Gouveia Topaz is a SWRP character in Second Life. He born on Yavin IV and after his cousin's death and now with no family, he wants to be happy and honour his cousin Prince.

If you want to send him an IM on Second Life just send it to MrGouveia Topaz. ;)

Dark PastEdit

Gouveia born on Yavin IV. He never met his parents and his childhood was marked by death.

Saber 002

Gouveia as a kid in Yavin IV

His uncle, a sith, killed his ant who taught how to heal, how to push, pull and sense, in a practical way. Of course his Force Usage was weak before he became a Potentium Apprentice. When 12, his ant and he made his first lightsaber. Light Blue crystal, and a sample hilt was being his primary defence against the sith invasions.

With ancient saber

Gouv with his ancient saber, training on Yavin IV

When his ant died, his cousin Prince travelled to find peace and found it on Zonama. They were many time without being one with other and the last time Gouveia saw Prince was his dead body. His heart was in pieces... So he travelled to Zonama Sekot to know what happened but nobody knew more. There he found Salene Lusch, Flint Mookeev, Lanya Windlow and Tal, maybe the most important people for him he met on Zonama Sekot.

Potentium ApprenticeEdit


Meditating - to calm his soul

After beeing a while as Pontentium Hopeful, to honor his cousin, he was invited by Salene to be her Apprentice: it was one of the best moments on his life. Salene teached how to fight, how to Meditate (with Flint), how to use the Force, how to craft a saber.

As beginning of his Potentium Apprentice learning, he falls in love with a girl and both date without nobody knows. Maybe Master Salene or Flint could suspect, but he never said anyone.

The LightsaberEdit


Gouveia's Lightsaber

Since he came to Zonama Sekot, Master Salene said "You have to improve your lightsaber" and 1 or 2 weeks after beginning the classes with Master Salene, then came the time to craft one. It took an long and exhausting day, then another day to find the crystals, but the result is in the image. He had inspired the saber in his tattoo, in his back. The tattoo is a snake with Gouveia's blue eyes. Lanya Windlow called "Snakesaber". So he made that kind of lightsaber: with the Potentium Logo to honour the Order. His lightsaber is composed by black metal and gold. The eyes of the snake are 2 beautiful sapphires found on Zonama Sekot and the Green blade comes out from the mouth of the snake.

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