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The HD-series support droid was the result of a pet project of Lord Kaissen De'eva. It was intended to provide first aid and general support for Black Ops and Sith strike teams.


((Coming some day, possibly over the rainbow.))

Equipment and armor[]

Each HD-series support droid featured a lightsaber-resistant armored chassis, a store of bacta grenades, medpacs, kolto injectors, bandages, a small selection of slicing tools backed up by a basic slicer-support module, a military-grade blaster, and a retractable vibroknife.  At least some droids additionally carried portable stealth generators and personal deflector shields.

Notable examples[]


HD-001-Prototype was the first fully-constructed HD-series support droid deemed by Lord Kaissen De'eva to be prepared for field-testing under strenuous combat conditions - namely, aiding a Sith lord and his apprentice in clearing out a collicoid nest on Balmorra. Unfortunately, the apprentice betrayed his master - but the droid proved capable enough to stabilize the wounded Sith lord and transport him to safety even while still being attacked by collicoids.

HD-001-Prototype was captured by Republic forces along with Lord Tremab De'eva, but a traitor among the Jedi arranged for Imperial forces to ambush the transport carrying the prototype support droid to a Republic lab. The droid was upgraded several times during the course of its service. Unlike several other HD-series support droids, there is no record of the prototype's destruction. It was last seen in Lord Kaissen De'eva's company.