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Glitterstim red spice is a rare variant of glitterstim spice, found only in the Kessel Asteroid field.

Highly addictive, glitterstim red delivers a short burst of telepathic hallucinations. Prolonged use can cause the breakdown of a user's core personality due to prolonged exposure to the thought patterns of surrounding individuals, leading to paranoia and glitterstim psychosis.

The glitterstim spider is prized by Glitterstim Shamans. Glitterstim Shaman initiation rites include allowing oneself to be bitten by a glitterstim spider and "joining" telepathically with Shaman Elders. Almost half of potential shamans suffer permanent glitterstim psychosis, death, or worse, as a result of the ritual initiation.

Glitterstim Shaman initiation rites are banned by the Empire.


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