Gen Morane was a human male exiled Baron of the Tipani Sector and the leader of the Bounty Hunter-Organization House Morane. After having been exiled he built up his House, providing premium bounty-hunting for all major powers of the time. In an attempt to capture Atticus Jetaime, then husband to Empress Talmerith Jael of Coruscant, Gen Morane was confronted with combined forces of the People's Galactic Alliance and the Fel Empire. After a long fight with many losses, Gen Morane was arrested only to soon after walk freely again. He later joined with the Imperial Remnant in exile. He was also one of the key figures in the foundation of the Revenant Armada.

Character Biography[edit | edit source]

"Flies can't kill a spider"

— Gen Morane to the last surviving member of the royal house of the Tipani Sector, before killing him.

Gen Morane was the heir to a minor Barony within the Tipani sector. House Morane, though a smaller house, was quite wealthy in no small part to the droid factories and mineral abundance of the world they held dominion over.Gen’s father Kothis Morane was a peaceful advocate for social and government reform within the Tipani Sector. The wealth and respect Kothis had attained made him a popular champion for the minor houses and an unblooded usurper to the Major houses.

As Kothis grew in influence the Major houses took action. The Rutan IV skyhook disaster as it would be called was the answer for the minor houses agitation for increased status. The work of “royalist terrorists” the Rutan IV skyhook was the meeting place for the leaders of the minor houses council of equality. At the middle most part of the meeting thermal charges were set off in the generator and repulsor field array. The entire skyhook broke from its moorings and quickly plummeted towards the planet in a degrading orbit. Kothis Morane was last seen helping a fellow Baron to his feet before the floor benieth his feet gave way. His body was one of the many unrecoverable from the wreckage.

The Major Tipani nobles moved quickly to denounce the attack and offered the chance for any minor house to be integrated within that of a major one. As the houses lay in disarray many took up the offers and the power of the Major houses grew to new heights. All was set for another prosperous millenia of lordly rule, yet none counted upon the revenge of the new head of the Morane family. Over the next 10 years House Morane apeared a loyal member of the aristocracy. Gen was a polite yet reserved member of political discourse and many of the aristocracy saw him as one who would suprass his father's legacy. Yet behind the scenes Gen was preparing for outright insurrection. He had used the considerable funds at his disposal to purchase a special clone military group from the Polis Massans. In addition new protocal had been introduced to all droids produced by Morane factories.

Yet the betrayal of his father had not been forgotten. The aristocracy were quite curious as to how the young Baron spent his time and many probes and envoys were sent to his court. Feeling that his plan would soon be discovered Gen chose to act. The ensuing events would earn him the name "spider" as Gen showed the royal family how well he had spun his web. In one night massive riots and explosions occured within the capital. The riots though extensive seemed to have no purpose yet occupided the full force of the security and military. The palace was in security lockdown yet none could have prepared for what was to come.

Near every serving droid within the palace at an appointed time traveled to security centers, weapon's caches and generator rooms. Activating inert thermal detenators built within them during "upgrade sessions". At the same time all security droids turned upon the military staff. The confusion was absolute. Gen stalked through the pandemonium his blaster within his hands. Like a wraith of death he murdered all but the eldest male heir of the royal family.

As he took his leave the heir faced him, maddened by the loss of his family. His ceremonial light foil in his hands. The heir charged him, tears streaming from his eyes, determined to drive the blade through his chest. Gen stood his ground opening his arms as if accepting his fate. At the last moment Gen sidestepped the leathal thrust and smashed his weapon across his face toppling him to the ground. The heir looked up dazed and bloodied. Gen calmly aimed the weapon at his chest and fired his weapon killing the last heir of the royal family and leaving into exile.

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