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Haiye Adetera was a Kiffar female residing on Yavin 4. She lived there in solitude as a Jedi retiree and once held the title of Jedi Consular within the Kalway Order of Jedi long ago.


The Survivor[]

The earliest traces of Haiye's background and home planet are unknown. Yet, a team of Jedi Knights hailing from the forest moon Yavin IV were sent to investigate a small planet just off the edge of the Outer Rim, hearing reports of the once-peaceful world having spontaneously been invaded by hoards of Black Sun Rihkxyrk Assault Fighters. By the time the knights arrived to this unknown planet-in-jeopardy, the pirates had already finished their pillaging and departed, leaving the environment burning, littering it with the likes of the dead and cowering citizens on the brink of death. The knights scouted every nook and cranny of the grim scene for survivors, intent on questioning about Black Sun's motives behind the destruction. A dying trooper of the planetary defense force answered, "We...didn't pay our debt... We just didn't listen."

Then, the distressed crying of a baby was heard nearby. She lied snug in a blanket within the remains of a blaster-battered building, the bodies of the child's parents guarding her bedside in a cold slump. The Jedi Knights consoled the infant, their auras calming her and soothing her cries of anguish. They retrieved the baby girl, for they believed her survival proved her destiny in the Force. They set course from the wasteland back to Yavin IV.

Life on Yavin 4[]

The history between Haiye's induction into KOJ and her exile remain obscure.

Personality and traits[]

Haiye possesses a tranquil nature akin to most Jedi. She cares for the welfare of all living creatures and endeavors to preserve the lives of those around her, though hurtful experiences remind her that she cannot save every organism from death. Also, as a mother of two children, she has grown in emotional maturity and responsibility for her own family. During her apprenticeship, her predecessors conferred to her the title of Jedi Consular, on account her objective reasoning toward various disputes she meddled in. Unlike her classmates and close friends, she could see past crude matter for what it truly was, indicating she may have reached some level of metaphysical enlightenment. She also seems to have an affinity for botany and exotic flowers.

Haiye bears an average height with a somewhat dainty figure. Her skin is a deep shade of brown and seems immaculate despite her age, her black hair flows past her shoulders in an unkempt fashion, and her eyes glisten with an unnatural, silvery color. She wears the traditional Force User's cloak and brown leggings while her tunic resembles a blood-red mini-dress with a white tanktop underneath. She also sports a standard utility belt with several medpacks attached to the side and standard Jedi boots as footwear.