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HC-105A "Longsword"

HC-105A "Longsword" Space Superiority Fighter

Despite centuries of reliable service from craft such as the X-wing, E-wing, and Twintail, a small development group known as Quadstar Innovations recognized the need for a modern space superiority starfighter to counter the ever increasing threat of Sith battle groups and pirate incursions.

Development began on the HC-105A in 225 ABY, and was completed in 229 ABY. Mass production began at the Quadstar Innovations Industrial Complex in the Vergasso Asteroid Fields in 230 ABY. The core group of Quadstar innovations is a combination of scientists and engineers at the top of their fields, and pilots and Jedi Knights who have the combat experience to know what is required of a front line starfighter. The Longsword has been developed specifically to meet these needs, using a combination of inexpensive and reliable older style equipment as well as several state of the art, cutting edge systems that truly give the Longsword its edge over enemy fighters. The Longsword was designed with several mission profiles in mind, and goes about accomplishing these missions in a variety of ways. Mission Profiles

  • Space/Air Superiority and High Speed Interception
  • Convoy Escort
  • Long Range Patrols

With these primary missions in mind, research was carried out in order to find what the new starfighter would need in order to best accomplish these missions.

Design Priorities

  1. High speed and maneuverability
  1. Ability to deal high amounts of damage quickly and accurately
  1. Durability
  1. Long Range

It was discovered during several years of research that even with the most cutting edge of maneuvering thrusters, the desired speed and yaw/pitch/roll rates could not be accomplished without reducing the weight and durability of the fighter's armor plating. This was compensated for by the installation of a high output energy reactor and shield generators. Due to the Longsword's exceptional speed and heavy shielding, this was considered an acceptable tradeoff.

One of the most advanced systems on the HC-105A is its fire control computer and primary weapons. Outfitted with rapid fire double laser cannons mounted near the front of the fighter, its accuracy is considered one of its strongest assets, and this, combined with its speed, makes for an extremely deadly starfighter in the hands of an experienced pilot. Support Systems

Due to the complexity of its onboard systems, the HC-105A is rated to use the new series of R12 Astromech droids. Because of past designs leaving the droid exposed to enemy fire or micrometeorites, the decision was made to have the droid seal completely inside the chassis of the fighter during normal flight operations, though it does have the ability to open its hatch and partially emerge for external ship access. Priority of scanning systems and hyperlight travel was considered low next to its other systems. The HC-105A scanners are considered to be average, and it is fitted with a x1 Hyperdrive with approximately 1 week's worth of supplies and provisions.

Operational Statistics

((This information is intended as a roleplaying supplement, and can be handy for mechanic / repair type roleplays. For those of you familiar with the X-wing series of games,

Length: 9.2 Meters

Maximum acceleration: 5,300 G

Maximum Speed (Space): 140 MGLT

Maximum Speed (Atmosphere): 1,450 km/h (higher speeds possible with deflector shields on)

Engine unit(s):

  • QuadStar Bravo 1-A fusial thrust engines (2)

Hyperdrive rating:

  • Class 1.0
  • No backup

Hyperdrive system:

  • FreiTek HCA-1 hyperdrive unit

Power plant:

Novaldex 25-T cryogenic power cell


QuadStar HCA/RP Series 1 deflector shield generator (150 SBD)


Titanium alloy hull

Sensor systems:

Carbanti transceiver package:

  • Fabritech BYO-1d full-spectrum transceiver
  • PG-7u short range primary threat analysis grid
  • Melihat "Multi Imager" dedicated energy receptor
  • Tana Ire-B electro-photo receptor

Targeting systems:

QuadStar Accuro XB9 tracking computer and IN-390 "Bullseye" holographic imaging system

Navigation system:

  • R12 Series Astromech droid (normally programmed for 20 jumps)


QuadStar B2B-1 flight computer[10]


Aft chaff/flare launcher


  • Taim & Bak XX50 Double laser cannons (2)
  • Krupx MG10 proton torpedo launchers (2)
  • Standard load: 3 torpedoes each


  • Pilot (1)
  • Astromech droid (1)


No Capacity

Cargo capacity:

120 kilograms


1 week, but extendable with attachable support pods.

Life support:


Communication systems:

QuadStar InTouch HCA-1 long and short range tranceiver

External Links / OOC Information

The Longsword is a fighter built by Mikori Lawson and scripted by Qitarah Muramabhad for use with the RHCS vehicles system, RHVCS. Intended to be a Jedi / Republic allied vehicle, it is available for purchase for 1000 Lindens at: