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Grant Wickentower is a Human Jedi Guardian, once with the New Order of the Jedi, whom now serves The Jedi Order. Trained under Mikori Lawson, whom he learnt a great deal from. He was also Master to Owyn Castle


Forgotten Past

Born on Dantooine, from Parents unknown to him and the order before NOJ, he was found abandoned at the temple doors, his parents obviously never wanted a child or never wanted anyone to know..... A Knight took him in and fathered him. Grant was taken to Coruscant at the age of 8 when he was found to be force sensitive, joining the younglings in their initiate training.

He was taken at the age of 14 by a Jedi Knight called Marina Dey'shun, a human from New Alderaan. He became a knight at the age of 25, where he began his life as a Guardian knight, taking missions in line with his path, on more than one occasion, acting as an arbiter between large conflicts.

He was on a trip back on-board a freighter, with his fighter in stow, when it was ambushed by Dark Jedi, their aim was to capture Grant. After an intense duel'with two Dark Jedi, grant was able to slip away, and escape in his fighter....however the Dark Jedi's ship was able to hit his fighter before he got out of range which sent him plummeting towards the planet surface of Ruusan...

The crash, ultimately caused Grant to be knocked out cold... only his cockpit module remained, the rest had either burned up, or was spread over the land behind the module for several miles... after waking, not knowing who he was, or how he had gotten here, he felt something pulling him, unable to explain it then, which more then likely was the force, he walked for 2 and a half days before reaching the settlement where the Academy of the New Order was located. He was found, almost passed out from exhaustion on the floor in front of the Academy Doors by Jenaya Violet... This is where his New Journey Began

Joining the Order

Once Grant had rested and recovered from his injuries, Grant was taught how to meditate deeply, allowing him to connect to the force. He was also instructed to look deeper into himself and see if the connection to the force could lift his memories to the surface, however ultimately it was not possible to recover his full memory, though he had recovered certain memories such as the fight aboard the freighter, and himself plummeting to Ruusan's surface.

Besides the more recent memories, he had also recollected flashbacks and images, mostly in his dreams, which led to these being highly speculative, and not to be fully trusted, though what he had seen in them, the pain and suffering, shaped his mind and his wish for his future, he wanted to be Jedi, he wanted to defend those who could not defend themselves, he wanted to help the helpless, especially, he wanted to do his best to prevent the pain he had saw, and therefore submitted a request with the NOJ Council to be trained.

He met his Master to be during his Initiate period, Mikori had set him tasks while waiting for the approval, one of which was more a question he had to ask himself, What would he do if his past came back to him one some form or another. The Possible answers were to follow his past or to ignore it, however, Grant felt that he should learn from his past and carry on with his newly established life with the NOJ. The Council granted Mikori to take Grant on as a Padawan, a decision Grant welcomed as he had hoped it would be Mikori to take him on for various reasons, some of those being that Mikori was a Jedi Guardian, and he could sense that a bond and friendship was certainly there.

Grant has since then has studied religiously, looking up hundreds of subjects as a Padawan, most to help his training but some due to personal curiosity. He has also dedicated and devotedly trained himself in the Echani Martial Arts, and Lightsaber forms, as well as keeping his body in brilliant shape. He has yet to be Knighted, a day he looks forward to, but without sacrificing his focus on his training.

Shortly before being Knighted, his Master was Captured by the Trayus Sith Lord, Darth Lillith, having to make the agonisingly difficult decision to leave him with her to prevent his Master being slain, he promptly began his search, Visiting worlds such as Nar Shaddaa , Tatooine -Mos Espa , to find what Information he could. Coincidently, he was on his way to meet a contact with his Archivist friend, and Lover, Lillyanna Oleander , when he came across a ship with a familiar signature, he choose to intercept and disable it with his ships Ion Cannons, boarding the ship, Confronted by Darth Lillith and two other Sith. His master was able to break free of his cell in the Ship and joined the fight shortly after it began. The two other sith were slain by himself and his master, capturing Lillith alive.

This was the first time he had taken a life, and it took him a day or two to come to terms with himself, forging a logic in his mind for any future instances. He came to see that it was not the fact he took the life that he regrets, but rather that it came to it

...And A New Knight Rises

Having passed his Trials, and save his Master from the clutches of Darth Lillith and two other Sith, The Council Knighted him, a day he felt great Pride in. Since then, he has discovered a Unique and Intimate Force Bond, with Lillyanna Oleander, An Archivist on Ruusan, who had now chosen the Path of a Jedi, as the bond "awakened" her gifts, and connection to the Force. He and her have since come to realise the full extent of their feelings, they came to an agreement not to let their feelings get in the way of her training, but they wouldn't hide their feelings either.

Grant had since taken Owyn Castle, the son of Late Jedi Knight Lucius Castle, as his Padawan, feeling a strong bond with the boy, followed by a great sense of Protection, taking it as his Duty to keep him from the hands of not only the Trayus Sith Dionysus, but also keeping him away from the Dark Side.

Some time afterward he broke away from Ruusan when he found the Order unable to take action regardless of whether they wanted to or not, having went on his own travels, in which he came in tasting distance with the dark side, he is now walking safely on the light side once again, with help from his former master. Losing contact with his Padawan and also his love, he searched for her, only to find her in a cave on Korriban, tainted after discovering her family had been killed by the rogue Yuuzhan Vong.

With Grant's guidance she turned away from the dark and once again walked the path of the light, they settled in a small home with his love Lillyanna, the former padawan of Master Seven Isarad, whom he had too pulled away from the Dark side. Choosing a settlement away from the main traffic and focus of the galaxy for them both to recuperate in, they made their home on the planet Monastery, located in the Haserian Sector.

After some many months, they had fully recouvered from both their ordeals, heeding the call once more and returning to Ruusan, Lilly having finished the remainder of her training and proven herself was ready to become a Knight, where they would both continue to teach the potential Jedi.

A New Master is born

After the destruction of the Force Nexus on Ruusan, and the loss of Jedi Master Evo Hak, Grant took a leading role in getting the order settled on the Praxeum ship the "New Hope", which would be their home for a number of months until the force guides them to their new destination to settle. He watched over the order in true Guardian fashion. Unbeknown to him and the council, Evo was able to make his presence known, and used this skill to show the remaining Council that recognising Grant as a Master was integral for the future of the Order, and thus the council promoted him to the rank of Jedi Master. Over two months after his rise to Master status, the Council brought him onto the council, in a meeting with the Force Ghost of Master Evo Hak present, seeing him as one of the leading members of the Order, believing in his abilities to carry the NOJ forward.

Over the time he has spent with the order, he has developed the rare ability known by some as "Electrical Judgement", similar to Sith lightning, it requires the use of a different emotion, and cant be telled apart from sith lightning by it's bright orange color and glow. As well as this, he has refined his telekenetic abilities exponentially. Whether its using it one one large heavy thing, or on multiple, he can excel, but not both combined.

Leaving the NOJ & Self Exile

Grant decided it would be best to leave the order after the calling to fight became too great to ignore. He sought out his old master and became more active with the GLA. He engaged in training and helped train the local militia on Uvena Prime. A time passed where Grant started to lose focus on his emotions, the anger he felt would throw him at times, despite the meditation. Believing it to be best for everyone, he and Lillyanna went into exile. They spent the next few years resting, recouperating, finding each other again amongst the peace and tranquility that came with their Isolation. More recently, Grant has started to have vivid dreams, of someone or something calling him.

Returning & The Jedi Order

After a few years of their retreat into isolation, both Jedi recieved a visit from a Jedi knight, Seamus, appealing for them to return to their duties and become Jedi once again. After some brief deliberation, both Lilly and Grant decided to put their personal wishes to starting a family and settling down again, quoting that bringing a child into a world where the dark run rampant would be irresponsible of them as Jedi.

They have chosen to return and resume their roles as Jedi.

After a week of returning, Grant sensed a connection with a young force sensitive man whom he ran into on New Alderaan, Drake Corso, and thus watched his time as an initiate closely. After witnessing his dedication and how he handled certain situations after taking him to the lower city, Grant took Drake as his second Padawan.


Grant has appeared to be Calm, Collected, and Confident throughout his time and training as a Padawan. He has picked up many of his traits from his master to, his sense of humour for example. Though most of the time he is calm, there are certain instances where he will jump into a situation, usually one in which someone in in dire need of help, for example, being attacked. He is very rarely headstrong and will accept the views of others.

One of Grant's main traits is that he has a very open mind to many things at first, with the loss of memory, he was in a way an "empty cup". His master described him as a blank mind with a trained body. With this, he has been able to look at various subjects without prior prejudice and make his own opinion and mind up, which has set him aside from some Jedi, feelings and opinions on Mandalorians for example.

Unfortunately for the Sith, this did not prevent him from making the same judgement on them as any other Jedi, which in turn results for a slight lack of tolerance for Sith near his home, though he has made exceptions for personal reasons.

Over the time he has spent a Knight, his emotions have found themselves slightly less in check then normally, however Grant has learnt to utilise them in the right time, and not allow them to control or influence his actions.

Since the destruction of the Force Nexus on Ruusan, Grant has kept his emotions well in check, thanks to his love Lillyanna Oleander , he was well within the Light side, and basking in it's many advantages.

Apparel & Equipment

His day to day clothing consists of traditional robes, contrary to his master who usually wears more subtle clothing. Mostly favouring dark colours. He does have a similar battle robe to his Master and has also adopted wearing a wrist blaster and wrist shield when he knows he will end up in a battle. He has recently adopted an armor made of duraplast to help protect him from other hazards in the battlefield.

He has built his own saber as his training saber was destroyed in an intense training spar with Jedi Master Roger Jel O'dem. His hilt is very sharp looking, which blue and soft orange tints, as well was silver. The Crystal itself if what he believes is special, which he obtained while travelling to the Crystal Cave on Ruusan, where he meditated, and approached each formation to feel if it was the right one. When he reached the right formation, a large shard simply separated itself into his hand, a rather unusual way of harvesting a crystal, Grant believes that the force willed this particular shard to be his crystal, which is backed up by the way it feels. Wielding his new saber, a notable difference in his ability and control was explained by himself as "being more in tune with his Lightsaber"

The Crystal itself is imbued naturally with the force to an extent that igniting it would cast a soothing light to those who walk the path of the Light, and an opposing light to those who follow the dark.

He has since made several designs and stuck with his favourite and most comfortable one, a sleek black hilt, with electrum grips.