Gappa, full name Gappa Tialji, was a Hutt from Little Mos Eisley who worked closely with Jer'k the Hutt. Gappa tried briefly to enter the Nar Shaddaa Hutt Council, but never received word back about his acceptance.

On the 16th of January ((2012)) he officially became part of Nal Hutta Council and left due to alligations of corruption on January 20th.

Gappa was part of a Hutta Council envoy , along with Pitza Ramesh and Wonka Ramesh, sent to Mos Entha to recruit Tiro the Hutt to the Hutta Council. Has joined the The Galactic Syndicate Union as of January 21st.

Runs the secret crime syndicate of Neuro-Saav Corporation as the Hutt Crime Lord.

Jengaz and Gappa the Hutts

Jengaz and Gappa the Hutts

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