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Darth Exitium: "Do not forget how significant your bloodline is, Ava. Never forget that you are a Haj'ra."
Ava Haj'ra: "I will not fail you again father, I will not disgrace our name."
― Ava Haj'ra and Darth Exitium


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Haj'ra was an ancient last name dated back to the Golden Age of the Sith, those who were directly connected to the bloodline of Marka Ragnos, but well within a thin line. Force-sensitive Sith family members of the bloodline could attempt to claim the title of Arch Lord in the Disciples of Ragnos, but it was later revealed that which if one Arch Lord was killed by another family member, the heir of the line of blood would change to the current bloodline. House of Ragnos members could not attempt to claim the title if there was no Sith in the Haj'ra bloodline within the same generation to attempt to claim it. It is to be noted that the bloodline of Haj'ra is mostly filled with Force-Sensitive beings, those force-sensitives were most notably practicing Sith. To stray from the path of the Sth was considered odd, out of character and disrespectful to the ancestors that continued the traditions of this family. The Haj'ra Family rarely strode away from the specific races they kept and found to be acceptable races.

Royalty within the Bloodline

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Those within the direct bloodline of Dae'dah Haj'ra III were considered heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Lithoria. These people currently include: The children of Morior; Vel'orin Haj'ra, Thor'en Haj'ra and Leh'ela (Alexander) Haj'ra as well as his father, Guntai Haj'ra. It's also said that the bloodline is directly connected to the Dark Lord Marka Ragnos, himself - The Haj'ra keep this as a closely guarded secret.

Current Arch Lord of the House of Ragnos

Arch Lord Morior, within his Temple Archives on Khar Delba

After completing his Sith training under Darth Dolusian, Dae'dah Haj'ra III moved to find his place among the Sith and found that he had not always been told the truth about his family. In the search, he learned of the history of his family and how his own father attempted to kill him; with the idea of ending the line of the Haj'ra Family, to prevent the Disciples of Ragnos to return and in turn, hoping to end tradition of an heir to become the new Arch Lord, Guntai Haj'ra the late Arch Lord gone Jedi Master, the man formerly known as Darth Sae'hal II attempted to kill his son.

Darth Morior prepared himself and laid claim to the title only after partaking in several trials, including the defeat of those few Council Members of the former Disciples of Ragnos, who oversaw these trials and eventually joined Morior's cause. Only after the completion of these trials did Dae'dah Haj'ra III become Arch Lord Morior.

Accepted Species of the Haj'ra Family Bloodline

  • Human or near humans that do not visibly differ too much, such as the Epicanthix
  • Zabrak
  • Human-Zabrak Hybrid
  • Pureblood Sith - Note: It was a rarity for the pureblood Sith characteristics, both physical and personality wise; to be shown in the Haj'ra bloodline, though the genes were not non-existent.

Haj'ra Family Members

The family members within the bloodline are (In Order):

  • Dae'dah Haj'ra II (Guntai's Grandfather, Father of Sai'en Haj'ra) Status: Deceased
  • Sai'en Haj'ra (Guntai & Sila's Father) Status: Deceased
  • Ha'en (Ha'endaren) Haj'ra (Guntai's & Sila's Mother) Status: Deceased
  • Darth Exitium (Sila-Haj'ra) Status: Deceased
  • Darth Sae'hal II (Guntai Haj'ra) Status: Formerly Deceased; Alive: Jedi Master
  • Ava Haj'ra (Exitium's Daughter) Status: Alive
  • Su'ten Haj'ra (Sila-Haj'ra's Son) Status: Unknown
  • Dae'dah Haj'ra III (Guntai's Son) Status: Alive
  • Thea'ah Rory (Haj'ra) (Dae'dah III's Sister) Status: Alive
  • Vel'orin Haj'ra (Dae'dah III's First son) Status: Alive
  • Thor'en Haj'ra (Dae'dah III's Second son) Status: Unknown
  • Leh'ela (Alexander) Haj'ra (Dae'dah III & Aranka's Daughter) Status: Alive
  • Unlisted others

Haj'ra Family Members (Non-Blood Related)

The family members not-blood related to the Haj'ra's are (In Order):

  • Aurora (Victoria Lumos): Mother of Dae'dah Haj'ra and Thea'ah Status: Alive
  • Ganron Kutilles (Adopted Cousin to Guntai) Status: Deceased
  • Aranka Alexander (Mother to Leh'ela) Status: Alive
  • Afana Hajjar (Adopted Daughter to Dae'dah III & Aranka) Status: Alive
  • Kara Thrace (Alexander) (Adopted Daughter to Dae'dah III & Aranka) Status: Alive

Meaning of Haj'ra

Haj'ra is derived from an ancient tongue or spoken language called Rak'razan'ika. The actual meaning of Haj'ra is:

  1.  Ha ("Ruler")
  2. je' or j' ("of" - The 'e' is silent in this case)
  3. 'Ra ("Sith").
  4. Haj'ra - "Ruler of Sith"