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The royal House of Sia originated from the planet, Naboo. Starting off as a wealthy family with political goals. It has since obtained legitimate claims in both Naboo and Onderon. It gained royal status after it's marriages and children from Onderon Royalty and after Queen Amidala Sia legitimized the family bloodline during her reign.

Members of House Sia include famous Onderon Queens Hyacinth Janick and Astra. Empress of the Fel Empire based in the Imperial City, Calliope Quan. Tiffany Vandergraff a two time Chancellor and Tetan Vicereine, Pindara Sia whom was the first ever Prime Minister of Bakura after Queen Ma'at Nephthys' self-exile, and Queen Adala Sia whom was Queen of Naboo and whom served 3 terms, the longest any Queen of Naboo has ever served. Queens of Naboo, Kida Sia, Po Sia and Ke Sia. Amidala Sia was also a member of House Sia and she was very active on Onderon after Queen Astra ascended to power after Queen Hyacinth and she was also a very active relative of Calliope Quan during her years as Fel Empress, some 4 years ago.(All of the above mentioned, including the Naboo Queens have served on sims at the time of their power.)

(Everything mentioned on this page, has happened ICly other than Kylantha and Verunas reigns and not all of the family members are listed due to so many different SL players having had characters from House Sia. It should be noted that House Sia has also existed for 8 years and counting. However it's prominence and status has only just escalated in the last 5 years. Originally House Sia did not start with Sin Rae. However she has played a vital role in the various controversial storylines that have brought attention to the family. Because the family is so vast and dates back 8 years, the origins and events that involved members is still being worked out. So bare with us while we track and talk to people.) 


During Queen Kylanthas reign, she dropped the two terms that an elected Monarch could serve, shifting Naboo back into a true Royal Monarchy state. The first period of a true royal blood monarchy since King Veruna died. After Queen Kylanthas death a relative inherited the throne and so forth the Monarchy grew once again.

A few decades ago, when the first member of House Sia became a Queen of Naboo, Amidala Sia, she actually used her powers to legitimize her families bloodline, making it a new but proper royal house of Naboo. However after she gave birth and died she failed to drop the elections, meaning a non member of House Sia was voted in as Queen.

Because of this, the Royal House of Sia has both the legitimacy and now the possibility of claiming the throne for themselves.

And did do, resulting in another four Queens of Naboo, three of them ruling, one after the other. With the last Queen, Adala choosing to reinstate the elections, but not harming her families nobility. Meaning they can still step up, should they choose to do so.

Claims in Onderon

Recently, House Sia began marrying to royalty from Onderon and from these marriages, their children were both legitimately royal in Onderon as well as Naboo (after Queen Kylantha dropped the elections).

This is further supported and actually confirmed by the fact that Amidala Sia herself was part of the line of succession for the Onderon throne when, Queen Astra, who succeeded Queen Hyacinth asked her to join her in the Onderon Royal court. Amidala Sia was the blood niece of Queen Astra, a Velmoran and Onderon Queen. This also confirms that through blood, both Queen Hyacinth and Queen Astra who are both famous Queens of Onderon, were also members of House Sia themselves whether they knew it or not, considering that marriage between House of Sia (Naboo royalty) and Onderon royalty began centuries ago. This means that House of Sia also has legitimate claim to Onderon.

Because House Sia is the result of Onderon royalty marriages and offspring, House Sia is actual, legitimate Onderon royalty. 

Fluctuations in Power

Because the House Sia is a royal house with legitimate claims in Naboo it has actually had over 4 Queens that have served the system (with either sims or parcels to support it). During there terms, they have always been periods of true monarchship. However Adala chose to keep the voting system during her reign and still managed to serve 3 terms on Naboo. The longest of any Queen. Because Naboo is in continuous periods of true monarchship and voted elections (thanks to sim owners not knowing there Naboo history) House Sia has never been able to maintain the throne for themselves. However whenever a true monarchship period arises, they have always stepped forth.

Because they are a mixture of Onderon and Naboo nobility, they are not a direct line of succession for the Onderon throne however they ARE part of the line of succession, hence why they have never had the throne themselves, other than Queen Hyacinth and Queen Astra. However there legitimacy continues to this day, with recent figures being active in the Onderon Monarchy.

Confirmed Members of House Sia

  • Janelia Sia (Princess)
  • Pindara Sia (Princess of Naboo and Onderon, Former and First Prime Minister of Bakura after the monarchy of Bakura was exiled)
  • Felina Sia (Former Princess of Naboo and Onderon, Former, first and last Prime Minister of Bothawui, New Trade Federation Vicerine)
  • Amidala Sia (deceased - Former Princess of Naboo and Onderon)
  • Queen Astra (deceased - Former Queen of Onderon)
  • Calliope Quan (deceased - Former Princess of Onderon and Empress of the Imperial City and the imperial planets)
  • Orion Janick (Jedi, Son of Calliope Quan)
  • Thalia Ishtari (Jedi, Daughter of Calliope Quan, Queen of Velmor)
  • Tiffany Vandergraff (Duchess of Onderon, Former PGA Senator and Chancellor, Former Chancellor of the Galactic Senate, Tetan Vicereine)
  • Hyacinth Janick (Former Queen of Onderon)
  • Po Sia (Princess of Onderon and Naboo, Former Councillor of Endor, Former Governor of Aurillia)
  • Ké Sia (Princess of Naboo and Onderon, Former Senator and Princess of Erep)
  • Queen Kida Sia (Princess of Naboo and Onderon, Former Queen of Naboo)
  • Adala (deceased - Princess of Naboo and Onderon, Former Queen of Naboo)