be quite different from his predecessors, leading his troops in battle rather than ensconcing himself in fortified, luxury palaces.

Huttila started his career with a raid on the Kessel Asteroid field mining stations. Taking advantage of political difficulties within the Imperial Republic at the galactic core, Huttila's forces easily overwhelmed the thin Imperial garrisons. Control of the Kessel Asteroid field mining stations gave Huttila control over production of glitterstim red spice, allowing him to finance future adventures. Also, after seizing the asteroid fields, Huttila received a tip that led him to floating junkyard full of ships from previous Hutt wars, allowing him to greatly increase the size of the Black Sun Pirate fleet, albeit with poorly maintained and obsolete ships.

Huttila then undertook a long trek to Onderon, raiding the damaged city of Iziz, seizing slaves, luxury goods and needed supplies. From there Huttila and his hordes descended on the lower Corellian, between Rodia and Tatooine, where he was joined by the intrepid smuggler, Nautolan Sid Ryonn. From his perch just off the lower Corellian, Huttila's fleet was able to prey on local commerce, and was soon joined by Rodian pirates from Rodian Clan Tetzu, who were engaged in a civil war with rival Clan Chattza, a conflict that would rage all across the lower Corellian.

From here Huttila dispatched raiding parties to Ryloth-seizing large quantities of Ryll, and more slaves for his ships. Political and military upheavals on Tatooine allowed Huttila and the Black Sun to expand their criminal operations on Tatooine.

Huttila then made a daring but inexplicable raid on heavily fortified Rothana. Though his hordes were driven off by Rothanan Senator Bashira Naidoo, Huttila was able to capture supplies of cloning equipment and cloning technology.

Except for the Ukio Agricolony, the lower Corellian is not known for planets with an abundance of water and basic food goods. Due to the incompetence of his logistics officer, Huttila's fleet began to suffer from lack of food and fresh water. Despite the suffering of his pirate crew, Huttila was reluctant to raid the Ukio agricolony, for fear of provoking a strong imperial response.

This situation was remedied by the arrival of the Revenant Armada in Nar Shaddaa space. Concluding an alliance of convenience with the armada, Huttila's fleet received much needed supplies and funding. Under the cover of Revenant Armada operations, Huttila's Black Sun Pirate Fleet went on to plunder the Ukio Agricolony, and then send a stealth raiding party to nearby Kamino.

As the Revenant Armada went on to outmaneuver Imperial Republic forces and seize Coruscant, Huttila's fleet made the long traverse back to the Kessel asteroid field, harrowing Toydaria along the way.

From Kessel space Huttila performed a bold, but costly maneuver. Taking his main fleet across the Kessel Run, Huttila arrived at the Roche Asteroid field along the Perlemian Trade route. From here Huttila would move to harass and seize Perlemian shipping, as well as besiege Gromas 16, and even threaten Velmor. It was at the siege of Gromas that Huttila revealed his secret weapon, obsolete Dart fighters refitted as manned cruise missiles, piloted by defective clones decanted from captured cloning equipment and kidnapped Kamino cloners.

Huttila Raids the Core[edit | edit source]

Following these successes, Huttila reformed his fleet into three main sections. With the defection of Gromas 16 to the Revenant Armada, Huttila and his fleet engineer, enhanced gonk droid "Xenno," were able to add phrykite plating to many of their ships.

After augmenting their crew with captives shanghaied into service from Revenant controlled Coruscant, Huttila sent several waves of attacking ships into Kuat space to provide advanced scouting for the Revenant Armada. In succession, each wave broke upon the defences of fortress Kuat. Short of vital supplies, Huttila then attempted to extort supplies and credits from local system worlds, including Onderon, Velmor, Corellia and Sundari. Huttila's fleet continued to seize shipping across a wide area of space between the Corellian and the upper Perlemian.

Siege of Kuat[edit | edit source]

( This never happened as it was forced roleplay and therefor will not be considered as actual in character actions by the Empire or those assoiciated with them. )

Return to the lower Corellian[edit | edit source]

On Nar Shaddaa, Huttila and his House marshalled the resources of Nar Shaddaa's many smugglers, making a firm alliance with the Red Hand criminal gang and the Red Talon pirate fleet. Concluding an alliance with the Anzati pirates on Anzat, Huttila gathered his pirate allies and his hordes and descended on the lower Corellian. Conducting raids from Ryloth to Rodia, Huttila's fleet seized many ships, harassing local forces along the way. After building up sizable supply bases on Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine and Anzat, Huttila turned on his former Revenant allies, besieging their forawrd base on Lok.

Siege of Lok[edit | edit source]

Huttila's luck continued to favor him. Advanced scouting parties found that the Revenant had abandoned their forward base, and the two powerful Mandalorian clans had decamped. Huttila was able to set up a forward smuggling base on Lok with no significant opposition.

Mysteries of the Tion Expanse[edit | edit source]

Seeking to duplicate his earlier success at expanding his fleet, Huttila followed up on rumours of a second junkyard of ancient ships, obsolete warships at the edge of the Tion expanse. Scouring the remains of the ancient empire of Xim the Despot, Huttila's scouts found several enclaves of fanatical Tion Noble Houses, along with their warrior clans and glitterstim shamans. While several individual ships and ancient, lost technologies were discovered, a second large shipyard could not be located. Augmenting his hordes and the pirate armada, Huttila returned to Nar Shaddaa space.

Raids on the middle Corellian, Troubles on Nar Shaddaa, Return to the upper Perlemian[edit | edit source]

Leaving Nar Shaddaa again, Huttila assembled his fleet in the vast empty expanse beteen Nar Shaddaa and the Middle Corellian. Disappearing from view for a period of time, the main pirate fleet appeared opposite Corellia, raiding the planetary defences and seizing freighter traffic. In the meantime, troubles had arisen on Nar Shaddaa. First, a block of upper city traders, seeking to legitimize Nar Shaddaa's position in the galaxy, petitioned the PGA for entry. This lead to political intrigues involving GAR and various grey Jedi orders, forcing Huttila to waste valuable energy dealing with purely political issues while his Black Sun Pirate Armada was maneuvering in the face of enemy pressure. Second, the Tion Nobles Huttila had transplanted to Nar Shaddaa rose up in rebellion, seizing parts of the Nar Shaddaa undercity. Led by their glitterstim shamans, the Tion contingent began to cut into Huttila's Sirdar holdings on Nar Shaddaa. Sending agents and part of his fleet back to Nar Shaddaa to deal with these difficulties, Huttila continued his Corellian campaign, working his way up the Corellian toward the Perlemian junction.

Death of Huttila the Hutt[edit | edit source]

"Miss Ishtari, formerly kidnapped by Huttila the Hutt and the Master Jedi Questi explained the circumstance of the raid at Nar Shaddaa. Mass Questi didn't had other purpose but releasing his padawan, acting independently from the other Jedi. The young lady was forced to kill the hutt to get her freedom back with sabre found in the battlefield. About the Revenant and the Sith, Master Questi don't see any purpose to negotiation, those having shown by the past they can't be trusted"

Daana Kira, for Galactic News.

Jedi getting into Hutilla's den

Huttila the Hutt was killed on Nar Shaddaa during an epic street battles, triggered by an attempt by the Jedi to rescue one of their own, the Onderon House Hyacinth Princess Thalia Ishtari. It is not clear how Huttila and the Black Sun Pirates had come into possession of this lucrative Royal Hostage, either seized on a ship by sheer happen-stance, or as a gift from the Revenant Armada. In either case, in attempting to use the young Princess as a bargaining chip, Huttila appears to have gotten more than he bargained for. Huttila also made the serious error of displaying his Royal Hostage in chains, offending the dignity of the Altisian Jedi, OJO Jedi and Royal negotiators. After botched negotiations and a long stand-off between the Jedi and the Black Sun pirates, Huttila and his adoptive brother Ku'gan The Hutt choose to attack the Jedi negotiating team, aided by numerous pirates, Mandalorians, elements of the One Hundred hands as well as some marauders from the Revenant Armada who had mysteriously appeared at the height of the ill-fated negotiations. During the attack the Jedi negotiating team, led by Jedi Master Eva Lekach and her Padawan Sabiya, successfully held off an assault by superior, heavily armed forces, led in person by the two Hutt Warlords

Facing off alone against Huttila, Jedi Knight Sabiya managed to deal the heavily armored Hutt a serious wound.

As the fighting spilled out into the streets, Huttila and his surviving followers attempted to drag their valuable hostage to a nearby spice warehouse. Meanwhile, the Jedi regrouped under the direction of Jedi Master Mass Questi.

As the Jedi attempted to fight through the pirate's rear guard, the Princess (and Padawan) Thalia managed to come into possession of a light saber. Fighting the Hutt and his pirate guards in the narrow confines of the spice warehouse, the young padawan managed to drive off Huttila's guards and then slay the mighty Hutt.

The rescue attempt came at a steep price. Valuable Jedi padawans and Knights received many serious wounds, and Jedi Master Eva Lekech was captured by the Revenant Arnada. Also, Ku'gan the Hutt, the bulk of the pirates and their Mandalorian allies managed to escape the carnage.

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