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The Guardians of the Heart of Kendalar were an organization created by High Prophet Âchurnas Foreseer of the Enclave of the Pureblooded Sith Sorcerers. Every prophet of the Enclave has been numbered among them upon their decease.


The Guardians of the Heart of Kendalar were first encountered by the second High Prophet of the Enclave not long after his former master's death, when the Force ghost of Âchurnas Foreseer appeared to him to inform him that he, Âchurnas Foreseer, remained the ruler of the Heart of Kendalar.

The Guardians' primary purpose down the centuries has been to protect the Heart of Kendalar from the enemies of the Sith species, though it may also be that Âchurnas Foreseer chose this as his method of gaining immortality. The Guardians sometimes served as a sort of early-warning system for the Enclave, but most of the time, they left that to the living prophets while they pursued their own mysterious goals.

The Enclave has no direct control over the Guardians, and only the High Prophet - and descendants of Âchurnas Foreseer - seem to have any influence on what the Guardians choose to do.