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House of De Vil is a fashion house that was founded on the planet, Hapes by the Hapan family, De Vil.

Starting off as a small time clothing store in the capitol of Hapes, it garnered much critical acclaim and attention.

It went on to win design awards at Hapan ceremonies and caught the attention of various nobles and politicians, which at the time, boosted the companies profile.

With the companies new fame, came new opportunities and offers. During this period, House of De Vil expanded to such planets, like Onderon and Coruscant and Naboo. Where they currently have stores in their respective capitol cities.

To date, House of De Vil has won numerous accolades, including design awards, Hapan beauty awards and services to the republic awards.

House of De Vil has a current net worth of 2.7 billion.

As a family company, House of De Vil is passed down to heirs when the current CEO believes the time is right. But because the De Vil family is Hapan. Its CEO are always female. As per the typical Hapan culture, with men ranking lower than women.