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Retired Jedi Master Helion Dragonash

CJO Grand Master Helion Dragonash


Trained five Knights:

Lady Kaia Kondor of the NOJ

Lady Rayven Vendetta formerly of the NOJ now unknown (passed away in RL. She is sorely missed by all who knew her.)

Lady Shyla Hastings of the CJO. Current where abouts of Lady Hastings is unknown.

Lady Kasey "Kit" Tennen of CJO. Currently with WMJA (White Moon Jedi Academy)

Lady Storm Memel of the CJO, Lady Memel has since reached the rank of Master and then Council Master in the CJO. Grand master of the WMJA as of current

Reached Master Level of the New Order of the Jedi.

Eventually left the Order and Founded the Corellian Jedi Order or CJO. Retired from the CJO and handed over the order to Master Memel.

Character History

Master Helion Dragonash.

Race: Human

Age: 42 (roughly)

Date of Birth: unknown

Home Planet: adopted Tatooine,

Parents : names unknown, Smugglers and accomplished pilots

No Known Blood relatives,

History: Born on a Corellian freighter to smuggler parents.

Grew up on a Tatooine, until the age of 18 when he left to find his parents.

Traveled all over from planet to planet searching and never finding, he eventually found his way to Yavin 4 where he met a wookiee by the name of alyana, she showed him around and introduced him to many of the people and knights on yavin. Helion stayed on yavin as he felt comfortable there, he met a mont wonderful and kind Jedi master, Master Zoffa Morico, was very kind to him and made him feel right at home, he was later acepted into the New Order of the Jedi, as a an adept of the order he waited patiently for a master to come along, one he felt comfortable with.

One day while out for a walk around the temple grounds he came across a Lady Knight who was very quiet but very kind, there was an instant connection with her and a day later she took him as her padawan learner, Lady Brihan Takacs was very kind and very understanding of his past, and she worked very diligently with him everyday. Helion was a very eager learner and craved knowledge, he sought all the information he could find on the force and the jedi. never wavering from him path.

Lady Brihan was absent for His knighting but he understood that her duties had kept her busy, Helion was honored to see his master become a master of the order a little while later, it was the greatest day of his life at that point.

Helion took his first padawan and worked hard with him every day, trying toinstill the same values in him that were taught by him to Master Brihan, sadly his first padawan strayed from the path of light.

Never giving up Helion strived to continue in the order, taking a new padawan, he continued with his duties as Knight and began training Alyenna Blood, a Twi'lek of the blood clan. she trained hard all the way up the final stages of her training and has since gone missing.

having lost 2 padawans to 2 different situations Helion took yet a third padawan and continued in his duties. never failing to follow the code, he trained Kaia Kondor, she worked hard and at every turn only served to impress him. Kaia was the frist padawan Helion trained to knight, he was extremely proud of her on the day of her knighting, the second greatest day of his life.

He watched kaia as she fell easily into her role as a Jedi Knight, and has since taken 3 more padawans, one of which has left the order for reason of a personal nature, one who has shown great promise in her training and will make Knight, of this he is sure.

His story does not end there though...

Helion was made a Master of the New Order of the Jedi, and and has since continued to live his life according to the code of the jedi. He continued to take and train padawans. often taking the padawans no one was willing to train. Helion was continually sought out by force adepts who wanted to be trained by this great Jedi Master.

There were many who began the training but soon found that they could not hope to meet his high standards and either moved on or found a new Master. Never faulting them for their decisions he always wished them the best.

Helion stayed true to the NOJ until the day he was approached by a former Council Master who was looking to build her own order and sought out elion in hopes of recruiting him for this. Helion agreed to help her build and to grow strong her new order He never knew she intended to betray him and use his work against him and the NOJ.

Once her intentions were clear he took a ship back to Yavin 4 and went to the NOJ Jedi High Council. He told the whole story and showed them data logs of information he had.

With the information they now had they were able to easily stop the potential attack and foiled the plans of the former Council Master. Helion knew his life would be forefeit if she ever found out, so he did the right and Noble thing, He confronted her directly.

Angered by his actions she swore to destroy him but her own plans and designs soon began to fall apart. Her newly created order was fast failing, without Helion Help sShe had to take the lead and many saw her true intentions were not of the light.

Her Jedi began to abandon her and she soon left her own oder herself. Helion never really kept track of her after that, he assumed she would continue her attacks against her old order but he was not interested in that, he had done his part and he felt at peace.

The NOJ moved from Yavin 4 and resettled on the planet of Ruusan, reclaiming an old Jedi temple. after rebuilding and repairing the temlple there the NOJ began to train Jedi once more.

Helion returned to the NOJ in hopes of helping them to continue to grow and to train Jedi. He was welcomed with open arms and hidden daggers. Helion faced adversity at every turn, those he once called friend he now called enemy. The Jedi he had called family for so many years now turned on him at every chance, Helion was attacked, verbally, by his fellow jedi. He did his best to maintain a calm and peaceful demeanor but he was soon overwhelmed by the subtle attacks against him and chose to once again leave the order. Saddened by what the NOJ had become. he boarded his ship and with one last long sigh and woe filled look back at his former friends and masters he bid the NOJ and their sith like ways farewell.

Helions Story Continues....

Having traveled the Galaxies for many years he returned to Ruusan, in hopes that they had returned to the light, to find the NOJ, His First Order, and HIs first Jedi family Destroyed. the Temple in ruins and those He called friends dead and gone. in his dispair her went rogue and traveled for many months seeking answers, he found nothing but betrayal.

After Finding a surviving Knight of the NOJ, Helion sought all the answers he could get from him, he learned that the only reason the Knight survived was that he had betrayed them, A powerful sith order sought their destruction and offered the Knight power in exchange for his help.

The knight had always sought more power anyway. Helion was applaed by this news and drew his saber to avenge the murders of his fellow jedi. He never got the chance, a small sting in the back of his neck his vision began to blur and his limbs grew heavy.

In his anger he failed to sense the danger behind him, he passed out infront of the laughing traitor. Helion awoke some time later, he had no idea how long he had been out but he knew it had been long enough for the traitor to escape justice. He looked around and found his surroundings had changed considerably, he was in a Carbonite outline, The traitor had apprently decided not to kill him, but rather to freeze him in carbonite.

Helion found himself back on Ruusan among all the rubble and destruction. He found an old Tieton and did what repairs he could to the engines, using the tieton to leave Ruusan he traveled again until he found civilization, on Coruscant. He later traveled to Yavin 13 where he founded the Corellian Jedi Order.

Helion has retired and is taking time travelling the galaxy. Someday the Force may call him to teach once again. He has been offered many homes by many wonderful orders. Helion does not teach Jedi at this time. A time will come again when he will take up his saber and knight a new Jedi of the Force, but that time is not now.

The force will with you all, always.