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Hutt Clan Council

"Strength in Business Together we Profit."

— The Hutt Clan Council

Lets make a deal


The Great Darmutta of Jiramma Hutt Clan requested that Belutric place Nasirii clans backing with him to form a New Hutt Clan Council. Much respect has been held for Darmutta for the business strength on Nar Shaddaa. Nasirii as guests at business night, let their holdings grow from beyond Mos Espa. As the last active member of the original Hutt Grand Council, with no business or contacts for so long from Grancha the decision was easy. The new Hutt Clan Council was formed and Darmutta would be its Leader. Belutric was happy to benefit from the extra business that Darmutta and his clan brought to the ever more tasty table. Business was easy with Darmuttas general trades and Belutric making entertainment. Credits flowed and more Hutts came forward to Join the New Council. Over a long time the clans and the visitors grew. More and more factions and gangs looked to the Hutts to approve, support or look away as they make attacks on others. Forces that had traditionally been held to protect the Clans own shipping , bases, ports and members were being asked to provide support in small scale wars. Some clans seeing credits in this or got involved mealy to survive on the planet the occupy. The endless struggle for power strangles the credits flow and forces more dislike towards the hutts as factions retaliate to real meddling or propaganda showing the hutts in a negative light. Bombings , Poisson gas attacks, threats and the odd exploding droid are the backdrop to rival gangs, factions and crazed leaders facing off in a public display of power and ego. Each week the Black Hole Casino is packed and who knows what will happen. Time rolls on and Darmutta requests to Belutric he take his roll as Leader on Council. Once more Belutric follows the Larger Hutts request. Excepting the role he pledges to try and unite more clans and remain neutral to trouble that could endanger business for council. Darmutta is seen at hutt night when his business allows . Strength has grown from younger Hutts now standing strong in Business. Shaka nephew to Darmutta the Hutt, speaks for the business of Nar Shadda not only at business night but on request of leaders from a number of groups. Tradition of business night at the Black Hole Casino is a marker of time for many that another week has gone . The story continues .. This Wednesday 6pm SL Time.

Rule of business

The Hutt Clan Council Was Formed with the rule all members from many clans would have an equal voice and vote. Council members often jointly back proposals that are brought before council .. Each Clan will be given the opportunity to speak and trade in their chosen field of expertise. Standing strong together and lending their collective weight towards the pursuit of credits. The Clans move to expand trade with any that can turn a profit. Staying neutral in the endless war of empire vs republic the Hutts look to their own interests first. working with the traders, smugglers, outlaws, bounty hunters and others that remain neutral on many planets. Made up of different clans the council can fill many trade needs.

New Members

Clans are voted into the council after showing good business and being recommended be a member clan . Current members receive an equal vote and a majority vote wins. As with all business based moves it is expected that clans will work together to favor their best interests in promoting candidates. Hutts wishing to join the council are welcome to attend as honoured guests of the council and make business with the member clans.

Dealing with the hutts of the Clan Council

Each Clan has their own base of operation on the many planets of the Galaxy. Contact with any clan can be made directly. The strong network for trade is open to any that have the credits .

Hutt Business Night

Nar Shaddaa in the black hole casino. 6pm SL time every Wednesday Clans are open to contracts for business at Hutt Night . The Hutts gather together to meet and discuss business in an open forum each week. All are welcome to speak at Hutt Business night and make trade or requests for business. Make contact with one of the Majordomos near the Dias area to request to speak and present your gift to the hutts. Individuals or groups are announced and called to stand on the center grate to speak, showing their trust of the Hutts decisions . A gift is presented and business commences. It is tradition that the council meet at public business night, held every week on Nar Shaddaa in the black hole casino. 6pm slt