Name: HK-58

Model: HK Series Assassin and Protocol Droid

List of Upgrades: TechSpan I: The TechSpan I was a specialty module produced on Mechis III during the Galactic Civil War for use in certain droids, especially the E-3PO protocol droid. The module made it possible for such droids to interface directly with various Imperial networks as well as deal with the often rare, shady, and completely undocumented Imperial contractors, such as the Ugnaughts on Bespin. There has been some speculation that the Emperor himself may have supplied the technological basis for the module. However, the initial variant of the TechSpan technology was also mildly buggy in that droid personalities using the module developed arrogance or haughtiness over time through defective metaprogramming.

Linguistic Module: TranLang III Communication Module (4000+ Languages)

CG1XB Translator Module (program other droids using complex electronic sound patterns)

Processors: AA-12X VerboBrain Heuristic processor (allows the droid to learn by doing) Mimetic combat processor (allows the droid to mimic the combat styles of jedi. However due to the physical limitations of the Droid itself, it only uses this Processor for learning how to best combat Jedi.)

Memory Core: Gabonna memory crystal (best memory unit for processing power on the market and used in class five battle droids)

Astrogation Buffer (15 Destination Library for Hyperspace Jumps)

Creativity damper (disabled to allow Creative hunting techniques)

Droid Anatomy upgrade (library of organic anatomy)

Assassination module (contains assassination programming)

Battle upgrade (tactical engagement data)

Droid exchange interface (hacks into locked doors that use key codes)

Droid Micro-optics (multiple optical sensors that simultaniously zoom in at the microscopic level and identify changes in the objects of the surrounding area. I.E. can tell if a bridge is safe or not based on its rate of decay at the microscopic level. or can see how much damage the droid is doing to an opponents armor if they are close enough.) Range: 50 FT.

Motion tracker

Parabolic guides (Modifications that link directly into a droid's sensors. This allows for the calculation of multiple trajectory possibilities for munitions fired at the droid and the evasive maneuvers that are needed.)

Reference Database (Library of technical Schematics of all known Devices ranging from Fighters to warships to Speeder Bikes to weapons. Note: Must be common schematics so no knowledge of secrets unless aquired through RP)

Remote interface (Bypasses all Direct Interface security measures however leaves the droid unaware of what is happening around it.)

Self-sustaining unit (Through several complex processes, a droid can sustain and repair itself, regardless of the availability of repair kits.)

Source Ripper (Allows a droid to see the original coding used to create a computer system. This gives unprecedented access to sub-systems that even the programmer might not have known existed.)

Magnetic feet

MDF Motivator (grants the droid Sadistic tendencies as it was designed for Torture Droids)

Reactivate Switch has been removed and replaced with internal switch controled by a micro-processor who's sole purpose is to reactivate the droid at a predetermined moment or when certain requirements are fulfilled. These times or requirements are set by the droids main processors.


The HK-58 was built by a Private individual based off of aquired schematics from previous HK models and was slowly upgraded with further technology from other model droids. He was then brought online and told that his primary mission was to eliminate all who stood in the way of said Private individual's goals. After a time of doing his Dirty work and learning that most of the people the HK was ordered to kill only got in the builders way after he caused them to be angry at him. The HK-58 decided that the best way to keep from having to do this Organic meatbags work was to eliminate him. So the HK-58 hacked the computer network and learned everything he could and then contacted the enemies of his builder and promised them to eliminate the meatbag if they each payed him 50,000 Credits. They agreed and after he killed him in a rather sadistic way of hanging him from a building as the air speeders kept hitting his body eventually killing him, the HK took the money and bought himself a ship, the Pegasus, and left that planet behind. The planet was ofcourse Coruscant.

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