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"The Sith see the Light and the Dark. Our view is not narrow... in fact that is the opposite. For one to assume such simply must be impudent in every way. And the Jedi say that we are impertinent..."

— Darth Sae'hal II to Jedi Knight, Tekisui on Exitium's Delight Space station over Bengat

Guntai Haj'ra, later known as Darth Sae'hal II, was a Force-sensitive Zabrak-Human hybrid male born on Coruscant to members of the Haj'ra family. Raised as a Jedi from a young age, the hybrid would eventually become the Arch Lord of the Disciples of Ragnos as a powerful Sith Lord who helped form and destroy the Galactic Empire as titled Wrath of the Emperor. Later returning to the Lightside of the Force and retraining until becoming a Jedi Master , Haj'ra formed the Second Star Militia and acted as a commanding General alongside Jedi Master Sha'ira Luroon, who was his Jedi mentor.


Guntai Haj'ra's Childhood

Guntai Haj'ra was born and raised on the planet of Coruscant. Born into a wealthy family, he was privledged and well mannered. Appearing to be a young white human male. His mother, Ha'en Haj'ra and his father, Sai'en Haj'ra. His mother was a young white Human female, his father was a Red Zabrak male. As a young boy, the jedi came and took him to the Great Jedi Temple of Coruscant. There he learned and studied in the ways of the force and learned the Jedi Code. He was an excellent student. Although a flaw of his, and along with many other Jedi of his time, was his struggle with the darkside.

During his time at the Jedi Temple as he was young, he felt wanted, he was happy and satisfied. He had come across another in the Temple with his last name, 'Haj'ra'. This boy, a young red Zabrak. The Zabraks name, Sila-Haj'ra. Over time they became friends, and over time they came to the knowledge that they were cousins. Their close friendship grew, yet their knowledge of eachothers past was limited as well as forbidden. At the time the Jedi forbid to let the past constrict them, sorrows and emotions. Guntai agreed with this idea, Sila-Haj'ra did not. Although the two became very close, and almost so close that they could hardly be taken away from eachother.

A journey alone

It came to the time when Sith Troopers came and raided the Great Jedi Temple of Coruscant, The unknown reason of why they were there. Both the boys were ordered to to leave the Temple and get to safety on the planet Tython, the planet of the force. Guntai Haj'ra simply followed his orders and decided to make his way to Tython. However, Sila-Haj'ra, Guntai's cousin, refused to leave the Temple. Guntai urged his cousin to come along to Tython, and he left the Temple on his journey alone.

As he arrived on Tython safely, he was taken in by the Jedi of the Temple, although shortly as he arrived there, he was called back to the Jedi Temple of Coruscant. He did so and returned home. The Jedi Temple was damaged slightly, the Jedi themselves were few. A older red Zabrak Male, lay on the floor, on the same floor was a white Human Female. These two resembled his parents although they were identified not later as such.

Guntai, worried beyond belief for his parents, made his way quickly to his old home on Corsucant. Haj'ra mansion, near the Upper High Class Districts on Coruscant. He found his parents at his old home, round and well although worried as well for their son. He comforted them, they saw the news about the Sith Troopers attacking the Jedi Temple. They feared for their sons life and told him unbelievable information. A young jedi had called the Sith Troopers there after he had heard about the mysterious deaths of the white Human Female and the red Zabrak Male. He was told that the two were his family, aunt and uncle. His uncle, Sila-Haj'ra's father was a sith. He saw his cousin as an enemy, yet he couldnt put this together, his cousin was an enemy, but what did he do to be deemed an 'enemy'. He dwelled on this thoughts of this for many years.

He continued through training, another master took him in, for his was dead. He finally became a Jedi Knight, though the decision was ill-made.

Family Reunion

Guntai finds Exitium

After a couple years serving with the title Jedi Knight, Haj'ra was sent on a recon mission to Korriban. Word has come that the sith had been detected on Korriban. He knew in the back of his mind that the sith had always been, and always will be present. His mission led him to an ancient sith temple on Korriban, he searched and he felt a strong darkside signature. He felt someone from the past, his cousin. He was overwhelmed, he saw the figure, his cousin. Kneeling before a Dark Lord of the Sith. His presence was felt. Lord Exitium, Sila-Haj'ra was known as. Detected his cousin. The Dark Lord disappeared and Exitium came to his cousin. Both well grown, Guntai slightly taller and thicker. Exitium was meant for speed and agility. Guntai was attacked by his cousin, he was then branded with a tattoo on his right eye, constricted by a powerful force. While the tattoo was given, there was no avoiding the eye itself, he then lost his sight. A great sith chant was spoken along with a ritual. His eye was healed quickily, he did not know the effects of this ritual. He was tortured slightly, pierced by thin and hot needles facing his frontal body. He was set free, and he returned safely to the Jedi Temple of Coruscant. Lord Exitium allowed him to leave with a simple message to his cousin. The Jedi Council had sent him to face his fears on Korriban. His mission was to be rid of his cousin, making him face his fears. Gunta Haj'ra left the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to serve another order.

The Pull of the Dark Side

The pull of the Darkside

For a while, Guntai was unaware of his life's purpose, what he was, who he was or why he existed. Jedi or Sith. Dark, Light or perhaps even Grey. The man was unaware of what had happened, he had failed his mission. After all, who could kill their family - His thoughts. Within time, the tattoo on his face disappeared strangely enough. Though it was rumored by the Jedi of the Coruscant Temple that the very scar left by Lord Exitium was a curse. Something that would eventually cause the man to fall. And he did. Guntai went on looking for purpose, performing odd jobs (And learning what his expertise was: Speed, strength etc.. eventually forming him to the marauder/assassin type class) while his cousin, Lord Exitium, ruled the Disciples of Ragnos on Bespin and finally moving them eventually to Mos Espa, Tatooine where Guntai moved to find the Disciples and his cousin eventually. There he turned to the Dark Side and Lord Exitium forbade him to speak of his new apprenticeship to him. The man was forced to live a long time on Korriban, alone much of the time. Developing his own skills and putting to use what his master (Exitium) had taught him. Until the time came that he was to kill his former Jedi Master, an order given by his Sith Master during his apprenticeship. Jedi Master Dai' Kund'aya. From then he was called 'An Exile' by the Coruscant Jedi Council's ruling. Guntai's Knighthood was rough. From then he was titled Lord Sae'hal, a name passed down from generations before. Sae'hal was named after his uncle, Exitium's father. Darth Sae'hal II who was merely called Sae'hal. Where as Sae'hal had never realized his true title was Sae'hal the third (Lord Sae'hal III). 

Sae'hal, his new name or so he kept to himself went on without his master. Keeping his teachings by the Sith to himself. From then he had heard rumors and all about the Disciples of Ragnos. Their grand Sith army, their dominating Imperial military, and even then, he had no desire to continue on until he met someone. Eventually the rumors fell quiet as the Disciples slowly quieted themselves, dwelling in the shadows again for quite a while. Years, but not due to defeat, plot. Or so he heard. Many faces he saw come and go during his time on Korriban, even his master. Lord Exitium made one final visit before giving a final order to Sae'hal, knowingly that he would die soon, Exitium gave the order to infiltrate the Dantooine Jedi Enclave. Exitium foresaw the slowing order of the Disciples of Ragnos and his own death. It was meant to be preserved. Sae'hal denied his master's wishes, undermining them completely. Sae'hal met the woman, Nev'la, Princess Nev'la. Royalty of the Ziost System. Eventually the two grew to a new found relationship. Allies and all, the Disciples were Reborn and Lord Exitium went into hiding on Korriban. There he dwelled on his own, waiting for his death and going through a terrible change. A change however that marked a new age of the Disciples of Ragnos to come, though it was far into the future, by years.

Embracing the Dark Side

Embracing the Dark Side

As newly titled Arch Lord and named Darth. Darth Sae'hal II (again unknowingly Sae'hal the third) reformed the Disciples of Ragnos and awoke them from their sleep. Though only for a time, Fort Bane was reopened on Mos Espa and the Disciples of Ragnos were slowly growing steadily once again. With the Obsidian Dominion's assistance (Mainly Nev'la), The Disciples with their ally gained much footing in the Galaxy. Their efforts pushed them to the limits. Towering over helpless Jedi, the Jedi of Tanaab, Dantooine, Yavin and Tython all suffered defeats to the newly found powerful alliance. Sae'hal and Nev'la eventually betrayed the Empire of Byss, the 'Dark Lords of the Sith' (DLoTS) without a care. Sae'hal's own power increased steadily, though his teachings to his Disciples faltered thus the Disciples of Ragnos were slowed yet again.

Sae'hal declared that he would follow Nev'la every which way that she went, and the Princess Nev'la of Ziost eventually turned to the Light Side of the force, even after hundreds of years of terrorizing the Galaxy as a Sith Master. Sae'hal II was no more and Guntai Haj'ra was restored. Eventually Guntai made progress with the Jedi and followed Nev'la to the Dantooine Jedi Enclave, where he was accepted as a Jedi Quarton. (A Jedi student in the middle rank of Padawan and Knight). There he met finally, Jedi Master Sha'ira Luroon who would soon become his Jedi Master under his Quartonship. There he learned the ways of the Jedi, the Jedi Code, their philosophy and he enjoyed it. But then the war on Uvena Prime came..

Doubt of the Sith Way

"No matter what becomes of us, always remember to make the right choice over the easy one."

— Jedi Master Sha'ira Luroon to Guntai Haj'ra

Jedi Guntai Haj'ra

Guntai as a Quarton was permitted to participate in the war, unlike the average lower ranking Jedi. To support the Galactic Liberation Alliance's (GLA) effort to fight off the Revenant Armada that threatened the Shistavanen home-world, Haj'ra accompanied his Master, Sha'ira Luroon in hopes of assisting in extinguishing said threat.

After their arrival and some heavy participation, the young Jedi saw and felt horror like never before. To Guntai, the pain was far worse than what his former Sith Master had dealt to him. Seeing the Shistavanen people in pain stroke Guntai wrongly. After the war was won and the Revenant Armada was pushed back, Guntai took note of a change of heart. His opinion of about war had changed; death and everything else connected to it was a powerful tool.

Eventually Guntai's thought process began to twist, finding more opportunity to do good through ill means. Without the monitoring of his own mindset, the man grew colder in attitude and his lack of self-discipline in his abilities foreshadowed arrogance. Out of confusion, Guntai left the Jedi Enclave of Dantooine along with his friends, Jedi Knight Nev'la, Sha'ira and some others as well. Sure that Sha'ira would worry about him, he cut his ties quickly and focused on his new, twisted minded goal; building the harbinger of the New Age of the galaxy. Something that could give civilization a chance for peace.

The Return of Darth Sae'hal II

Darth Sae'hal - Sith Marauder

In Darkness, chaos and confusion, Darth Sae'hal II was born again. Guntai Haj'ra fell to the Dark Side for a second  time, he wasn't returning to the Light. Slowly the Disciples of Ragnos began their rising once more. Though this time Sae'hal studied, on Korriban he learned much, his master was the very same as Exitium's, The Dark Lord Marka Ragnos himself. Not by voice, though at times, but by his text. His teachings. Slowly Sae'hal learned, trained under and embraced the Dark Side of the force. Marka Ragnos came in his spirit form at one point during his re-training stages and gave him new life. Re-titled Darth Sae'hal II, through the Dark Lord's very words. Returning to Mos Espa and reopening Fort Bane once again, The Disciples prepared their newly formed Empire Reborn for a move. There he gathered his first true apprentice and trained him to be a marauder; Darth Decessus, otherwise known as his former 'dead self', Leon Katar. The two's relationship grew and the dark side flourished between them. Sae'hal took Katar as his first official apprentice, trained in the Dark Side of the force and of the Sith teachings. The Sith Academy of the Disciples of Ragnos thrived under the two's command. Though soon a new individual in the next generation of Sith, along with Sae'hal and Katar, had yet to be born. Many fell to the Academy's harsh trials and remained failures in the eyes of their predecessors.

The Legendary Apprentice

Darth Aurora (Victoria Lumos)

On Mos Espa, directly before the 'move' a new child was born in Ragnos' name, Victoria Lumos. A young Jedi woman, Padawan of Jedi Enclave, had attacked by a few 'rogue sith' of his own. The Darth killed his own, in turn, he felt the potential of the young woman to be brought forth in years to come. From there Sae'hal  took the young woman into his grasp, recruiting her into the Disciples of Ragnos. Only he knew that the woman would soon turn into a powerful individual to which he eventually titled Darth Aurora.

Through Power; Victory: The Obelisk of Power

Naboo, the Disciples had finally grown to a notable size (again). They were back to their old plans, wreaking havoc upon the galaxy, killing and destroying everything Jedi that they possibly could (Which eventually helped lead to the fall of the Republic). Naboo was where the Disciples had begun their path to true power. Long had the Disciples searched for items of power until finally they did. The 'Obelisk of Power' as it was called, it's origin was unknown, though the markings would say its 'home' (Where it was created/forged) was that of Korriban, Homeworld of the Sith. Darth Sae'hal II, with Lord Decessus whom on Naboo, declared his brother with a blood bond over the alter of Marka Ragnos and Darth Exitium with a ritualistic knife, the Dagger of Exitium. The dagger itself was forged of many Sith Spirits of whom were trapped through the Arch Lord of Late's (Exitium) deception. The spirits had a new master though, Sae'hal.

Darth Sae'hal during the campaign of the Obelisk of Power trained the young Victoria Lumos (Darth Aurora) and took her under his wing, fashioning her very well being under his guide, through apprenticeship. Darth Sae'hal had begun fashioning the young lady into a leader. The campaign of the Obelisk of Power took great hold of the woman's training, each battle Sae'hal, his new apprentice and Darth Decessus were present. Several events had occurred though one of significance was when Sae'hal, Aurora and some others traveled under the guise of Jedi. A tip came forth from an unknown source directing the few to New Holstice. A Spirit of Old was found, Sae'hal along with the others on New Holstice convinced the Jedi Spirit, under the guise of Jedi, to release the location of the Obelisk of Power. The unknown source had tipped that there was an old spirit that spoke of such. From there on, the Disciples and Darth Sae'hal II moved quickly to Tattooine's outskirts, where the Old Kryat Dragon Graveyard was. In an old cave near the graveyard, the Disciples discovered the Obelisk of Power, though the Jedi of Dantooine's Enclave were not far behind. A skirmish had occurred and the Disciples were victorious, thus, taking the Obelisk of Power to their Homeworld of Naboo, in the Lake Country.  

From there the Disciples plotted of how to use the Power of the Obelisk, though their efforts were thwarted when the Republic came with the Jedi forces. Many came, battle after battle, most offenders were cast away until the last battle. The battle began with the Republic Fleets invasion with the Galactic Liberation Alliance's assistance from Uvena Prime. The two notable forces attacked the Armada of the Disciples of Ragnos over Naboo, the space battle was lost. The elite Jedi of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave were present. All Disciples present were downed, except for Darth Sae'hal who fought several Jedi at once, taking down half of the team before Blade Kamala, Council Master (and leader) of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave helped down him with the assistance of Lady Nev'la (Of whom was Princess Ne'vla of Ziost, before she turned to the Light Side). From there the Disciples were forced back into the Imperial Facilities of the Lake Country, where the Obelisk of Power was being held. The Obelisk of Power had been activated, though it needed time to be used. Several hours were taken before another battle broke out, this time in the Imperial Facilities. Again the Disciples efforts were thwarted, overrun by Jedi. The Disciples whom survived moved to protect the Obelisk of Power but failed, nearly escaping the area with their lives after the place was set on fire due to the Obelisk's destruction. Another part of the fleet of the Disciples of Ragnos arrived, finally, and the Jedi and their Republic forces and their allies were pushed out of the Lake Country, Naboo. From then, the Disciples decided it would be best if the Disciples had moved. 

The Empire Reborn

The Dynali Sector

Empire Reborn

Darth Sae'hal II and several of the other Council Members decided it was best to move to the outer-rim, and closer to their main target, the Dantooine Jedi Enclave. From there, the Council chose to move to the Dynali Sector. Darth Exitium had once stationed the Disciples there due to a previous occupation hundreds (or at least 100) years before. The facilities were completely refurbished, restructured and a Grand Temple and an Imperial City were made by Darth Sae'hal's order. There the Disciples sat, plotting against their enemy and training, growing again. Darth Sa'ehal II now had more time to train his newest apprentice, Lady Aurora as she was named. There she was shaped into what she is today, Councilwoman of the Disciples of Ragnos Sith Order and a Darth. Lady Aurora had been pitted against several tests; Such as being put against her master and his apprentice of late - Darth Decessus. Though through the struggle of the Sith Academy and it's lack of numbers, Aurora's training was far more fierce than the average Sith Student; Even with the extreme combat training she received.

Soon mandalorian allies of the Disciples took hold of a base in the Imperial City of Taspir III, there the Disciples of Ragnos, the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps and the Mandalorian Clan Vevut (Led by Alor Azrail Tartanuss) protected the Imperial City and Taspir III's glorious sith temple along with the entirety of the Dynali Sector including Ord Thoden.

The Disciples of Ragnos and the newly formed Empire Reborn were tasked with orders to be protectors of Ord Thoden and Taspir III. Ord Thoden had it's own signficance. Darth Sae'hal II, with an idea from the Sith Council, ordered the Imperials to refurbish a facility on the planet of Ord Thoden in order to mass produce Lommite when they had begun to build more Star-Fighters and other ships. (For RP's sake, the majority of this information will remain out of this). The Lommite was shipped to another location, a world to which the Disciples had taken control of for a time in order to mass produce specific products. The majority of Ord Thoden's work was done via slave labor, which was overseen by Grand Moff Sul Vosi himself.

Years passed and the Arch Lord became increasingly comfortable with his council's rule, and he as overseer. New allies had been gained and the Disciples were coming upon a new era, but darkness and danger that was not the proper 'Golden Aged' Sith Order's doing was on its way. All of the Disciples, including the Arch Lord felt the disturbance. While rumors broke out that Jedi Master Sha'ira Luroon made a short-lived visit to the Dynali Sector, Sae'hal was quick to hush these comments through manipulation of the media. However with urgency, the council's collective decision was to relocate to a remote world that was rarely visited by outsiders.

The New Age Sith - Dagobah

"It is time for change, but not just any change. The Disciples must adapt, this Empire must adapt for the New Age. We will become the shadows of the galaxy, and we know how shadows operate."

— Darth Sae'hal II to the House of Ragnos

(Add Picture Here) The moment the council made their decision, Imperial personnel were deployed to Dagobah, the swamp world. It was a place that was neutral grounds for all Force Sensitive beings. Until the Disciples and the Empire Reborn arrived. Time took its toll, but the specially designed, prefabricated imperial facilities built underground were well worth the effort in Haj'ra's eyes. The Arch Lord personally oversaw much of the world's investments and The Hall of Decessus would be one of the greatest. With little help from the previously built 'Rebel Academy' and other bases, Sae'hal declared the operation at a close - Remnant imperials from the Dynali Sector followed and many fled elsewhere.

Following the development of the new underground imperial facilities, the Disciples of Ragnos and the council declared that the latest excavations from Korriban would be put to use to construct an underground Sith temple. Ganron Kutilles, who at the time was overseeing the temple's successful creation with Sae'hal, alerted the would-be Dark Lord that there was already Sith structures in place under the surface near the site, among other things. Sae'hal, Darth Aurora and Lady Puterea found themselves at the site of a Dark Side Nexus. The entrance to the Temple of Malevolent Fate was directly below the Nexus and the generous amount of structure added from Korriban's excavations.

By the Order of the Arch Lord, the Sith flooded the temple and many new Disciples were dedicated to Marka Ragnos' teachings. Sae'hal, overtime, weaved the web to which caught the Council's attention and they agreed. The Disciples began to operate differently - The War times were settled for the time and Sae'hal motioned in the council that changes were needed. After the meeting, both imperial and Sith operatives were sent out in the galaxy as shadow agents; beings shaped to bend the galaxy to their maker's will within the bounds of the darkness. It was then that the Dark Operations Initiative or DOI was formed by the Arch Lord.

The Way of the Dragonsnake

Several years passed and the Disciples of Ragnos Academy grew. But Sae'hal spent much of his time on Dagobah developing his own lightsaber and combat form known as The Way of the Dragonsnake, as the swamp planet's ecosystem was filled with giant beasts that lived off of what fell into its murky waters. Sae'hal forced himself to learn how the Dragonsnake lived; how it moved, hunted and its very mindset. Tested against his foes and even allies in training, the Arch Lord's newly compiled combat form was complete and successful.

The Arch Lord went beyond learning about the Dragonsnake and even befriended some, using them to his advantage when foes or others of the like traveled to Dagobah, unwanted. The most notable of all of his 'pets' however was called Chum. Chum the Great, as Sae'hal called his Dragonsnake pet was accidentally tamed after the Arch Lord used the flesh of failed students at the academy to lure out some dragonsnakes, Chum in particular was fond of the apparent kind gesture from the Sith Lord. Sae'hal simply accepted the challenge to tame the creature after it had firstly attacked the man.

To Ensnare a Jedi

With Dantooine no longer as close as a few sectors away, Sae'hal sent imperial DOI operatives to the do-gooder world. With the hopes of gaining intelligence on the Jedi's state of awareness of the Disciple's activities; in the eyes of the Jedi, Sae'hal and the Disciples had apparently lessened their focus on the Raioballo sector.

With important intelligence gained through the Hand of the Arch Lord, Darth Aurora; the existence of a potential Dark Side adept. Sae'hal and the council devised a plan to capture the would-be failed Jedi. Darth Aurora expressed her interest to Sae'hal in ensnaring the life-indebted Jedi Knight, Adrianne Romanov in the Dark Side. The Arch Lord approved her quest and eventually his former apprentice was successful.

After waiting much time for the Hand to finish up her final act of manipulation, Sae'hal gave the signal for the plot to unfold. The Disciples returned to Dantooine in a group, during the Knighting ceremony of Romanov's Padawan. The resulting affliction done on Aurelia Mal'veah, the padawan, was unknown to the Disciples as they conspired in the act of taking the newly Knighted Jedi's Master away. The mental power of the connection between Aurora and Adrianne was too strong for the splintering Jedi to resist. The result was Romanov attacking Jedi Master Sha'ira Luroon, impaling the twi'lek in the back. It was the passing of that test that inducted the traitorous Jedi into the Order.

Soon then after, Aurora approached Sae'hal in inquisition; she wanted Romanov as her Sith Apprentice. The Arch Lord graced his Hand with respectful advice and Aurora took the former Jedi as her apprentice. Soon after, Sae'hal and the Council approved of the woman's training, thus Adrianne Romanov became Lady Astra and eventually Darth Astra.

The Haj'ra Twins

After Sae'hal finished taming dragonsnakes and forging his own combat form, the man felt himself growing older. Realizing that his hybrid human characteristics would only limit the time he had create offspring, the Arch Lord sought out an easy way to do just that. Sae'hal's former apprentice had become more powerful than the man had imagined, and the man wasn't about to let a good bloodline and genes to go to waste. With shock, Darth Aurora accepted the Arch Lord's request to bear his children.

The usual nine month wait for humanoids were long and the Hand of the Arch Lord was tired and ready to give birth. But as Sae'hal was not there to watch his offspring's mother give birth, Aurora took it upon herself to hide away one of the children. Of the two, Dae'dah Haj'ra III and Thea Rory (Haj'ra), the female and latter was taken and hidden away by her mother. Through secretive and successful means, only one child existed to Sae'hal's knowledge.

But with the Arch Lord's long trip away and Aurora taking part-time head of the Sith Council, opportunity was taken by the envious cousin of the Arch Lord. Ganron Kutilles devised a plan to separate the child from his family, unknowingly to Sae'hal. Successfully, the leader of the Dark Operations Initiative took the child away and replaced him with a similar Force Sensitive, brainwashed pretender.

The pretender, but still yet, son of the Hand and Arch Lord, was trained by the pair and became a notable Dark Side practitioner in the Sith Order where he had early access to missions meant for a Marauder as a mere apprentice.

Rise of the Triumvirate

Significant information finally came upon the Sith Lord from the Dark Operations Initiative and the Council was called again. The news was interesting as a New Sith Empire was being formed. The Disciples' Council discussed the possibilities and agreed to meet with the representatives of the would-be establishment.

The representatives were of a similar line of teaching from the Trayus Academy, two of the more notable to Sae'hal were Darth Umbra (Lusciousgoth Aristocrat) and Kulith Laan, followers of the Sith Lord Ludo Kressh. Eventually agreements were made with the Councilmen of the Disciples of Ragnos and the Trayus Academy leadership, and thus The Galactic Empire was formed and Sae'hal II was titled Wrath of the Emperor, one of the Triumvirate.

The Wrath of the Emperor

"I shall govern the military forces in such a way, that our Marauders and Warriors, imperial troopers and Coalition's forces of the combined Sith Orders will create a power base so strong - No Empire.. no Republic or other pitiful 'government' will ever stand in our way. With the combined Forces of the Disciples of Ragnos, the Trayus Sith Academy and our lovely friends, we shall bring order to this galaxy. And only then, shall civilization have a chance for true peace."

— Darth Sae'hal II to the House of Ragnos after being titled the Wrath of the Emperor

Not long after Wrath of the Emperor was titled, the man gave himself his first personal task. With only a few men, the Arch Lord traveled to the heavily forested world of Krant, where the formed Galactic Empire had opened a facility. Sae'hal traveled in secrecy in hopes of finding the small band of Jedi and students that had made a more permanent encampment. The Arch Lord made the mission clear, track the Jedi and their young and report their habits back to him.

Not long after the Sith Lord's spies arrived upon Krant, Sae'hal too stepped foot upon the world. His agents had done well, and the Jedi were well wrapped within their typical, daily lives. Sae'hal ordered his agents to leave and the rest of the mission would be left up to him; he began to hunt them. And thus, the legend of Krant's mysterious Death of a Dozen Padawans began. The War Lord slaughtered each and every Jedi upon the world and left no witnesses, doing so in less than half of a night cycle.

Preparation For War

Much time was spent in meetings with the Empire's officials, but more time was spent in preparation for war. The newly titled Wrath ordered for new battleships to be made and soldiers to be recruited. Taking the situation into his own hands, Sae'hal appointed his officials and worked beside them in efforts of recruiting and training the new soldiers for the newly formed Empire's military forces.

Time passed and Sae'hal appeared to be successful in utilizing the resources available to the Empire for usage of his growing military. Weapons were made, new and improved armor versions were fashioned in the highest quality. But the test for these newly trained soldiers was coming near, and Sae'hal had much more to prepare for.

Working alongside the Emperor, Sae'hal took to several diplomatic missions.. accompanying Emperor Laan as a personal guard. In charge of the guardsmen, the Wrath ensured the safety of Laan as they made allies and gathered more resources for their collective goal.

Eventually the Empire threw a ball in honor of the success achieved thus far, Sae'hal declared that Darth Aurora would accompany him. The significant members of the council sat atop the large stage and those invited to the organization were honored with greetings and the like. Although business was the intention for Sae'hal; a representative from the planet Ando approached the Wrath and expressed the dire need of assistance. Immediately, Sae'hal took advantage of the situation and began working to help the system in such a way that benefited the Empire and the Sith Lord himself.

Coruscant's Mandalorian-Sith Invasion

More time passed as the Wrath continued his work to prepare for the inevitable war that was to come. The order was given and the Wrath plotted his personal plan to infiltrate the Republic's Senate Guard. With a deal made with the mandalorians, the warrior culture invaded the world of Coruscant. But not without the help of the Wrath of the Emperor.

While Sae'hal waited for the right moment as the mandalorians invaded and attacked, the guard took their defensive maneuvers. But from the inside, the Senate guard fell to the Wrath's hands. Unknown to most of the Senate Guard that they had been infiltrated. Alongside the mandalorians, Sae'hal fought and the two entities, mandalorian and Sith alike were victorious.

Eventually the mandalorians and Empire made a deal; trading the world of Fondor for Coruscant.

The Triumvirate's War On Coruscant

(To be added.)