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The planet Geedon V is the location of the headquarters of the Mandalorian clan Ka'ra. It was previously home to Clan Munit'kad, Clan Naast, and Clan Imari. Clan Naast held a small outpost on-world consisting of a barracks, landing pad, cargo bay, and repair bay. The clan also had a space station in orbit, to house its fighter craft and extra supplies.

Ka'ra currently holds a small compound as a base. It houses an extensive medical facility, a barracks, an armory, and other facilities necessary for the clan to function.

Sim Info

The sim holding Geedon V is a 64mx64m parcel, with 'FFC only' rules to prevent extra prim usage that the clan's leadership didn't have the luxury of using, per land owner (not renters) rules. It currently occupies a 4096 m2 parcel.